Best Garlic Powder Substitutes

Best Garlic Powder Substitutes

If you are thinking about what can I use instead of garlic powder? Here is your answer! Some of the best substitutes of garlic powder.

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Garlic powder is a name that makes a lot of people’s mouth water. The majority of tasty dishes like chicken, pasta, or pizza include this essential cooking ingredient. It has a long shelf life in comparison to fresh garlic. Garlic powder has a minimum shelf life of 6 months. But if it runs out of your kitchen pantry, then what? What can I use instead of garlic powder?

Getting some good and close substitutes for garlic powder can ensure you that you are not missing out on the excitement of preparing any recipe. Many people are also heavily allergic to garlic powder. As a result, they also need to get a substitute for garlic powder. They often ask what can I use instead of garlic powder? There are several good alternatives available that fit as per the dishes requirements. Irrespective of whether garlic taste or powder suits you or not, you can eat your favorite lasagna without any hassle. Let’s understand it from the start.


What Is Garlic Powder?

Most popular dressings and seasonings are full of flavor. Thats because they have added garlic powder. Almost all major sauces consist of garlic powder in it. Garlic powder is a ground garlic form that is dried to enhance its shelf life. You can store it in your kitchen pantry for a longer period. But what can I use instead of garlic powder? Certain substitutes can be a wonderful seasoning option. It would not make you feel the absence of this powder in your favorite recipes.


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Is Garlic Powder Healthy Or Unhealthy?

Garlic is an ingredient that has great health benefits and medicinal properties. The major inclusion of this powder is the amino acid or glutamate. It gives an Umami flavor to your dish. Besides, it also gives nutritional benefits like magnesium, phosphorous, and B6. It helps in reducing hypertension. If you store garlic powder for a longer period, there are chances that it might lose a certain level of potency. Hence, if you are using packed garlic powder, do read its expiry date.


Garlic powder has a longer shelf life than of fresh garlic.

Culinary Uses Of Garlic Powder

Garlic powder has a long list of dishes where they can be used. Any preparation can be made flavorful with the addition of this wonder ingredient. Garlic bread, your favorite hamburgers and meatballs, garlic powder adds a specific pungent taste. Garlic powder is the main element to add great taste for any pizza sauce or pasta dishes. Especially, when you are baking any bread loaves or making savory dishes, this ingredient can be a good addition.


What Can I Use Instead Of Garlic Powder? | Substitutes

If garlic powder is unavailable or you have run short of this ingredient while cooking, its obvious you would look for alternatives. Also, if you dislike its taste or do not eat garlic at all. Getting a good substitute can help you a lot. Another interesting factor is a few recipes can taste awesome with the right substitute for garlic powder. Here are some commonly opted substitutes when there is no garlic powder at your home.


Garlic Granules

What can I use instead of garlic powder? Well, granulated garlic can be the next best option. Garlic granules are the most closest option to garlic powder substitute. Addition of it in stews, marinades, stir fry, and other dressing is a common practice. Granulated garlic almost appears the same as the garlic powder. But they have a minor difference between them. Garlic powder includes cloves of garlic that is further ground into a very fine powder form. On the other hand, granulated garlic consists of garlic cloves and that can be ground into fine granules. Although the difference between the two is extremely minor, but still they can help in creating distinct recipes. When you opt for granulated garlic in the absence of garlic powder, you have to add almost twice the quantity of garlic powder.

You can get the exactly similar taste and only the measurements might differ. Every dish that requires a good garlic aroma can perfectly go along with the addition of garlic powder. With the good amount of iron and Vitamin B6 in it, it is also very beneficial for good health.

As the granulated garlic has solid crystals in it, it takes quite a long time to perfectly blend in with your dish. On the other hand, garlic powder merges within seconds. Also, the granulated form of garlic has lesser nutritional values comparatively.

