Best Green Chilli Sauce Brands in India For Cooking & Dipping
best green chili sauce brands in india

Best Green Chilli Sauce Brands For Cooking & Dipping

Our Top Picks, Naagin Kantha Bomb and Del Monte, are fiercely HOT and true to their flavors.

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

What’s the point of eating a green chilli sauce if you’re not tearing up, panting, and looking around for water? 

We set out on the quest to find the tastiest green chilli sauce for dipping and cooking. For that, we picked six popular brands of green chilli sauce in the Indian market that can be used for both purposes – cooking and dipping. We chose Naagin Indian Hot Sauce (Kantha Bomb) as the best green chilli sauce brand in India for dipping. Our Top Pick in the cooking segment is Del Monte. They won for their fiery heat and unparalleled concentration of flavor.

Green Chilli Sauce Brands in India – Our Contenders

Green Chilli Sauce Brands in India – Everything You Need To Know

best green chili sauce brands contenders
The contenders of our green chilli sauce review.

In this section, we will discuss the green chilli sauce brands we reviewed, their packaging, shelf life, available sizes, and price range.

1. Reviewed Brands

We picked six popular brands of green chilli sauce that can be used for both – dipping and cooking.

  • Tops
  • Ching’s Secret
  • Weikfield
  • Del Monte
  • Wingreens Farms
  • Naagin Kantha Bomb

2. Packaging Type

The green chilli sauces we tried came in three types of packaging – 

  • Glass bottles
  • Plastic bottles
  • Plastic tube

3. Available Sizes

Green chilli sauces are available in different sizes varying from 130 grams to 650 grams. 

4. Price Range

The price of green chilli sauces falls between Rs 55/- to Rs 250/-.

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Green Chilli Sauce Brands – Our Review Factors

Green chilli sauces are used for two basic things – cooking and dipping. They double as both and we tested six brands for these two methods – 

Stage 1 – Dry Testing

This stage involved blind tasting the sauces for their spice levels and overall flavor.

dry tasting green chilli sauce brands
Stage 1 included us blind tasting the green chilli sauces.

Stage 2 – Dipping Test

We ate common snack board additions, like a batch of fries and salted chips, with these sauces. This helped us choose the ideal green chilli sauce for dipping purposes. This was also a blind-tasting.

blind tasting green chili sauce brands
Stage 2 in process - We tasted the sauces with salted chips and fries.

Stage 3 – Cooking (Mishry Secret Sauce)

For this stage, we cooked a simple veggie stir-fry with bell peppers, mushrooms, and onions. We standardized the recipe by adding the same portion of veggies to 2 tablespoons of green chilli sauce.

We did not add any salt, spices, or herbs on our own. The oil we used to sauté the veggies was neutral tasting. 

cooking vegetable stir fry with green chilli sauce
Stage 3 - Mishry Secret Sauce - We made batches of vegetable stir-fry with pre-portioned veggies and green chilli sauce.

All three stages indicated the same results and helped us choose our Top Pick. 

The parameters we gauged our chilli sauces on are –

1. Flavor +  Spice Levels

Green chillies, inherently, provide a fresh-tasting heat. The membrane of the green chilli holds a lot of spice but the main chilli-kick comes from the seeds.

So, what do you need from a good green chilli sauce? It should be a burst of fresh flavors. We wanted to check how spicy the green chilli sauce was. How balanced is the seasoning – too salty or is it understated? Does it have a sour aroma and flavor? If yes, how accentuated or well-rounded is it? Are the flavors robust and concentrated or weak? 

2. Texture & Consistency

Grainy or smooth? Thick, thin, or flowy? Does the sauce have a dipping consistency or is it better suited for cooking? 

3. Color

How vibrant is the green color – Dark green, olive green, light green? 

4. Ease of Use

How easy is the sauce to use? Can it be used for both – cooking and dipping? If not, which purpose does it suit better for? 

5. Price

If the green chilli sauce is priced more than its competition, why? Does the ingredient list/quality of ingredients justify the price?

1. Delmonte Green Chilli Sauce – Mishry Top Pick (Cooking + Dipping)

Del Monte’s Chilli Sauce comes in a glass bottle. It has a dark olive green color and a flowy consistency. The sharp vinegary aroma hits your nose the moment you open the bottle.

The green chilli sauce by Del Monte is Del Monte’s Green Chilli Sauce is spicy, well seasoned, and has that lip-smacking sourness we often associate with street-style food. The flavors of this sauce are very concentrated and you feel that chilli-heat almost instantly.

This sauce scored fairly well on our rating scale in the dipping sauce stage too, and can be labeled as a multi-purpose.

closer look at del monte green chili sauce
Del Monte’s green chilli sauce is our Top Pick.


