Everything You Need To Know About The Dark Chocolate Brands In India

Everything You Need To Know About The Dark Chocolate Brands In India

Are you gathering information about the dark chocolate brands in India? This article gives you detailed information about the Indian dark chocolate brands.

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Chocolate is one of the favorite dessert elements all across the world. From children to the elderly, every single person loves chocolate like no other thing. This is why the top brands of this sweetener have come up with new flavors infused within this delicious cocoa extract. However, the most prominent flavor is dark chocolate. There are numerous dark chocolate brands in India which have topped the market with their rich cocoa flavors in the chocolate bars.

However, before we start our discussion regarding the dark chocolate brands available in India, we need to discuss certain other factors to ensure that your knowledge about this particular chocolate variety is on the top. So, without making any more delay, let’s get started.


What Is Dark Chocolate And How It Is Made?

Some people think that dark chocolate is called so because it’s darker in color than other flavored chocolates. However, in reality, there is another explanation for why we call this flavor dark chocolate.

This particular chocolate type is manufactured from rich cocoa beans, a little sugar, an emulsifier, and vanilla pods. No kind of milk solid is added to this chocolate at the time of preparation. As a result, the cocoa powder is concentrated with little sugar, giving the flavor a bitter chocolate taste.

Dark Chocolate is made up of cocoa powder is concentrated with little sugar, giving the flavor a bitter chocolate taste.

Most of the dark chocolate brands in India make sure to use bright red berries for obtaining cocoa because of the high-quality nature of the berries.


What Are Top Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate India?

The next thing we will discuss in brief is the health benefits of dark chocolate brands in India. Let’s have a look!

Rich in different nutrients

One of the major health benefits of dark chocolate is its nutrients. Dark chocolate has a vast reserve of essential vitamins and minerals, like magnesium, fiber, iron, copper, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, and selenium.

Rich in antioxidants

The cocoa berries are loaded with different kinds of bioactive compounds, especially the antioxidants. Since in dark chocolate, the cocoa berries are not processed, all these bioactive compounds are concentrated to an extent where your body will receive almost ninety percent of these active compounds.

Promotes the amount of HDL in the blood

HDL cholesterol is more beneficial than LDL cholesterol. However, most of the time, the foods that you eat suppress the HDL amount and increase the LDL level. But the Indian dark chocolate works differently it raises the level of HDL in the blood.

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Cocoa present in Dark Chocolate is very beneficial to health.

Reduces the cardiac risks

It is said that having dark chocolate will reduce the chances of heart diseases like heart attacks, high blood pressure, blockages in the arteries and veins, and so on.

Improves the functioning of the brain

Surveys have proven that most of the dark chocolate brands in India help in increasing the brain’s power and your concentration power also.

Boosts mental health

It is said that the richness of the cocoa berries found in the dark chocolate will help you reduce depression levels and uplift your mood.

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What Are the Top Dark Chocolate Brands in India That You Must Try?

Now, it’s time to focus on the leading cause of today’s discussion about the dark chocolate brands in India. There are numerous large to small chocolate companies that have included the dark chocolate flavor in their list. However, today we are going to discuss the top and the perfect brands in India:


  1. Amul 

Amul is undoubtedly one of the topmost dark chocolate brands in India. This particular brand has become quite famous with its new collection of rich flavored chocolates, be it milk chocolate or bitter dark chocolate. The concentration of the cocoa berry extract in this particular chocolate type is around fifty-five percent- a perfect combination, which neither is too sweet nor too bitter.

Butter is one of the main ingredient pieces, which makes the chocolate taste smoother and silkier.

Amul Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate

There are four different varieties of dark chocolate, each having varying cocoa concentrations, starting from fifty-five percent.


  • Amul dark chocolate has 55% percent of the cocoa concentration with butter and around thirty percent sugar powder mixed in it.
  • Amul bitter 90% chocolate has ninety percent cocoa extract with almost no added sugar and milk.
  • Amul 90% cacao chocolate is filled with complete cocoa powder, and it is the bitterest variety of Amul’s chocolate. Also, it doesn’t contain any kind of sugar.


