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Best Dry Fruits Brands in India

Top 11 Best Dry Fruits Brands in India with Recommended Products

This article contains a list of the best dry fruit brands in India. You can buy these dry fruits online. The prices of different brands along with their advantages are also provided here. So, select wisely.

All of us have a very busy life scheduling. In this busy life, we hardly get enough time to look after our health. Consuming nutritional food items on a daily basis is very important to keep our body fit and healthy. Dried fruits and nuts are a great option for us that can provide us with enough nutrients. Some of the best brand of dry fruits in India are discussed below.

Dry fruit are tasty and satisfies our food cravings. We can easily replace junk and oily snacks with healthy and tasty dry fruits. They are rich in protein, minerals, vitamins, and fiber. So, you get great taste and health at the same time. Consuming dry fruits daily basis will boost our stamina and energy. The fiber present in them helps us to digest and enhances our overall health. We curated a list of Indian dry fruits company names. Read on to know more.

A look At The Top Picks For Best Dry Fruits Brands:

  1. Best Quality Dry Fruits : Tata Sampann Dry Fruits
  2. Best For Everyday Use: Happilo Dry Fruit
  3. Best Organic Dry Fruits: Urban Platter Dry Fruit

Summary Table: Best Dry Fruits Brands In India

There are numerous brands of dry fruits in the market and it’s very difficult task to choose best from them. Here are the top 11 dry fruit brands in India in the given table available.

Product Name Buy On Amazon Buy On Flipkart Buy On Snapdeal 
Tata Sampann Dry Fruits Check Price here  Check Price Here
Happilo Premium International Nut Mix Check price here Check price here
Nutraj Dry Fruit Check price here Check price here
Solimo Premium Dry Fruit Check price here
Vedaka Popular Dry Fruit Check price here
Tulsi Dry Fruit Check price here
Urban Platter Dry Fruit Check price here
Sainik Dry Fruit Check price here
Carnival Dry Fruit                 – Check price here
Go Organic Dry Fruit Check price here Check Price Here  Check price here
Ancy Natural Dry Fruit Check price here

Best Dry Fruit Brands In India

There are numerous dried fruit brands in the market producing top-quality products. They use natural and gluten-free ingredients which benefit our health. Here we list the top dry fruits brands in India.

1. Tata Sampann Dry Fruits

Since its inception in 2015, Tata Sampann has evolved into a trusted and well-established brand, providing a diverse range of nourishing everyday foods.

Among its offerings, Tata Sampann stands out for its selection of premium quality and nutritious dry fruits. Renowned for their exceptional quality and rigorous quality control standards, whether it’s almonds, cashews, raisins, or pistachios, Tata Sampann offers a comprehensive variety of dried fruits to cater to a range of tastes and preferences.

The different dry fruits offered by them are :

  • California Almonds
  • Premium Cashews
  • Premium Raisins
  • Premium Pistachios
  • Premium Walnuts
  • Trail Mixes
  • Classic Salted & Roasted Cashews
  • Classic Salted & Roasted Almonds
tata sampann

Product Features 

  • Tata Sampann includes dry fruits, nuts seeds and trail mixes.
  • Provides choicest selection of handpicked nuts.
  • They follow stringent quality control standards and pass through 20 quality parameters test.
  • These are hygienically packed in multilayer packaging to retain the freshness.

2. Happilo Dry Fruit

Happilo is a health food brand and it was established in 2016. Its headquarter is in Bengaluru. With Happilo brand, you get a wide range of products with them, like;

  • Various dried fruits
  • Dry Nuts
  • Roasted dry snacks
  • Organic seeds
  • Trial mixes
  • Gift hampers

This is considered one of the best dry fruit brands in India. Happilo offers you a great variety of dried fruits India that cater to the needs of every consumer. Happilo provides quality and quantity products. Over the past years, it has gained immense popularity and there are numerous branches of this brand all over India. 1kg Happilo Dry fruits cost 120 Rs.

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Product Features:

  • It produces a range of food items.
  • The variety of Happilo dry fruits serves the varied needs of its customers.
  • Happilo offers healthy and safe food items.
  • They help and improve our digestive system.
  • Happilo provides us with all-natural products.

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3. Nutraj Dry Fruit

Nutraj, the brand name says it all. ‘Raj’ means the king, so Nutraj is the ‘king of nuts’. Nutraj is another leading brand that is regarded as one of the top dry fruits brands in India. The brand is upgrading its products to meet the changing demands of the market. To serve the needs of its customers, they are producing more and more healthy, delicious, and rich quality dry fruits.

