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best puttu maker brands in india

Top Puttu Maker Brands in India: Prepares Puttu In A Jiffy

Puttu makers offer a convenient way to prepare puttu at home. Here’s a list of the best puttu makers that you must check out.

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Puttu is a popular breakfast option that finds its origin in Kerala. Essentially made using rice flour and coconut shavings, it pairs best with kadala curry, egg curry and at times even with ripe bananas. 

It is one of the healthiest things that you enjoy during breakfast. Puttu is steamed in a similar way just how we steam idlis in an idli makerIt is ideally made in a cylindrical form. 

For getting a perfectly cooked puttu, it is necessary to bring to your kitchen a good-quality puttu maker. Puttu makers are commonly made of stainless steel material and are easy to use. In our list below, we have curated the best puttu maker brands in India.

Before buying any puttu maker, there is a list of a few points that you need to know about. Find out each one in detail below. 

1. Packaging

The packaging of the puttu maker is a crucial aspect that you must consider. Puttu makers usually come in a box pack that the product inside remains secured. 

2. Available Sizes

The available sizes in puttu makers range from 0.5 liter to 1.5 liters.  

3. Body Materials

Puttu makers are most commonly available in stainless steel material. You will also find puttu makers made of bronze material. 

4. Price Range

Puttu makers are available in the price range of INR 499 to INR 1099.

Top 6 Puttu Maker Brands in India

Here’s a short table highlighting the different brands showcasing important aspects about each.

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Puttu Maker Brands

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Getting the right quality of puttu maker is a must if you regularly prepare puttu at home. Here we cover small details about each brand and why we recommend you to buy it.  

1. Butterfly Puttu Maker

Butterfly Puttu Maker

This puttu maker from Butterfly features a capacity of 1.5 liters. Featuring a cylindrical shape, it is made of heavy gauge stainless steel.

It features cool Bakelite handles that are sturdy and provide comfortable use of the product. The finish of this puttu maker is elegant.  

Why Is It Recommended?

  • It features a bright mirror polished exterior body.
  • This product will last you through years of usage.
  • It is made using food grade material.

2. IBELL Stainless Steel Puttu Maker

IBELL Stainless Steel Puttu Maker

Now prepare delicious puttu at home using this stainless steel puttu maker from iBell. It features a high-quality and premium stainless steel material. 

Due to the stainless steel material, it will not rust or crack with regular use. The flat bottom ensures an even distribution of heat. 

Why Is It Recommended?

  • It is compatible to use on both gas and induction stoves.
  • The design of this puttu maker is unique.

3. SOWBAGHYA Stainless Steel Puttu Maker

SOWBAGHYA Stainless Steel Puttu Maker

This puttu maker features a stainless steel Bakelite knob and handles that can support temperature up to 150 degrees centigrade. The traditional design of this puttu maker makes the cooking process easy. 

Maintaining and cleaning this product is not an effort.  The product is highly durable and is resistant to corrosion formation. 

Why Is It Recommended?

  • It provides an even distribution of heat.
  • It comes with heat resistant protective handles.

4. Coconut Stainless Steel Puttu Maker

Coconut Stainless Steel Puttu Maker

It is a high-grade stainless steel puttu maker that works on both induction and gas stoves. It is a multifunctional kitchen cooking tool that is easy to use. 

Due to the tubular shaped vessels, it helps maintain the shape of the puttu and allows easy release of steam. It features a solid build quality and a spill-proof design. 

Why Is It Recommended?

  • This puttu maker is easy to wash.
  • The handle on the side provides good and firm support.
  • The product is long-lasting.

5. Sivam Stainless Steel Puttu Maker

Sivam Stainless Steel Puttu Maker

Having a hard time preparing puttu at home, it is time that you get this puttu maker for your kitchen. 

The capacity of this puttu maker is 0.5 liters. This puttu maker is convenient to use and consumes less fuel. 

Why Is It Recommended?

  • It features premium quality stainless steel.
  • It consumes less fuel while cooking.

6. Nakshathra Stainless Steel Puttu Maker

Nakshathra Stainless Steel Puttu Maker

It is a puttu maker featuring a unique design and flat bottom. The heat resistant protective handle provides a comfortable grip. 

This product is ideal for long-term use. Due to the even heat distribution, the puttus cook well. 

Why Is It Recommended?

  • It features an elegant and unique design.
  • The handles are resistant to heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Indian Puttu Maker Brands

1. What is ‘puttu’ called in English?

In English, ‘puttu’ means portioned. 

2. Is a puttu Kudam cooker the same as a puttu maker?

Puttu Kudam cooker is basically cookware that is meant to place the puttu maker.  

3. How to take care of puttu maker?

The best way to take care of a puttu maker is to clean it using a mild detergent, wash it and then wipe it off with a soft cloth. Also, make sure to clean the puttu maker after every use. 

4. Are these puttu makers induction based?

The puttu makers offered by iBell, SOWBAGHYA and Coconut are compatible to use on induction stovetops.   

5. How many puttus can be made in these makers at one go?

You can prepare a single puttu at a time using these puttu makers.

Final Words

Puttu makers will make for a valuable addition to any kitchen cookware range. Someone who cooks puttu on a regular basis sure knows the importance of a good-quality puttu maker. So, find out the best ones from the above mentioned brands. 

Which brand will you choose from the above list? Drop in your comments below.

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