  1. Kitkat

Well, Kitkat has always been one of the most favorite chocolate brands in the country. Nestle is a well-known chocolate-producing company in India. It first launched the regular milk chocolate bar, which had a crunching wafer sitting in the middle. The same thing you will be able to see in this 100 dark chocolate in India.

The wafer is baked at a high temperature, which adds to the crunchy taste of the same. Once baked, they are dipped into liquid dark chocolate and then left for hardening.

KitKat Dark Chocolate with 70% Cocoa concentration.


  • Raw, unprocessed cocoa extract is used in manufacturing where the extract is concentrated up to seventy percent, which makes it a little bitter than the normal milk chocolates and the bitter chocolates.
  • Buttermilk is used to temper the dark chocolate, which gives the Kitkat bar its smooth nature.
  • Because of the richness of the taste and the low price, it has become one of India’s best dark chocolate brands.
  1. Toblerone 

Swiss chocolates have always been on the rise which is why Toblerone has become one of the best dark chocolate brands in India and other countries. The chocolates of this US confectionery company are known for their peculiar shape, where a train of triangular peaks sits on a chocolate base.

A train of triangular peaks sits on a chocolate base of Toblerone Dark Chocolate.

These triangular peaks have downward slopes reaching the base, thereby making it possible for you to break the bar into small pieces. 

  • This is perhaps one of the sweetest versions of dark chocolate, where you will get a burst of sweetness right when you put a dark chocolate triangle in your mouth.
  • The cocoa extract used in the making of this chocolate is of high quality. The berries are cultivated right when they are bright red and juicy, which intensifies the taste of dark chocolate.
  • Honey, milk, and almonds are the side ingredients that are used along with cocoa in this chocolate bar. Almonds add crunchiness while honey adds a smooth taste to the chocolate. The sweetness of the product is because of the incorporation of milk in it.

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  1. Godiva

Even though it is a US chocolate confectionery brand, it is one of India’s most famous dark chocolate brands. Here, the dark chocolate bar is prepared from the rich cocoa extract obtained from bright red and juicy cherries. The extract is added without any processing, and then it is concentrated till seventy-two percent.

The smoothness of the choco bar is because of the buttermilk added to the chocolate melt at the time of preparation. There is a burst of flavors that you will certainly enjoy the moment you will put one bite of the bar in your mouth. The cocoa is quite intense, but not too bitter about blocking your senses for a couple of moments.

Cocoa butter is also an active ingredient added to increase the delicacy of this dark chocolate India.

  1. Mason & Co.

This is one of India’s best native dark chocolate brands that you have to try on a must basis. The best part of their chocolates is that the beans are directly processed into chocolate bars without any intermediate step. Also, these cocoa beans are collected from certified organic farms, and as a result, the vibrant intensity of the chocolate bar can be felt the moment you will take the first bite.

There are multiple varieties of dark chocolates that you can have from Mason & Co. 

Bean to Bar – Vegan Dark Chocolate
  • 85% intense dark chocolate bar
  • 75% peppermint and sweet nibs dark chocolate bar
  • 75% bittersweet dark chocolate bar
  • 75% zesty orange, dark chocolate bar
  • 70% rosemary and sea salt dark chocolate bar
  • 70% sourdough and sea salt dark chocolate bar
  • 70% chili and a cinnamon dark chocolate bar
  • 70% black sesame and raisin dark chocolate bar
  • 70% sea salt dark chocolate bar
  • 70% cacao chip dark chocolate bar
  • 65% espresso dark chocolate bar
  • 49% crunchy peanut butter dark chocolate bar
  • 55% coconut milk, dark chocolate bar

Because of all these flavors, this is one of India’s best dark chocolate brands that you have to try. If you want to get a mixed taste of different ingredients other than the original cocoa, you can try their flavored bars and enjoy the smoothness of the confectionary item.


