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Best Pumpkin Seeds Brands In India

Best Pumpkin Seeds Brands in India: Protein-Rich Seeds To Snack On

Now your search for the best pumpkin seeds ends here! Check out the best brands curated in our below list.

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Over the years, there has been an immense growth in the consumption of different seeds in our daily diet. These seeds are a great source of fiber and rich in antioxidants. With a white color outer husk, pumpkin seeds have an oval shape and are light green in appearance. Have you given these seeds a try? Though small in size, these are some best pumpkin seeds to eat. They are packed with nutrients. Pumpkin seeds can be added to your daily diet in several ways. You can have these either raw or roasted or mixed in with your smoothies, salads, soups, or cereals. But with a variety of brands available, the quest for the best pumpkin seed brands becomes tedious. 

To ease your search, we are here to help you find the best pumpkin seeds in India!

1. Best Everyday Pumpkin Seeds: Neuherbs Raw, Unroasted Pumpkin Seeds

2. Best Organic Pumpkin Seeds: Sorich Organics Pumpkin Seeds

3. Best Lightly Salted Pumpkin Seeds: Happilo Premium Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

4. Best Unroasted Pumpkin Seeds: True Element Pumpkin Seeds

Summary Table: Best Pumpkin Seeds Brands In India 

You will come across several pumpkin seeds brands in India but it might get confusing to pick the best one. Here’s a tabular comparison of 7 different pumpkin seed brands in India.

Product Name Buy Now On Amazon Buy Now On Flipkart 
Neuherbs Unroasted Pumpkin Seeds Check price here Check price here 
Amazon Brand – Vedaka Premium Pumpkin Seeds
Happilo Premium Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Check price here 
SFT Pumpkin Seeds Check price here
Sorich Organics Pumpkin Seeds Check price here 
True Elements Pumpkin Seeds Check price here Check price here 
Fitness Mantra Pumpkin Seeds Check price here

Best Pumpkin Brands In India

Below we have the top 7 brands offering good-quality pumpkin seeds online.

We have mentioned a brief description of each product and why we recommend you to buy the products. Check out the best pumpkin seeds brands in India. Also, there is a section detailing unique pumpkin seeds benefits.

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1. Neuherbs Unroasted Pumpkin Seeds

Easily one of the best pumpkin seed brand, Neuherbs Raw Pumpkin Seeds is of premium quality and is certified organic. It is naturally free from gluten and comes in an unroasted form. These pumpkin seeds include heart healthy nutrients such as magnesium and potassium. 

These pumpkin seeds are deshelled and come packed with all the safety parameters taken into account. It comes in a quantity of 200 gm. 

Neuherbs Raw Pumpkin Seeds
Neuherbs Unroasted Pumpkin Seeds

Product Features:

  • These are premium quality pumpkin seeds.
  • It contains a nutty taste and is packed with protein.
  • It is a certified organic product.

2. Vedaka Premium Pumpkin Seeds

This pack of pumpkin seeds from Vedaka is packed with the right amount of crunch and makes for a healthy snacking option. 

Pumpkin seeds taste delicious when roasted and eaten lightly salted. It comes packed in a food safe pouch that is hygienically packed. Vedaka pumpkin seeds come in three sizes – 100 gm, 200 gm and 500 gm packing. 

Vedaka Premium Pumpkin Seeds
Vedaka Premium Pumpkin Seeds

Product Features:

  • It comes in a food safe pouch packed hygienically.
  • These are crunchy and taste delicious.
  • It is a healthy snacking option.
  • Best quality pumpkin seeds.

3. Happilo Premium Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

These pumpkin seeds contain zero cholesterol and come in a quantity of 200gm. It comes in an easy-to-use resealable pack. It is naturally gluten free. These seeds are rich in magnesium, copper, zinc and protein.

The ingredients used in this product include – roasted salted pumpkin seeds without shells and salt. It is best to refrigerate the contents after opening the pack.  

Happilo Premium Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Product Features:

  • It comes in a resealable pack.
  • These are lightly salted and roasted pumpkin seeds.
  • It contains zero trans fat and no gluten.

4. SFT Pumpkin Seeds

This pack of pumpkin seeds from SFT comes in a quantity of 1 kg pack. The packaging of this product is carefully done which helps in retaining maximum freshness. 

After opening the pack, make sure to seal it immediately. This product undergoes rigorous quality control procedures. 

