3 in 1 Dry Fruit Cutter Review - Mishry (2023)
dry fruit cutter review

This Dry Fruit Cutter Gets A Lukewarm Response From Mishry (2024)

A 3-in-1 dry fruit cutter for slicing and cutting dry fruits. Does this tool get the job done? Read on.

Mishry Rating

2.5 / 5
3 / 5


An average tool with limited usability. The stainless steel blades are fairly sharp as it serves the purpose of thin slicing of nuts. However, the functioning of this tool is not smooth and requires a lot of effort.

Today multiple kitchen tools are loaded in the market that promise to reduce time and effort in the kitchen. However, many of these fail to deliver the results or are extremely difficult to work with. 

We recently ordered a 3-in-1 dry fruit cutter that functions as a cutter, slicer and a grinder. After testing this in our kitchen for several days, what are our observations on this tool? Is it smooth to function? In practicality, is it ideal for daily use? 

All the answers to these questions and more information on the product is covered in our Dry Fruit Cutter review below.

All the important details you need to know about this dry fruit cutter is listed here: 

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Dry Fruit Cutter  Product Details 
Price Rs. 110
Material  Plastic
Color  Green and grey
Buy Now  On Amazon
Mishry Rating 2.75

Our Review Factors

What are we looking for in this Dry Fruit Grinder? An easy to use functional tool that reduces time and effort in the kitchen.

1. Design

When we talk about the design, multiple aspects are gauged under this segment. Here we look for – the quality and material of the body, blades and the overall construction of the tool. How ergonomic is the overall design? 

2. Utility

This parameter talks about the convenience and the overall functioning of this tool. How effortlessly does it perform in reality? Does it do the job well? Is it a practical tool for daily usage?

3. Other Observations

Priced at Rs 299/- , will this tool add value to your kitchen? 

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Though packaging is not a deciding factor, we did check the same during our review process. 

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Dry Fruit Slicer – Detailed Review


The overall design of this tool involves four different parts that are the following : 

  • The first part: It is the base where all the blades are attached. 
  • The second part: This involves a hollow container where all the nuts are placed. 
  • The third part: It is the ring which locks the base cups and helps in rotation.
  • The fourth part: It is the topmost part of the tool where the pressure needs to be applied. It will help create the motion.


This dry fruit slicer comes in a box pack. All the parts of this tool are separated and require assembling.

Our Observations 


Once we figured out what part will fit in where, the overall assembling was a quick process. There is a small graphic given on the box, which is easy to understand. There is no manual inside the box. (Check out our reel to know more).


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To better examine the functioning of this tool, we sliced multiple nuts including pistachios, almonds and cashews. 

What we liked about this tool? – The blades of this dry fruit slicer were quite sharp. We were able to get thin but uneven slices of the nuts. Due to its lightweight, we did not face any issues while handling. 

It has a very compact design making it easy to store. Also, the overall maintenance of this tool was pretty hassle-free. No complaints here. 

What does not work? The overall rotation of this tool requires a lot of effort and isn’t particularly smooth. The topmost part of the tool needs to be pressed really hard in order to rotate.

Despite us using this tool multiple times, the motion did not become swift and neither did the effort/pressure lessen. Apart from that, the ring keeps becoming loose and requires a lot of adjusting.

The Verdict?

Although this has very limited usability, for someone who needs thinly sliced nuts everyday/regularly – this tool can prove to be useful. But if you require thinly sliced nuts occasionally, we would say not to purchase this as the motion isn’t smooth and effortless. There are better tools available meant for this specific purpose in the market.

Note – Slicing nuts with utmost thinness using a knife is a tedious and time-consuming task. In fact it may cause thumb cuts too. Such a tool (not this design in particular) helps prevent it when you are doing this job in bulk. 

the box packaging of this dry fruit cutter
The box packaging of this Dry Fruit Slicer.
close look at the overall design of this dry fruit cutter
The overall design of this Dry Fruit Slicer.
the dry sliced using this dry fruit cutter
The sliced and cut dry fruits using this dry fruit cutter tool.
Design - 3/5
Utility - 3/5
  • The stainless steel blades are sharp. 
  • It is lightweight and compact. 
  • Maintenance is pretty hassle-free. 
  • Slices the nuts thinly. 
  • The functioning of this tool requires a lot of effort. 
  • The motion is not smooth. 
  • This has a very limited usage.

Slicing nuts regularly? A tool like this could be a decent addition. But there are better designs with a more swift motion available in the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Dry Fruit Grinder

There is nothing mentioned about this on the pack. But as per our knowledge, this dry fruit slicer is not dishwasher safe.

After reviewing this tool, we conclude that the functioning requires effort and is not smooth as we expected it to be. The usability is also limited.

Yes. The cleaning and maintenance of this dry fruit cutter is easy and requires no extra effort.

No. This dry fruit cutter is only meant for cutting and slicing dry fruits. Although its page online mentions that this can be used to grate chocolate and butter, we feel it would be so much harder to clean.

This dry fruit grinder is equipped with stainless steel blades.

Add To Cart Or Pass?

Do we recommend buying this tool? After testing it in the review lab using multiple types of nuts, we conclude that this is an average tool with limited usability. Yes, the blades are sharp and the end result is a batch of thinly sliced nuts but the motion is not smooth and requires a lot of pressure to rotate this. Only and only if you slice small batches of nuts on a regular basis will you find this tool to be of some help. 

Have you come across any interesting kitchen tools recently? Let us know your finds here.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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