  1. Cadbury Bournville

Cadbury Bournville has a long history, which has made the brand one of the most considered ones in the entire world, along with India. It is said that the Bournville chocolates were explicitly made for providing the rich taste of the cocoa extracts along with the smoothness of the bar.

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If you are looking for one of the tastiest and delicious dark chocolate brands in India, you should try the Bournville chocolates. 


  • There are four main varieties of Bournville’s dark chocolates: Raisins and nuts, dark chocolate, Cranberry dark chocolate bar, Rich cocoa dark chocolate bar, and the rich cocoa bar.
  • The addition of cocoa butter and emulsifiers makes the chocolate bars smooth and soft, which will melt in your mouth when you take a bite.
  • The different flavors of the chocolate bars make them more tantalizing. For example, Cranberry dark chocolate has a slight tanginess to it, thanks to the berry which complements the bitter nature of the cocoa extract concentration.
  • These chocolates are fully loaded with high nutritional content, thereby making them one of the best dark chocolates in India.


  1. Lindt Excellence

Excellence collection is the entire world of dark chocolate bars, each of them having different flavors and varying intensity of cocoa concentration. This is why Lindt is one of the well-known dark chocolate brands in India.

Here is a brief description of the top scaled dark chocolate flavors that you can have from Lindt’s Excellence collection:


  • Excellence Cocoa 99% is the best dark chocolate type prepared by Lindt. Only true cocoa extract is used to make the chocolate bars without adding any kind of extra flavors. Buttermilk and soya milk are used for increasing the smoothness and softness of the choco bar.
  • The tangy flavor of the lime zest, when mixed with the bitter extracts of the cocoa beans, truly makes a wonderful creation. The freshness of the lime helps your mind go into a relaxed mode while the richness of dark chocolate will transfer you to another world.
  • Another amazing flavored dark chocolate that Lindt has come up with is the Excellence Pink Grapefruit. The grapefruits have a combination of sweetness and tanginess, enhancing the intense flavor of the dark chocolate.
  • Lindt is one of the healthy dark chocolate brands in India which produces different flavored choco bars, starting from lemon flavored to coconut flavors.


  1. Hershey

Hershey is one of the most popular chocolates producing houses in the entire world. Having its headquarters in the small town of Pennsylvania, the company has spread its business across the globe. And truth be told, India is undoubtedly one of its biggest market platforms.

Once you taste its chocolate bars, you will be blown away instantly with the richness of the flavors and the smoothness of the choco bars.

dark chocolate brands
Dark Chocolate Bar by Hershey’s, the leading dark chocolate bar brand.

Since its recent additions, Hershey has become one of the best dark chocolate brands in India. 


  • Its special dark chocolate has a cocoa concentration of 45%, which makes the chocolate neither too sweet like the milk chocolates nor too bitter like the cocoa berries.
  • The entire chocolate is vegan, and hence it has been marked as a healthy dietary addition by FDA.
  • It is sugar-free since no extra sugar powder or sugar cubes are added at the time of manufacturing. This is why it’s perfect for people who are suffering from Diabetes problems.
  • Buttermilk is used to add a creamy softness to the chocolate, which further makes it delicious for pampering your taste buds.


  1. Chocholik Belgium

Since the premium quality Belgium chocolate is used for the manufacturing of dark chocolate, you can understand that the quality statement of this chocolate brand cannot be compromised.

There are multiple varieties of dark chocolates that you can find from Chocholik. 

dark chocolate brands
Apricot Almond Bar Dark Chocolate by Chocholik Belgium Chocolates


  • Dark chocolate has a seventy percent concentration of cocoa extract, which gives the choco bar its intense cocoa flavor.
  • Around five different types of dark chocolate flavors are there for Chocholik Belgium chocolates: Dark 70% cranberry bar, dark 70% intense bar, dark almond bar with sea salt, dark chocolate toffee crunch bar, dark hazelnut bar, dark mint intense bar, and dark orange intense bar.
  • Each of these flavors is chosen in a way where they will produce a distinct taste without suppressing the rich, bitter taste of the dark cocoa bar.