SFT Pumpkin Seeds

Product Features:

  • These are processed in a hygienic processing plant that helps in retaining the natural freshness. 
  • Makes for an ideal on-the-go snack.
  • No artificial colors and no preservatives.

5. Sorich Organics Pumpkin Seeds

These pumpkin seeds come in a quantity of 400 gm. It is a plant-based superfood that is a good source of iron. This pack offers raw and unroasted pumpkin seeds. These are organic, vegan and naturally gluten free.

It is filled with antioxidants and contains Omega-3 fats. The ingredients used in this product include pumpkin seeds. These do not include artificial colors, preservatives and flavors.

Sorich Organics Pumpkin Seeds

Product Features:

  • It is a source of Omega-3 fats.
  • It is a plant based superfood filled with antioxidants.
  • These pumpkin seeds are prepared with natural ingredients.

6. True Elements Pumpkin Seeds

It is a 250 gm pack of raw pumpkin seeds from True Elements. These are ‘AAA’ grade jumbo seeds. It is a rich source of magnesium. It consists of zero cholesterol and trans fat.

It is free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. These raw pumpkin seeds contain zero added sugars. These are rich in heart-healthy nutrients.

True Elements Raw Pumpkin Seeds
True Elements Raw Pumpkin Seeds

Product Features:

  • Contains no artificial flavors.
  • These are raw pumpkin seeds.
  • You can also have these in ground form.

7. Fitness Mantra Pumpkin Seeds

Fitness Mantra is among the best pumpkin seed brands in India. This 400 gm pack of pumpkin seeds contains nothing artificial and is loaded with protein. Pumpkin seeds are ideal for mid-meal snacking or as a topping on smoothies or a bowl of oatmeal. 

It is low in calories and high in fiber. Pumpkin seeds will help you satiate for a longer duration. Pumpkin seeds also contain tryptophan, zinc and magnesium which help in promoting good sleep.

Fitness Mantra Pumpkin Seeds

Product Features:

  • It is free from cholesterol and has low sodium.
  • This product is vegetarian.
  • There is nothing artificial added.

Pumpkin seeds will make for a healthy addition in your daily diet. Here are a few details that you need to know while buying any pumpkin seeds brand in India.

1. Packaging

Well-packed pumpkin seeds help retain the freshness and allow for easy storage of the product. Pumpkin seeds usually come packed in resealable packs or in air-tight jars. The packaging will vary as per the brand and quantity purchased. 

2. Available Quantities

The available quantities in pumpkin seeds range from 200 gm – 1 kg. 

3. Available Flavors

Pumpkin seeds are available either in raw form or roasted form. Many brands also offer masala flavored pumpkin seeds.

4. Shelf Life

The shelf life of these seeds ranges from 6 months to 12 months. For best results, it is ideal to store the seeds in the refrigerator once the pack is opened. 

5. Nutritional Facts

The nutritional facts will vary from brand to brand. Pumpkin seeds are high in fiber and rich in antioxidants, zinc, iron and magnesium. 

6. Price Range

The price range of the pumpkin seeds usually ranges from INR 199 to INR 799. The brand name and the quantity purchased will affect the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Best Pumpkin Seed Brands

1. Are these pumpkin seeds salted?

The pumpkin seeds offered by Fitness Mantra and Happilo are salted.  

2. Are these pumpkin seeds organic?

Neuherbs and Sorich pumpkin seeds are certified organic. 

3. Are these pumpkin seeds peeled?

Yes, the pumpkin seeds offered by the above brands are peeled. 

4. Is it ok to eat pumpkin seeds every day?

Yes, it is ok to include pumpkin seeds in your daily diet. However, it is recommended by the American Heart Association to include around 30 gm (quarter cup) of these seeds as part of your daily intake. 

5. Which is the better form to consume pumpkin seeds: raw or roasted?

Consumption of pumpkin seeds will depend upon individual taste preferences. However, pumpkin seeds taste delicious both in raw or roasted form.

Final Words

We have listed some of the best pumpkin seed brands offering good -quality pumpkin seeds for you to buy. Pumpkin seeds known for their numerous health benefits can be had in multiple ways. If you crave to munch on something nutritious while traveling or at home, a handful of pumpkin seeds can come as a savior. 

Which brand will you prefer to buy from the above list? Let us know your views in the comments below.

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