The products they offer you include;

  • Roasted almonds
  • Salted pista
  • Roasted pista
  • Spiced okra chips
  • Crispy beetroot chips
  • Peri-peri sweet potatoes
  • Dry fruits jams
  • Walnut cinnamon honey
  • Exotic dry fruits
  • Honey banana rum jam

All of their products are healthy, tasty, and light. So you can easily carry them anywhere. The Nutraj dry fruits price varies between 150 Rs. to 900 Rs. You can order dry fruits online and relish them.


Product Features:

  • All their dry fruits are natural and filled with nutrition
  • Their dry fruits are free of cholesterol
  • Nutraj dry fruits are rich in protein
  • These dry fruits come in air-tight packages that keep the fruits secure for a long time.

4. Solimo Dry Fruit

Solimo is one of the top dry fruits brands in India. All dry fruits of Solimo are completely natural and handpicked. Maintaining the quality of the product is its top-most priority. All their products undergo detailed quality checks, and food safety verifications.

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They rapidly improve their product in terms of range and quality to serve the increasing needs of their customers. Solimo brand invests a lot of money in maintaining the quality of their product instead of product advertising or marketing. It is known for the best dry fruits in India.

Some of their best products include;

  • Various dry fruits
  • Nuts
  • Dates
  • Almonds
  • Fruit Jams

They serve the best quality fruits and nuts for an affordable price. 250 grams of fresh cashew nuts of Solimo dry fruits brand costs 350 Rs. You can get mixed dry fruits online as well.

Product Features:

  • All their products are of top quality
  • They are very safe and healthy
  • You get fresh nuts of premium quality with Solimo
  • They use vacuum-packed which retains the quality and freshness of their dry fruits
  • Solimo Dry fruits are very affordable

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5. Vedaka Dry Fruit

You can easily buy Vedaka dry fruits from online stores. We get an extensive range of nuts and seeds with them. If you love crispy, crunchy, and nutty dry fruits, this brand will be one of the best dry fruit brands in India for you. All their food products meet the FSSAI food safety standards.

Vedaka offers us hygienically packed dry fruits which are made of food-safe material. These packages go under rapid tests so that they meet the industry’s best standard.

In short, you get an extensive range of healthy products from Vedaka brand that includes;

  • Dry seeds like chia, sunflower, flax, pumpkin, etc
  • Nuts
  • Exotic dry fruits
  • Almonds

The price of one pack of Vedeka dry fruit can range between 90 Rs. to 1350 Rs. You can buy dry fruits online.


Product Features:

  • They are very safe and hygienic as they go under rapid tests.
  • The dry fruits are nutritious
  • You get premium quality fresh dry fruits with Vedeka.
  • The packaging of these dry fruits is very neatly done.

6. Tulsi Dry Fruit

Tulsi is one of the best dry fruits company in India. They are the largest dry fruit producers in India. With Tulsi, you get the best quality fresh dry fruits. They have branched out all over the world. Indian food industry gets the widest range of food products from this brand.

The company itself is HACCP and ISO 22000:2005 certified. For years, Tulsi has been serving its customers with a great variety and quality of products. It now exports its products to more than 20 countries all over the world that includes Europe, America, and the Middle East.

Some of its best products are;

  • Dry Nuts
  • Dry Seeds
  • Jams
  • Dry fruits
  • Pista
  • Grains

The price of Tulsi Dry Fruit varies from 190 Rs to 2170 Rs. One can buy these dry fruits online.


Product Features:

  • They offer the most hygienic dry fruits
  • You get vacuum-packed dry fruits with Tulsi
  • They use 100% natural ingredients
  • All their food products are super crispy and tasty.

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7. Urban Platter Dry Fruit

It is one of the most trusted food manufacturing brands in India. They produce the healthiest and most organic dry fruits. Based on recent research, Urban Platter has been listed as one of the best dry fruits company in India.

Two brothers named Dhaval Kenia and Chirag Kenia founded this brand in 2015. Within such a short time, they have become claimed the trust of their consumers with their quality dried fruits and nuts. The dry fruits they produce are crispy and very tasty. They offer a great variety of dry fruits to cater to the needs of their customers. The motto of the Urban Platter brand is bringing the world together with good food.