  1. Nestle Alpino

Alpino is one of the many brands of Nestle. Since its conception, this particular confectionery brand has always come up with new but amazing varieties of chocolates having different flavors.

However, today we will be talking about Alpino’s best dark chocolate in India. 


  • The chocolate has a cocoa concentration of seventy-one percent, which makes the bar a little bitter than the other Alpino’s choco flavors.
  • A little bit of sugar is added to cut off the bitter taste of the unprocessed cocoa solids. However, the sugar content is kept to the minimum where you won’t taste the sweetness of the ingredient.
  • Cocoa butter is added to the chocolate, which makes it smooth and light. The butter adds softness to the chocolate bars, making it one of the delicious dark chocolate brands in India.


  1. Lindberg

Another famous dark chocolate available in India comes from Lindberg, one of India’s popular confection companies. There are multiple varieties of dark chocolate that Lindberg has introduced. With varying flavors and the rich, intense cocoa extract, these chocolates are said to be a premium dessert collection for any occasion or purpose.

dark chocolate brands
Lindberg Dark Chocolate with Raisins

Here are some of the most popular dark chocolate flavors from the Lindberg:


  • Chilli Pure Belgian Dark chocolate
  • Lindberg dark chocolate with cranberries bar
  • Lindberg Apricot- pure Belgian dark chocolate
  • Lindberg Orange- pure Belgian dark chocolate
  • Lindberg Raisin- pure Belgian dark chocolate
  • Lindberg No added sugar- pure Belgian dark chocolate


  1. Rage Dark chocolate

Rage is an Indian chocolate company that has become quite popular for its premium quality chocolate bars. They use only organic cocoa berries for the production of dark chocolate with no kind of processing. This intensifies the cocoa content in the chocolate to a great level.

It is because of the smoothness and soft creamy texture of the chocolate that Rage has become one of the popular dark chocolate names in India.


How to Choose The Perfect Dark Chocolate Brands From The List?

Our last mode of discussion will be a brief buying guide that will help you choose the best name from the list of all dark chocolate brands in India.


Cocoa concentration

Well, the minimum concentration of cocoa in any dark chocolate is around seventy percent. However, if you look carefully, you will realize that the total concentration of the cocoa powder and extract varies from one dark chocolate in India to the other. So, while choosing the best brand, you need to know the cocoa concentration you want to taste.

If you don’t like the bitterness, you should go with a brand having less cocoa concentration. If you find that bitter taste to be tantalizing, you can choose a bar having more than eighty percent of cocoa.

Choose an organic brand

Even though most of the dark chocolate brands in India are organic, some brands produce genetically engineered chocolates. So, the best choice will be to go for an organic chocolate brand.

The purity of the cocoa beans

While you choose the best chocolate brand in India, you have to make sure that your chosen brand uses pure cocoa beans and extract for manufacturing the chocolate bars.

Cocoa-powder-for-weight-loss, dark chocolate brands
Cocoa powder is made from the best quality of Cocoa Beans for keeping the freshness and bitterness of Dark Chocolate.

Lower sugar concentration

When chocolate bars are manufactured, sugar powder is mixed with cutting down the berries’ bitterness. This is why you will find most of the chocolate flavors being sweet and delicious.

However, in the case of dark chocolate, little to no sugar is mixed in the cocoa extracts.

This is done to ensure that on the first bite only, you will be able to experience that blasting taste of the cocoa extracts without any other flavor.


As you have seen from the above discussions, companies like Lindberg, Amul, Lindt, and Bournville have introduced many flavored dark chocolates. So, you will have to decide which particular flavor of Indian dark chocolate you want to try.



Here, we have presented an entire list of dark chocolates in India that are well known for their quality and flavors. You need to decide which chocolate brand you will try first. Before you buy, make sure you do like to revel in the bitter and rich taste of the cocoa extract.

This is because unless you actually like the flavor, you will never be able to enjoy the deliciousness of the confectionary item, no matter which brand you choose.

If you want to taste some additional flavors, you can go for dark cranberry chocolates or the bars having lemon and orange zest in them.


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