Mother Dairy Blueberry Fruit Yoghurt Review
Mother dairy blueberry fruit yoghurt review

Mother Dairy Blueberry Fruit Yoghurt Review

A fan of blueberry flavor? Then you must check out Mother Dairy’s Blueberry Fruit Yoghurt. Read on to know more.

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A cup of chilled, sweet, fruity yogurt on a hot summer day acts as the perfect on-the-go snack. There are so many vibrant colored, delicious fruit-based yogurts in the market with flavors like raspberry, blueberry, mango, and strawberry, that it can get hard to choose from! At Mishry, we try to bring as many honest, unbiased reviews to help you choose better. We reviewed Mother Dairy Blueberry Fruit Yoghurt for its taste, consistency, and texture. Did it do well? Read on.

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Watch – Mother Dairy Blueberry Fruit Yoghurt Review

As we all work from home, Team Mishry is reviewing products on video calls during the pandemic. Watch our review of the Mother Dairy Blueberry Fruit Yoghurt.

What You Need To Know About Mother Dairy Blueberry Fruit Yoghurt

*As per information on the pack

  • The shelf life is 15 days.
  • Contains preservatives.
  • A 100-gram cup of this yogurt provides 136 calories.
  • Contains milk solids, preservatives, blueberry fruit preparation (4%)
mother dairy blueberry fruit yoghurt
Mother Dairy Blueberry Fruit Yoghurt

Mother Dairy’s Blueberry Fruit Yoghurt has a creamy consistency. There are little specs of blueberry pulp added to the yogurt that add to the flavor and texture.

MRP – Rs 30/-*

Net weight – 100 grams

*Price at the time of review

#FirstImpression Of Mother Dairy Blueberry Fruit Yoghurt

1. Price and packaging 

A 100-gram pack of Mother Dairy Blueberry Fruit Yoghurt is priced modestly at Rs 30/-. The pack is an attractive lavender color. Upon opening the pack, you get a strong whiff of blueberries.

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2. Texture and color 

The texture of the Mother Dairy Blueberry Fruit Yoghurt is creamy and thick. It’s not watery or thin and you can see tiny little specks of blueberry fruit as you eat it. The lavender-ash grey color however can be a little unappetizing for some.

tasting mother dairy blueberry fruit yogurt
Mother Dairy Blueberry Fruit Yoghurt Review: We liked the pricing and flavor of this blueberry flavored yogurt.

3. Taste

Blueberries are an expensive fruit to buy in India and if you are a fan of the blueberry flavor, the Mother Dairy Blueberry Fruit Yoghurt aces that. The sweetness and fruit content is very well balanced and does not overpower the ‘dahi’ flavor.


If you enjoy eating curd and would like some variety, Mother Dairy Blueberry Fruit Yoghurt is a good option. Due to the presence of preservatives, we wouldn’t recommend eating this daily.

But, every now and then when you would like to enjoy a blueberry flavored yogurt which is also pocket friendly, go ahead with this one.

Mishry Rating (0-5) 

Mother Dairy Blueberry Fruit Yoghurt gets 3.5 Mishrys from us.

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