8 Best Slow Cookers in India - Mishry (May 2024)
best slow cooker in india

8 Best Slow Cookers In India – Mishry (2024)

Searching for the best slow cooker for your kitchen? Your search ends here. We have listed the best slow cookers in India here.

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Slow cookers have become a hot favorite kitchen appliance in many modern kitchens. Going by the name, it is a cooking appliance that allows you to cook food at a low and steady temperature. You can conveniently leave the food cooking without having to stir occasionally, giving you ample time to get other things done. These are perfect for steaming dumplings, sauteing vegetables, braising beef, browning meat, baking brownies, and many other things. With so many different brands offering slow cookers out there, finding the best one will surely get tedious. Here is where we step in to find out the best quality slow cooker for you. Our curated list of the best slow cookers in India has just the right pick for you.  

Let’s check each one individually in detail. 

1. Best Slow Cooker With Smooth Functioning: Crock-Pot Slow Cooker

2. Best Slow Cooker Having A Compact Design: NutriChef 2 Pot Electric Slow Cooker

3. Best Slow Cooker With A Stainless Steel Build: Cuisinart Slow Cooker 

4. Best Slow Cooker With A Large Capacity: Hamilton Beach Programmable Slow Cooker

Best Slow Cookers in India

Slow cookers have become quite a popular kitchen cooking tool in recent times. If you plan to get them to your kitchen, we have a list of the top slow cookers in India that you must check out.

1. Hamilton Beach Programmable Slow Cooker

With different mix and match settings, this slow cooker lets you customize the preferences, as per the meal requirements. It offers a capacity of seven quarts which can easily fit in a seven lb chicken or five lb roast. It features an auto-shift function that automatically switches the mode to warm once the cooking is done. Additionally, the touchpad is easy to clean. 

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Hamilton Beach Programmable Slow Cooker
Hamilton Beach Programmable Slow Cooker

Product Features:

  • Highly customizable cooker. 
  • It offers a large capacity. 
  • The crock is dishwasher safe.

2. Crock-Pot Slow Cooker

This slow cooker features three heat settings – low, high, and warm, which operate with just the turn of a knob. It has a large handle on the lid that stays cool and allows easy removal of the lid. You can easily view the contents during the cooking process since it has a glass lid. What else? With two side handles, this cooker is comfortable to hold and has a secure grip. Lastly, the stoneware is removable and ensures quick clean-up. 

Crock-Pot Slow Cooker
Crock-Pot Slow Cooker

Product Features: 

  • It features stay-cool handles on the side. 
  • The glass lid looks elegant. 
  • The operation and functioning are smooth.

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3. KitchenAid Slow Cooker

For a slow cooking experience like never before, it is time to bring this slow cooker to your kitchen. With a capacity of six quarts, it offers 24-hour programmability. It comes with four different temperature settings that are adjustable depending upon the requirements. This cooker supports the keep warm function which keeps the food warm for up to four hours. 

KitchenAid Slow Cooker
KitchenAid Slow Cooker

Product Features: 

  • It supports an easy-to-read digital display. 
  • It offers 24-hour programmability. 
  • The ceramic vessel is removable and easy to clean.

4. Proctor-Silex Slow Cooker

This slow cooker has an elegant and attractive black color. A good thing is that you do not have to worry about the cleaning process since the stoneware is easy to clean. The glass lid is dishwasher safe as well. What else? It supports the keep warm function wherein the food once cooked, will not become cold and retain the heat. 

Proctor-Silex Slow Cooker
Proctor-Silex Slow Cooker

Product Features: 

  • The glass lid and removable stoneware are dishwasher safe. 
  • Perfect for preparing multiple dishes. 
  • It has an elegant black color.

5. NutriChef 2 Pot Electric Slow Cooker

With a highly compact and space saving design, this slow cooker is a must have in every kitchen. The two cooking pots are made of ceramic which is resistant to stains. What’s the best part? It does not create noise while in operation thereby providing a quiet and peaceful functioning. What’s more? The cooking pots are easy to remove and also double up as a serving bowl. You can use this cooker for cooking, baking and boiling. 

NutriChef 2 Pot Electric Slow Cooker
NutriChef 2 Pot Electric Slow Cooker

Product Features : 

  • The temperature is highly adjustable. 
  • It comes with two cooking bowls and respective lids. 
  • The compact design is a cherry on the cake.

6. Hamilton Beach 33231 Programmable Slow Cooker

It is a three-quart capacity slow cooker perfect for cooking dishes for three to four persons. The three different settings – low, high, and keep warm ease the overall cooking process. The stoneware crock is versatile and compatible with the oven and microwave. What’s more? The sleek black finish looks modern and adds an aesthetic touch to the overall design

Hamilton Beach 33231 Programmable Slow Cooker
Hamilton Beach 33231 Programmable Slow Cooker

Product Features: 

  • The three quarts capacity is ideal for serving three to four persons. 
  • It has a sleek black finish. 
  • The stoneware crock is compatible with the oven and microwave. 

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7. Nesco Oval Slow Cooker

If you are looking for a convenient way to prepare one-pot meals, then this slow cooker is an ideal buy. It is an oval-shaped slow cooker having a capacity of 1.5 quarts. This cooker is perfect for preparing dishes that require slow simmering. Some valuable features of this cooker that make it worth all the money are – a metallic body, cool handles, smooth knob, and tempered glass lid. 

Nesco Oval Slow Cooker
Nesco Oval Slow Cooker

Product Features: 

  • Ideal for preparing one-pot meals. 
  • It is perfect for cooking as well as re-heating. 
  • The clear tempered glass offers easy visibility while cooking.

8. Cuisinart Slow Cooker

Cuisinart’s slow cooker has a stainless steel build making it durable and perfect for long-lasting use. It is a programmable slow cooker offering smooth operation. The features it offers are – three heating modes (simmer, low and high), 24-hour programmable cook time, auto keep-warm, and cord storage option. The best and unique part is that it features beautiful chrome plated handles. 

Cuisinart Slow Cooker
Cuisinart Slow Cooker

Product Features:

  • Chrome plated elegant looking handles. 
  • It supports 24-hour programmable cook time. 
  • This slow cooker is highly durable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Best Rated Slow Cookers

The main difference between a pressure cooker and a slow cooker is the cooking time. While pressure cookers are known to reduce the cooking time, slow cookers, on the other hand, use low heat for simmering meals over long hours.

A few of the best slow cookers in India are Crock Pot, Proctor-Silex Slow Cooker, and Hamilton Beach.

Cooking at low temperatures might help preserve the nutrients which are otherwise lost while cooking at rapid high heat. Additionally, food cooked slowly tastes better.

Slow cookers are versatile cooking appliances that can cook numerous dishes, which one might not be aware of. It is perfect for cooking – yogurt, cakes, rice, fondue, roasting meats, and melting chocolates. These are extremely useful since they do not require constant stirring in between, and offer a hassle-free cooking experience.

Slow cookers do not consume too much electricity and are known to be energy efficient. They ideally consume anywhere between 70 to 250 watts of electricity. Do note that the amount of wattage will differ depending upon the model purchased and the heat settings used.

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In Conclusion

There you go! We have listed some of the best slow cookers in India. Slow cookers have come quite in trend these days. It is a versatile kitchen appliance perfect for preparing a variety of foods from one pot meals to soups to stews. We recommend these four picks from the above list : Crock-Pot Slow Cooker, NutriChef 2 Pot Electric Slow Cooker, Cuisinart Slow Cooker and Hamilton Beach Programmable Slow Cooker. 

If you plan to get one for yourself, we have the right pick for you. Choose the right one now to avoid any regrets later.

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