Best Mango Juice Brands in India - Mishry (2023)
best mango juice brands in india

Best Mango Juice Brands in India (2024)

Frooti won the title of the best mango juice brand in our review. It was the tastiest and had the maximum mango flavor. We also recommend Maaza.

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Winters and halwa. Summers and fresh mangoes. Monsoons and corn! India is a diverse country that celebrates food each day. When it comes to our national fruit, mangoes, the celebrations are a notch higher. From safeda to dasheri, langda, totapuri and alphonso – India has over 1000 varieties of mangoes.

Mango drinks are as popular as colas. This is why this summer, we picked four popularly available brands of mango juice or mango drinks. They were tested for their fresh mango flavor, mango intensity, and balance of sweetness. We chose Frooti as the tastiest, and the best mango juice brand in India, here’s why!

Which brands did we review? Why did we pick them? What are the main ingredients used in them? Here is all that you need to know about the four mango drink brands we reviewed.

1. Reviewed Brands

The brands we reviewed are –


2. Available Sizes

From travel-friendly tetra packs to large party packs, most mango drinks come in all shapes and sizes.

Most commonly available sizes include –

Small 80-100 ml tetra packs
200 ml tetra packs
250 ml, 500 ml, 600 ml, 1-2 Liter Pet Bottles

3. Main Ingredients

The main ingredients for all the mango drinks include water, mango pulp, and sugar. The mango pulp percentage varies in all the brands. Details on the ingredients of each brand are given below.

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4. Price Range

On an average, a 500 ml pet bottle of a mango drink is priced between Rs 30/- to Rs 40/-. The prices differ from brand to brand.

4. Price Range

On an average, a 500 ml pet bottle of a mango drink is priced between Rs 30/- to Rs 40/-. The prices differ from brand to brand.

Quick Comparison of Best Mango Juice Brands

Here is a comparison table of the mango juice brands in India we reviewed –

Mango Drink Brands Buy Now
Frooti Add To Cart
Maaza Add To Cart
Slice Add To Cart
Real Add To Cart 
best mango juice brands in india contenders
Our contenders - Best Mango Juice Brands in India

Our Review Factors

Sweet, juicy mangoes! What’s not to love about this gorgeous-looking fruit?

For our review we set the following parameters –

1. Flavor Of Mangoes

Two important aspects, freshness and intensity of mango flavor were noted. When we say flavor, we mean the intensity of that sweet mango in the drink. How refreshing is the mango flavor? Does it taste fresh or industrial? How is the aroma? 

2. Sweetness

This is a tricky one. Why you may ask? Mangoes are naturally sweet. Combined with added sugars in the mango drink, it can get overbearingly sweet. We wanted to see if the natural sweetness of mangoes was dominant in the drink and not the other way around.

Do note that the target audience of this product is primarily children, and we have never seen a kid say no to a sugary mango drink! This aspect was important to gauge for adults who enjoy a glass of chilled mango drink occasionally.

3. Price

Are mango drinks priced competitively? If not, why? Does the list of ingredients set them apart?

Mango Juice Brands in India – Detailed Review

1. Frooti Mango Drink – Mishry Top Pick

A 300 ml bottle of Parle Agro’s Frooti is priced at Rs 20/-. This is not thick or pulpy and has a medium-thin consistency. 

Frooti has a rich mango flavour that feels fresh and natural. It doesn’t taste synthetic.

Another important aspect we gauged was the sweetness levels. Frooti has the most balanced sweetness in comparison to all the other brands we reviewed.

In short, Frooti won our review as it has the most robust mango flavor.

frooti mango drink taste test
Frooti Mango Drink has the most balanced sweetness and robust mango flavor.
closer look at frooti mango drink
A closer look at the Frooti Mango Drink.
  • Frooti has a moderately thick consistency.
  • The natural mango flavor and sweetness is present.
  • It does not taste artificial or synthetic.
  • This is a refreshing mango drink.

2. Maaza Mango Fruit Drink – Also Recommended

Coca- Cola’s Maaza comes in tetra packs and pet bottles. The mango pulp percentage is the same as our Top Pick (19.5%).

Maaza is delicious and fresh. The mango flavor and balanced sweetness helped this mango drink/mango juice inch towards being the winner. But it lacked that full-bodied mango flavor present in our Top Pick.

It’s not that it is diluted, flavourless, or has a consistency that interferes with the tasting experience. Maaza’s mango flavor was second best when it came to robust and refreshing flavours. And, that’s why we also recommend it. 

maaza mango drink taste test
Maaza has a delicious mango flavor.
closer look at maaza mango drink
Closer look at Maaza mango drink
  • Mazaa has a delicious mango flavor.
  • Sweetness is fairly balanced.
  • The consistency is moderately thick.
  • The mango flavor is not as robust as our Top Pick.

3. Slice Mango Drink

A 1.75 Liter bottle of Slice is priced at Rs 90/-. It contains 14% mango pulp, the lowest amongst all the brands we reviewed.

The claim of ‘thickest mango drink’ might be true for Slice, but it surely wasn’t the most refreshing one. Slice lacked the signature mango flavor but was the sweetest of them all. 

slice mango drink taste test
Slice has a very diluted mango flavor.
slice mango drink thick consistency
Slice Mango Drink has the thickest consistency.
closer look at slice mango drink
A closer look at Slice mango drink.
  • Slice has a very thick consistency.
  • This drink lacks the signature mango flavor.
  • It is overly sweet.

4. Real Mango Drink

Dabur’s Real Mango Drink lacks balance. The sharp, acidic taste of the mango drink did not make us go back for seconds.

The consistency is thin and we missed that refreshing mango flavor.

real mango drink taste test
Real Mango Drink has a thin consistency.
closer look at real mango drink
Closer look at Real Mango Drink.
  • It has a sharp, acidic taste.
  • Not as refreshing as the other contenders.
  • Lacks a robust mango flavor.
  • The consistency is too thin.

Our Top Picks & Recommendations

Why did we choose Frooti as our Top Pick? Why do we also recommend Maaza?

Although Frooti isn’t the first mango drink in India, it is one of the most loved. We chose Frooti as our Top Pick because it has the richest, most robust sweet mango flavor. When consumed chilled, this mango drink had the highest refreshing factor.

‘Mango Frooti, Fresh And Juicy!’, indeed.

We Also Recommend Maaza for its mango flavor and balanced sweetness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on the best mango juice brands.

As per our review, Frooti is the best mango drink in India. It is the most refreshing mango drink with balanced sweetness. The natural, robust flavor of mangoes is the best in Frooti.

Yes. All the above-mentioned brands contain preservatives and have synthetic food color.

The shelf life of Frooti, Maaza, Slice and Real is 6 months from date of manufacture.

Packaged mango juices or drinks have high amounts of sugars and are not recommended for daily use.

Final Verdict

Frooti’s robust mango flavor and balanced sweetness made it climb to the top of the ladder and win the title of the best mango drink in India. For people who like to sip on a sweet mango drink occasionally, Frooti (Top Pick) and Maaza (Recommended) are the brands you should opt for. 

Do you like mango drinks? Which is your favorite mango juice brand in India and why? Let us know in the comment section below.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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