  • A 190 gram bottle is priced at Rs 55/-.
  • This is priced at Rs Rs 28.94/- per 100 grams.
  • It is packed in a glass bottle.
  • Shelf life – 12 months.
  • Ingredients – Green chilli puree 55%, Water, Iodized salt, Liquid glucose, Acidity regulator, Thickener, Garlic powder and Preservatives. 
  • It can be used as a dip, spread, and for cooking.


  • Del Monte’s Green Chilli Sauce is well-seasoned.
  • The chilli kick is bold.
  • The sourness is similar to the one we associate with street-style sauces.
  • We liked the versatility of the sauce. It can be used for both – cooking and dipping.

Best Suited For

The Del Monte Green Chilli Sauce is perfect for those who are looking for a heavily seasoned sauce for cooking. This also doubles up as a dip.

Here are the Top 3 Must-Have Asian Sauces For Your Kitchen.

2. Naagin Indian Hot Sauce Kantha Bomb – Mishry Top Pick (Dipping)

Naagin Indian Hot Sauce comes in three variants – Original, Bhoot and Kantha Bomb. Earlier we reviewed both the red chilli variants and loved them for the flavorful heat and smoky, garlicky punch. For our green chilli review, we picked the Kantha Bomb Sauce.

The Naagin Kantha Bomb Sauce comes in a glass bottle and is made using Kanthari Chillies. These are bird’s eye chilli from South Kerala. The color of sauce is light-medium shade of green. This is the thickest sauce amongst all the contenders. As soon as we opened the bottle, the robust chilli and garlic kick was undeniable. 

During our dry-tasting and dipping stage, Naagin’s Green Chilli Sauce won us over for its well-rounded heat, balanced seasoning and flavor of garlic. This did not perform as well in our cooking stage, as it did not coat the veggies at all.

closer look at naagin green chili sauce
Closer look at the Naagin Green Chilli Sauce.


  • A 230 gram bottle is priced at Rs 250/-.
  • This is priced at Rs 108/- per 100 grams.
  • It is packed in a premium-looking glass bottle.
  • Shelf life – 12 months.
  • It is best to consume the sauce within 2 months after opening.
  • Ingredients – Purified water, Chillies (Green chilli, Kanthari chilli), Onion, Veg oil, Rice bran oil, Celery, Garlic, Vinegar (Water acidity regulator), Sugar, Salt, Ginger, Turmeric, Stabilizer and Preservatives.
  • The label specifies that the spice tolerance is 6/10.
  • It can be used as a dip, spread, marinade or for cooking.
  • Contains no artificial colors and flavours.


  • The Naagin Kantha Bomb Sauce has a well-rounded spiciness. It is also seasoned well.
  • The thick texture is favorable for dipping.
  • We liked the garlicky flavor of the sauce.
  • This was the spiciest green chilli sauce amongst all the brands we tested.
  • It has a spreadable consistency and can be used as a spread in burgers and open sandwiches. 


  • This sauce did not fare well in our cooking test. 
  • We would have liked it if the percentage of green chillies added were mentioned on the pack.

Best Suited For

A snack platter craves for a hot sauce that can be paired with a number of fried snacks, chips and even crudites. Naagin’s Kantha Bomb Sauce is best suited for dipping purposes and as a spread.

3. Ching’s Secret Green Chilli Sauce – Also Recommended (Cooking)

When we used the Ching’s Secret Chilli Sauce to cook our veggie stir-fry, we noticed that the aroma of fresh chillies is wonderful, and the vinegary-sourness is lower in comparison to our Top Pick (Del Monte). It is well seasoned and we did not feel the need to add any extra salt or pepper.

For those who like muted sour flavors in a green chilli sauce will like the one by Ching’s Secret. When we say muted, we do not mean that the flavor and heat of the green chilli is lesser, we mean the fermented-sourness of a typical packaged green chilli sauce is lower.

closer look at ching’s green chilli sauce
Closer look at Ching’s Green Chilli Sauce.


  • A 190 gram bottle is priced at Rs 55/-.
  • This is priced at Rs Rs 28.94/- per 100 grams.
  • It is packed in a glass bottle.
  • Shelf life – 18 months.
  • Ingredients – Water, Green chilli 30%, Salt, Sugar, Thickener, Garlic powder, Acidity regulator E260, Emulsifying and stabilizing agent, Spices – cumin and coriander powder and Preservatives.
  • It can be used as a dip and for cooking.


  • The Ching’s Secret Green Chilli Sauce is well seasoned. 
  • We liked the well rounded chilli kick.


  • This did not fare well in our dipping-test.

Best Suited For

For people who prefer lower sour levels in their chilli sauce, will like this one.