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Garlic Salt

If you are still stuck at what can I use instead of garlic powder? Here is another very good alternative for you. Garlic salt is also a very good option to use in recipe lacking garlic powder. This is a mixture of garlic powder and regular sea salt. It is taken in the proportion of one-quarter garlic and three-quarters of normal table salt. However, when you are using this salt. It is essential to remember that quantity of additional usual salt must be minimal. Or it can make the dish very salty.

A major benefit of utilizing garlic salt is it can be a very good substitute for garlic powder. As it comprises of added salt, a single seasoning can work perfectly for your dish. Other health advantages of using garlic salt are it helps in lowering the blood pressure, reducing cholesterol levels, and also control diabetes. It is also a very good anti-inflammatory agent.

The only snag of using garlic salt is that it controls the salt levels in your dish. If you are using this seasoning in your recipe, additional salt needs to be omitted.

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Garlic salt can be made at home.


Packaged Minced Garlic | Garlic Puree

Another alternative to garlic powder is the minced garlic. This substitute is a part of your delicious meals and sauces like pasta, vegetables, meat, and poultry. Minced garlic is the chopped form like garlic cloves. It is fantastic when you wish to sauté several raw vegetables to give a raw and crunchy taste to your dish. If you opt for the garlic powder or its granulated form, it would get easily burnt up if it can ruin the taste of your recipe. As a result, it is always a good move to go with the minced garlic. Using minced garlic gives the same taste that you get with the powder garlic. While you cook the minced garlic, it gives a very fresh and good aroma that is not available with garlic powder.


Fresh Garlic

What can I use instead of garlic powder? Well, nothing comes close to fresh garlic when its about taste. Fresh garlic can be a refreshing option for vegetables, bread, pasta, and soups. You cannot store this substitute unlike the garlic powder and garlic salt. To add fresh garlic in any dish, you have to peel it, slice, and then mince it by yourself. Unlike garlic powder, there is a certain level of heat prominent in the fresh garlic. Fresh garlic applications can be made to the recipes in several forms such as crushed or chopped.

Many people are fond of that fresh garlic aroma and pungent taste. So if you are fond of that smoky garlic smell and its crunchy taste, opting for it can be a good idea. Also if the recipe demands a strong garlic flavor in it, getting the freshly made cloves is a good option. The versatility that you get with the mince, chop or crushed garlic cannot ever match the garlic powder.

A drawback of using fresh garlic is the stink left behind in your hands after handling them.


Dried Garlic Flakes

After garlic powder, this is the second most popular substitute when people think of what can I use instead of garlic powder? Garlic flakes is an amazing option for all kinds of sauces, pasta, stir fry, stews, and casseroles. Garlic flakes are easily available online and can be used in a lot of dishes.

Another very good fact about garlic flakes is you can easily add it to various dishes just like the garlic powder. Especially when you are preparing some an Oriental spread, it can impart great taste to your recipe.


Onions And Shallots

The final recommendation is the use of onions and shallots if you are thinking about what can I use instead of garlic powder? Onions and shallots belong to the same family, but if all else fails adding onions can also bring a similar pungency to the dish. Do not over caramelise the onions as they will then sweeten up the dish.

So these are your popular answers on what can I use instead of garlic powder?

An amazing thing regarding garlic substitutes is they are all vegan. Although, the utility of others is more than some they overall have a good taste option. Other options for vegans are granulated garlic, fresh or minced garlic. Talking about health benefits, garlic has very health-boosting benefits. May it be in a powder form or the granulated one, garlic is always a pack of good nutritional benefits? Fresh garlic is however the most preferable alternative for health freaks.



Garlic powder is also a common ingredient in most of your kitchen recipes. If you wish to try your hand with an alternative substitute, it is essential to get information about its pros and cons given above. It can enable you to get the details relevant to its flavors, uses, and cooking methods. As a result, you could relish on your favorite garlic dishes completely. This answers your question of – what can I use instead of garlic powder?


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