Comorin Review: The Best Dishes At Manish Mehrotra's Gurugram Restaurant

Comorin Review: The Best Dishes At Manish Mehrotra’s Gurugram Restaurant

Order like a pro when you go to Chef Manish Mehrotra’s Comorin next time! Here are the best dishes from every section of the menu that are a must-try.

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“Comorin celebrates the food of commoners”, says Masterchef Manish Mehrotra. 

A detailed review of Comorin’s menu reveals just that. Dishes like Champaran Meat with Sattu Parantha, Pav Bhaji served with a pillowy pav-loaf, the crispy Chicken Pakora Bun, or the citrusy Lemon Gunpowder Idli; these are all dishes you wouldn’t usually associate with a chic setting like this. But this contrast of familiar flavors in a contemporary setting is one that Comorin manages rather effortlessly. The hip and modern surroundings, gel with Indian comfort dishes with nearly the same ease with which Chef Mehrotra’s signature Mutton Seekhs (one of our top recommendations) dance around in a pool of butter. (The actual flavors are better than that image in your head!)

Housed in Gurugram’s posh One Horizon Plaza, Comorin has been a hit from the day it opened its doors. The restaurant has a coffee bar, a cocktail bar (offering freshly concocted sous vide drinks), and a market section from where you can pick gorgeous kitchen-themed giveaways.

Why Comorin is special?

Having been there over a dozen times myself, I feel three things make Comorin a real winner. 

  1. The Menu: Putting together a menu is an art, and when you want to order more dishes from the list than you can eat, every single time, you know the team has done a fabulous job of curating the menu. Comorin’s menu is a perfect representation of its soul; it is full of comfort dishes that you can never tire of enjoying. And even when you do, there is so much more to move to next.  
  2. The Location: It’s tough to keep going to a place that is not conveniently located; no matter how much you like the food, eventually the frequency peters out. Comorin is in the heart of corporate Gurugram, but not too far from Delhi, either. The ambiance, of course, offers a perfectly classy port to the well-traveled locals and office-goers of Gurugram.
  3. Consistency: I think this one is key. If you have to grant a restaurant the status of a ‘regular joint’ on your list, it must keep up quality and service consistently. Comorin does that with a sense of eagerness and warmth, making you want to go back to it again and again. 
Comorin Review

The menu is divided into Small Plates, Large Plates, and Extra large plates. I like how all the portion-sizes encourage you to share. The Small & Large Plates efficiently serve 2-3 people. The Sous Vide Bar section is amongst the first ones in the city, and if you are a gin drinker, you must try some of their signature drinks. 

Best Dishes at Comorin 

Best Small Plate (Veg) at Comorin

Sweet Corn khichdi, sem ka beej, chutneys (v) 

This creamy concoction of corn, topped with sem ka beej and served with wafer-thin khakhras is a dish for all days. For an all-veg party, you cannot miss this out, and for a mixed group, if there is one small veg plate you must order, this should be it. 

Also Recommended:

Dahi Batata Puri, Wasabi (v) 


Other Vegetarian Small Plates to try at Comorin

Lemon Gunpowder Idli, Golden Cashews (v): Podi idli, or mini-masala idlis in a lemony gunpowder mix. Crunchy cashews add a fine texture.

Barley & Quinoa, Jamun, Watermelon, Avacado, Kakdi (v): A gluten-free option for everyone.

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The non-vegetarian section of Comorin is full of hearty dishes, where regional flavors shine.

Best Small Plate (Non-Veg) at Comorin

Mutton Seekh Kabab, Hot butter, Kashmiri Roti

Comorin Review: Mutton Seekh Kabab, Hot butter, Kashmiri Roti

The Mutton Seekhs is truly one of the stars of the menu here. And what makes the juicy meat shine further is all that butter!