4. Tops Green Chilli Sauce

Tops is an extremely popular green chilli sauce brand amongst vendors who specialize in street-style desi Chinese. But in a comparative situation we did not like it as much. This was the most tart and synthetically-sour flavored sauce. The seasoning is fine, no doubt, but the overall flavor is a let down.

closer look at tops green chili sauce
Tops green chilli sauce has a well balanced seasoning.


  • A 650 gram bottle is priced at Rs 70/-.
  • This is priced at Rs Rs 10.76/- per 100 grams.
  • It is packed in a plastic bottle.
  • Shelf life – 9 months.
  • Ingredients – Green chilli pulp 50%, Water, Iodized salt, Potato powder, Sugar, Coriander powder, Garlic powder, Spices and condiments, Acidity regulator e260, Thickeners and Preservatives.


  • The seasoning is well-balanced.


  • The sourness is a bit overbearing.
  • This is a very synthetically-sour flavored sauce.

5. Weikfield Green Chilli Sauce

The Weikfield Green Chilli Sauce has a thick, almost gloopy, consistency. It has a very unidimensional tartness which does not add anything to enhance the flavour of the sauce.

Even though this coats the veggies nicely and cooks well, it fared poorly in two rounds of blind tasting.

closer look at weikfield green chili sauce
Weikfield Green Chilli Sauce’s texture is very gloopy.


  • A 200 gram bottle is priced at Rs 55/-.
  • This is priced at Rs 27.5/- per 100 grams.
  • It is packed in a plastic bottle.
  • Shelf life – 12 months.
  • Ingredients – Water, Potato, Green chilli 25%, Sugar, Salt, Acidity regulator, Garlic, Cornflour, Stabilizer, Preservatives, Spices and condiments.
  • Shake well before use.


  • It coats the veggies well and is easy to cook with.


  • This is slightly under seasoned.
  • The green chilli kick is comparatively weak.
  • It has a unidimensional tartness.

6. Wingreens Farms Daredevil Green Chilli Sauce

Even though Wingreens Farms Green Daredevil Chilli Sauce has the highest amount of green chilli percentage, it doesn’t reflect well in the taste. It’s weaker in comparison and lacks that fresh-tasting heat. The sauce by itself is loaded with spices and condiments which change the original flavour of the dish. It has a herb or spice that masks every other flavor. 

closer look at wingreens green chili sauce
The Wingreens Farms green chilli sauce has an unappetising flavor.


  • A 130 gram tube is priced at Rs 99/-.
  • This is priced at Rs 76.50/- per 100 grams.
  • It is packed in a plastic tube.
  • Shelf life – 8 months.
  • Ingredients – Green chillies 60%, Water, Iodized salt, Sugar, Acidity regulator, Thickeners, Mixed spices and Condiments


  • Attractive packaging.


  • There is no prominent chilli heat.
  • The flavor of the sauce is not appetising.

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Our Top Picks & Recommendations

Why is Naagin Kantha Bomb our Top Pick (Dipping)?

A dipping sauce with the perfect consistency and an undeniably fresh green chilli heat. Naagin’s Kantha Bomb Green Chilli Sauce packs in a lot of flavor and heat making it our Top Pick in the dipping category.

Why did we choose Del Monte as our Top Pick (Cooking)? Why do we also recommend Ching’s Secret?

A green chilli sauce that coats the main ingredient well enough to make its presence felt in each bite is of prime importance. That’s exactly what the green chilli sauces by Del Monte and Ching’s Secret did. 

Our Top Pick, Del Monte, has a more concentrated flavor of green chillies and the characteristic sourness. Our recommendation, Ching’s Secret, also has a green chilli kick but meant for people who want a sauce with lower sour notes

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Green Chili Sauce Brands.

No. None of the above mentioned brands contain any artificial flavors.

Yes. All of the brands we reviewed do not contain any animal-derived products.

Green chilli sauces come in plastic and glass bottles. While plastic bottles may seem more user-friendly as they don’t break, glass bottles are more environment friendly and can be reused.

Yes. Most brands advertise their green chilli sauces as a dip and a cooking sauce. From our review, we found out that not all are well-suited for both.

Green chilli sauce is very versatile and can be served with fried good like fries, wedges, spring rolls, momos, corn cheese balls, grilled sandwiches and other finger foods.

Green chilli sauce pairs well with desi-Chinese like noodles, fried rice and soups.

Final Words

Del Monte’s flavor-packed green chilli sauce is ideal for dipping and cooking, making it our Top Pick. We also recommend Ching’s Secret green chilli sauce for cooking. It has a well-rounded heat and seasoning.

The fresh kick of green chillies is always welcome on a snack board, which is why we chose Naagin’s Kantha Bomb as our Top Pick in the dipping category.

What do you like pairing with green chilli sauce? Fried foods or do you use it for cooking?

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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No part of this review is sponsored by any brand. All expenses were borne by us.

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