They offer you;

  • Assorted Dry fruits
  • Snacks
  • Dry Nuts
  • Foodgrains
  • Dehydrated vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Various seeds
  • Spices

The price of one pack of Urban Platter Dry Fruit starts from 250 Rs.

urban platter

Product Features:

  • You get all the goodness of nature with Urban Platter Dry fruits
  • They serve you fresh nuts and dry fruits
  • You get to enjoy a good taste with them
  • They are very safe and hygienic
  • Urban Platter Dry fruits are very affordable

8. Sainik’s Dry Fruit

Sainik is one of the most reliable and best dry fruit brands in India. They offer best dried fruit items to satisfy the needs of their customers. They keep customer satisfaction as their top priority. The best quality nutrients, supplements, and minerals are offered by their dry fruits.

The Sainik brand ensures the wellness and well being of their customers. All of their food items contain high natural substances.

Some of their best products are;

  • Dry Nuts
  • Almond dry fruit
  • Pista
  • Fruit jams
  • Dry Seeds
  • Acrot Dry fruit

One pack of Sainik’s Dry Fruit costs 245 Rs.


Product Features:

  • All their food items are rich in protein
  • They help in your digestion
  • The dry fruits are crispy and fresh
  • Sainik’s dry fruits keep you fit and healthy

9. Carnival Dry Fruit

Carnival is an established food-producing brand that supplies its customers, good quality and natural dry fruits and nuts. They collect the best dry fruit from different countries. One of the biggest reasons for you to buy their product is, they are an ISO 22000 certified brand.

All its dry fruits are organic and handpicked. They are specially imported from the USA. They use an airtight dry fruits packet which keeps all its ingredients fresh and intact. It is one of the best dry fruit brands in India.

Some of their best products include;

  • Pista
  • Almond
  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Dry fruits
  • Dates
  • Walnut
  • Blueberries

Their price range starts from 180 Rs.

Product Features:

  • They are all-natural
  • They are good for vegetarians and vegans
  • All their products are healthy and tasty
  • They use fully hygienic yet sophisticated packing

10. Go Organic Dry Fruit

As the name suggests, this brand produces fully organic food items. They provide us, all-natural products with no added flavors or artificial ingredients.

Go Organic makes a wide range of products that can be used in various dishes, salads, and snacks. They are considered the best dry fruit brands in India. This brand is also certified by QAI which is another reason for you to buy it.

Some of the best dry fruits of this purely organic brand are;

  • Walnuts
  • Dry fruits
  • Seeds
  • Pista
  • Dates

One pack (250 grams) of Go Organic Dry Fruit costs 319 Rs.

Product Features:

  • You get 100% organic products with Go Organic
  • All their products are safe and healthy
  • You can consume their nuts and fruits for a long period. They will not cause any health issues.
  • All their products are fresh and tasty
  • Go Organic dry fruits are free of gluten
  • They are vacuum packed

11. Ancy Natural Dry Fruit

Ancy offers us a good range of edible products. All their food items are free of added flavor and preservatives. The dry fruits and nuts from this brand are rich in protein and nutrients. Another great benefit of these best dried fruits is, they do not have any added sweetness. So, if you are a fan of dry fruits, do check this brand. Ancy is one of the best dry fruit brands in India supplying fresh and crunchy products.

Some of their best products include;

  • Various dry fruits
  • Dates
  • Cashew nuts
  • Khurmani
  • Munakka
  • Afghani Anjeer

The price of one pack of Ancy Natural Dry fruits start from 150 Rs.

ancy foods

Product Features:

  • You get the best quality product with Ancy
  • All their food items are crunchy and tasty
  • They sell their products at a very reasonable price
  • They do not use any artificial flavor or preservation
  • There is no added sweetness

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have answered a few interesting sets of questions asked by our readers on dry fruits.

We listed a list of the best dry fruits brands to get quality dry fruits.

  • Tata Sampann
  • Happilo
  • Nutraj
  • Solimo
  • Urban Platter
  • Sainik
  • Vedaka
  • Carnival

Dry fruits are a powerhouse of nutrients and vitamins. Daily intake of a few dry fruits such as almonds, pistachios, dates, raisins and cashew helps to stay healthy.

To obtain maximum health benefits from dry fruit, consume soaked dry fruits such as almond, cashew, dates and dried fig on an empty stomach.

The Bottom Line

So, these are the top 11 best dry fruits brand in India that you must try. So, check them and start eating dry nuts and fruits daily. This will keep you healthy, fit, and energetic.

Let us know in the comment section if you think we missed any premium dry fruit brands.

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