Also Recommended:

Haleem, Butter Toast, Crispy Jain

Other Non-vegetarian Small Plates To Try:

Green Chili Prawns: The green chilies in this dish add oodles of flavor, not heat.

Best Large Plate (Veg): Pav Bhaji

Best Large Plate (Non-Veg): Champaran Meat

This hearty large plate of Champaran Meat is sublime. The sattu parantha and a side of ole ki chutney are divine and comforting flavors.

Must-Try Dessert: Cheeni Malai Toast

The simple Cheeni Malai Toast is served with a creative, new-age twist – using honeycomb and marmalade. Yet, it is familiar and supremely nostalgic. Its the dish that you will wonder why you are ordering, but order nonetheless, and not regret one bit.

The Bar at Comorin

The bar at Comorin is one of the most visually striking ones you will find in Gurgram. It’s bright and open, and right in the middle, is the very popular Sous Vide section. It is here that your bartender will create a freshly concocted infusion for you, using a Sous Vide machine that is usually used in restaurant kitchens only. Instead of using it to cook meats, they allow a mix of herbs, slices of fresh fruits, and gin to bathe in the hot water to create a range of gin-based drinks. The best one is the Gin X Rose & Hibiscus concoction.

A must-try cocktail is the Comorin 75 & Walnut Sour – Comorin’s take on the good-old Whisky Sour.

The Team

The team at Comorin is mentored by Chef Manish Mehrotra. With him at the helm, Executive Chef Dheeraj Dargan and General Manager Vikram Taneja keep the food and service top-notch.   

The Vibe

Hip and very Gurugram! It’s a place you can come for coffee and desserts with your girlfriends, for a drink over a reunion with old batchmates, and a hearty lunch/dinner on any day. 

The restaurant has a very flowing, on-the-go kind of design giving it an international appeal.

How Much

A meal for two at Comorin will cost you approximately Rs. 2000 (excluding drinks).

Go For

A casual evening, or a celebration, Comorin is an all-occasion destination.


Other Details

There is ample parking, and the option to have a valet park for you too. Walking around the open-air plaza after a meal, especially during evenings, is one way to enjoy the Gurugram skyline. The restaurant also has a PDR (Private Dining Room) for small, intimate gatherings.

PDR (Private Dining Room) at Comorin
  1. Where is Comorin?

    Comorin is located in a very posh area of Gurugram. It is in One Horizon plaza, on Golf Course Road. Full address: 101, First Floor, Two Horizon Center, DLF Phase 5, Sector 43, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

  2. What is the menu of Comorin like?

    The menu of Comorin is vast and consists of comfort foods from around the country. It is the ‘food of the commoners’, as described by Chef Manish Mehrotra himself. The Food menu is divided into Small, Large and Extra Large plates. The drinks section is also elaborate and has a long list of cocktails, gin-based drinks from the sous vide bar, and a very interesting non-alcoholic beverage list too.

  3. Does Comorin have adequate parking?

    Parking at One Horizon Plaza is rather easy, and the basement parking has an adequate number of bays. If you prefer seeking the help of a valet, then that option is available as well.

  4. What kind of vibe does the restaurant have?

    Comorin has an international and chic vibe to it. This modern setting is beautifully juxtaposed with its Indian dishes.

  5. What is the cost of a meal for two at Comorin?

    A meal for two (minus alcoholic drinks) would cost you around 1500-2000 rupees.

  6. Is Comorin available for home delivery?

    No, the restaurant believes in only serving guests in the restaurant. They are not available for delivery either through Swiggy or Zomato.

Why Comorin is Worth Your Visit

Comorin is a place that is serious about food and service. The dishes are carefully put together, and the service always friendly and warm. This is not a restaurant that came up as a ‘fad’ and one that follows ‘trends’ mindlessly.

The people of NCR are a picky-lot when it comes to showering a restaurant with continued patronage, with a growing loyal fan following (much like Indian Accent), Comorin is a hit restaurant on its way to becoming legendary.

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