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Spruce Up Your Space: 10 Best Holi Decor Items to Transform Your Home for the Festival

Decorate your home this Holi with the best decor items. Explore our list to know more.

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Holi has almost arrived! 

Now is the perfect time to embellish your homes with Holi’s colorful spirit. As we get ready for the festival of colors, it is also time to upgrade the overall ambiance of our homes with the essence of Holi. 

Get the charm of colors in every corner of your home with some of the best festive Holi decor ideas curated by Mishry. Let’s dissect the details below:

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Best Holi Home Decor Ideas

Here are the best Holi decor items that will make your home ready for the festival of colors:

1. Party Propz Colorful Holi Props Items

party propz

This pack of Holi props is a perfect decoration set that includes – a Rang Barse Banner and 10 pcs of Holi photo booth props. This Holi theme banner set is a perfect way to decorate your room, bedroom, hall, doorway, and door. It serves as a fantastic starting point for decorating your home, and you can later complement it with other Holi items like Holi balloons for a complete festive look.

2. Jhingalala Holi Design Printed MDF Coaster Set


These Holi design printed coasters come in a set of 4 printed designs. These are perfect to be placed on the dining table, office desk, or as a beautiful home decor. Made from high-quality MDF, these have a good adhesion on the back. Plus, they are easy to maintain – all you need to do is simply wipe them down with a dry or damp cloth after use for quick cleaning.

 3. Sellplus Handmade Dolls Designer Plate


This Holi color holder is beautifully designed and is an aesthetic way to place the different colours for Holi. If you are hosting a Holi celebration at home, this thali is a must-have addition. It can accommodate up to six different colours, making it a convenient option for your festivities.

4. Festiko Holi Banner 


Festiko’s colorful decor is just what you need this Holi. Professionally printed on heavy-duty card stock paper, these are versatile and reusable. You can use these- as photo props, place them in the vases or mason jars, or as a centerpiece in the desks. Create the perfect Instagram moments for your guests this Holi with this decoration set.

5. Indigifts Holi Special Rang Barse Cushion Cover


This colorful cushion cover from Indigifts features a size of 16 x 16 inches. The quality of the cushion cover is excellent and resistant to tearing. This quirky and fun cushion cover is sure to enhance the overall decor of your living room.

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6. Toyshine Party Wall Decoration Set


These paper fans are an excellent choice for Holi Decoration. This round and colorful decor set is made from hard paper and can be used to decorate the walls. In addition, you can also hang them on the doors. The best part is that these are easy to assemble and reuse.

7. Festiko Multicolor Holi Decoration

festiko banner

Festiko’s triangle flag banner is a perfect way to enhance the aesthetics of your home. This banner has bright and vibrant colors that look quite pleasing. You can use them as party props or even hang them on the ceiling, the choice is yours!

8. The Magic Balloons – Colorful Holi Decoration Items

magic balloons

This set of Holi balloons is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It includes multicolor printed balloons featuring excellent Holi special festive design. You can use these for decorating your living room, balcony, or courtyard and recreate the perfect Holi atmosphere at your place.

9. Festiko Photo Booth Props Holi Decoration

festiko photo bhoot props

This set of simple, cute, and fun photo booth props is a perfect decor item for Holi decorations. With a premium print quality, these props showcase iconic dialogues. This set of decor items contains around 11 different pieces.

10. Indigifts Holi Special Rang Barse Coaster Set

indigifts coaster

It is a set of 4 coasters with unique and exquisite designs. Made from polyester fabric, it features a waterproof base. The best part is that these are premium quality coasters and highly long-lasting. What else? These coasters are easy to handle, maintain and have a stunning, colourful holi look. They are brilliant home decor items to get this Holi.


Holi is an enjoyable time filled with joy, laughter, music, colors, water cannons, munchies, and refreshing drinks. These were a few Holi decor options that will surely amp up the entire aesthetics of your home. We have decor ideas for both interior as well as exterior use. Add a colorful vibe to your home this Holi now! 

Do you have any other decor ideas? Let us know!

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