3 Days, 2 Methods, And 1 Crunchy Winner!

3 Days, 2 Methods, And 1 Crunchy Winner!

Crunch and deliciousness in every bite, these frozen French fries are easy to prepare but hard to share.

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

During an intense cricket match or a romantic movie, a plate of french fries helps you deal with the stress, tears, joys, and whatnot. Washing, peeling, and chopping the potatoes into perfect slices can take hours. And bam! Once served, the fries disappear in the blink of an eye. We have a trick for a shorter prep time and more time for relishing!

Frozen French Fries! These take minimal time to cook and do not require thawing or boiling before frying them. Perfect seasoning and the perfect crunch, ITC Master Chef Crispy French Fries are exceptional.

Team Mishry chose those frozen fries that are available online and offline, in stores too. The selected brands had the standard fry shape and no additional seasonings or masala. Unlike its contenders, ITC Master Chef Crispy French Fries were consistent in size and shape. What made us gobble large batches was the crunch these fries had!


itc master chef frozen fries

The ITC Master Chef Crispy French Fries were the tastiest and crispiest frozen fries amongst all the brands.

  • ITC Master Chef Crispy French Fries are sold at ₹95 for a half kg pack.
  • We inspected the fries raw and used two cooking methods.
  • Standard frozen fries were selected (no twists or shapes).
  • The length of the fries is consistent throughout.
  • These are lightly seasoned and the salt isn’t overpowering.
  • ITC Master Chef Crispy French Fries cook the quickest! Love this!

How did the ITC Master Chef Crispy French Fries fair in our review?

We sampled frozen French fries from leading brands like McCain, ITC, and Safal. After two distinguished frying methods, we announced the winner without any doubts. Not just the crunch, ITC Master Chef Crispy French Fries took the least time to cook to a beautiful golden brown. Since these fries are chopped identically, they are cooked evenly. Each fry was equally crunchy. As part of Mishry’s secret sauce, we air-fried these fries. To our surprise, the ITC Master Chef Crispy French Fries cooked pretty quickly. The fries were browned to perfection and had the crispiest crunch.

We reviewed three brands of Frozen French Fries, and the winner is…

Three days, three packs of frozen fries, and countless smiles! We started by checking the appearance of these frozen fries raw, straight from the freezer. All three brands showed consistency in size; however, ITC french fries looked virtually identical to one another.

For the actual taste test, we fried a batch of these frozen fries using sunflower oil. Crispy French Fries by ITC Master Chef took comparatively lesser time to get crunchy than the two competitors. We noticed an evenness in color and crunch. For the finale, we used an air fryer to test the quality. Before tossing them in the fryer, we lightly brushed the raw fries with some vegetable oil. Keeping an eye on the clock, we noticed ITC Master Chef took 15 minutes whereas, the competitors took another 10 minutes to cook to perfection.

Unlike other brands, ITC Master Chef Crispy French Fries has nailed the balance between potato and salt.

There you go! The crunchiest and tastiest frozen fries are by ITC. Based on the taste test conducted by Team Mishry, ITC Master Chef Crispy French Fries have the upper hand against the other contenders.

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If you’re looking for some instant and perfectly crunchy yumminess, grab a pack of these frozen fries. Oh, and don’t forget to let us know if you served these with a burger or relished them with ketchup!

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