11 Best Electric Citrus Juicers in India to Buy
best citrus juicers in India

Top 11 Electric Citrus Juicer in India: Know Which is Best for You? (2024)

If you are planning to buy the best citrus juicer, this article is for you. We have listed the best juicer machines to help you choose a juicer as per your requirements.

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Who doesn’t love a nice glass of cool and refreshing lemonade, lemon, lime, or orange juice that’s freshly squeezed! After all, it ‘hits the spot,’ especially on those hot and sultry summer days. Well, you need a good citrus juicer if you want to make delicious juice. You will learn more about the best citrus juicer in India by reading further.


lemon squeezer
A kitchen tool that extracts juice from citrus fruits and vegetables by shredding the flesh of the food item.


Top 11 Electric Citrus Juicer in India

Good quality citrus juicers squeeze almost all of the juice out of citrus fruits. This makes for gourmet and fresh-tasting drinks. If you are looking for the best citrus juicer, a few of India’s best citrus juicers are talked about in more detail below:


1. Kuvings Professional (B1700) 

What makes this a top-notch citrus fruit juicer is its design, which is supplemented by its engineering. Unlike most juicers, the Kuvings Professional doesn’t just squeeze the juice out of a lemon or orange half; it pulverizes the juice out of them. The Kuvings Professional actually ‘chews’ the citrus fruit halves up while ensuring that no rind pieces end up in the juice.

The orange or lemon juice that you do drink will be tasty and nutritious. You will enjoy drinking juice from this juicer.


electric citrus juicer
Citrus juicers range from simple hand tools to automated and electric models that juice a larger quantity of fruits and vegetables.


But there are other features that you’ll love about this orange juicer electric:


  • Motor is powerful. The motor operates at 240 watts of electricity. It’s also silent, so you won’t even know it’s juicing your citrus fruits.
  • It uses patented JCMS technology. This increases output by up to 10% in comparison to other traditional and or conventional hand juicers. This hand juice machine has a strainer that will ‘trap’ all particles. This will allow you to sip nothing but sweet and delicious citrus juice. You can easily clean the strainer with its patented cleaning tool. They ensures that the juicer yields a larger quantity of better quality juice.
  • Comes with a unique green cleaning tool that makes cleaning it a simple and quick job.
  • Uses innovative cold press technology. The many compartments and containers that store squeezed and mashed foodstuffs make this possible.
  • Safety comes first with this orange juice maker. Its safety lock mechanism assures this. This ‘locks’ the lid on firmly. It only releases when the entire fruit is thoroughly juiced. You can easily clean this using a regular bottle brush.
  • It is made of high-quality plastic and stainless steel.



  • It retains the juice’s natural nutritional content and value. Other traditional juicers leach out at least half of the nutritional content in the citrus fruit pulp.
  • The Kuvings Professional can do more than juice citrus fruits. It can milk nuts and dates. You’ll find that juicing other fruits and vegetables is a simple breeze.
  • Its innovative design will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your kitchen.
  • This electric orange juicer is made entirely from BPA plastic. This will ease your mind because you don’t have to worry about potentially harmful chemicals leaching into your juices.
  • You can easily blend lemon and orange juice because this citrus press juicer has a cap that prevents spills and drips. You can rest assured that every drop of the fresh orange juice that you have just juiced will end up in your cup and not on the countertop.

It sells for INR 17,900. You can buy this orange juicer online as well.

2. Prestige PCJ 7.0  500 watt centrifugal juicer

What makes this one of the best citrus juicers in India is its ability to maximize juice content and minimize pulp content. Many conventional juicers yield very little citrus juice. Additionally, they leave a lot of pulp in the squeezed juice. You have to use a strainer to separate the pulp from the juice. Well, the Prestige PCJ 7.0 500 watts centrifugal juicer eliminates this problem.

prestige pcj 7.0 500 watt centrifugal juicer
prestige pcj 7.0 500 watt centrifugal juicer


But there are other reasons why Indians love this amazing citrus juicer:


  • A safety-lock mechanism that releases only when it has finished its juicing job. Incidentally, this best citrus juicer won’t work unless and until the safety lock mechanism is properly secured.
  • Is compact. This is wonderful for most Indian kitchens which are very small in size.
  • This juicer has a chic and modern design which will add an element of contemporary beauty to any Indian kitchen no matter how dull and boring it may be.
  • Its blades are made from 18/8 grade stainless steel and are very sharp. They are powerful and can easily juice entire fruits, rind and all. The blades are durable and will last for several years because they don’t chip, rust, or corrode easily.
  • Its rotary switch adds an extra layer of protection. It will turn on if the juicer is not locked properly. You’ll love the fact that this juicer is easy to clean.



  • It’s great for mashing and crushing all types of fruits and vegetables.
  • Its large storage unit makes it great for juicing many different types of fruits simultaneously. This juicer can also store a large volume of liquid.
  • You’ll have very few spills when pouring juice out of the juicer into a cup. The extra-large mouth, advanced design sieve, and anti-drip feature guarantee this.
  • You’ll love its base which has anti-skid feet. These secure the juicer to your countertop and make it easier for you to juice fruits and vegetables.

All you need to do is wipe it down with a damp dishtowel. It is available at an amazingly low price of INR 3,154.


3. Philips Viva Collection HR=1863/20

What makes this the best citrus juicer in India is its innovative technology. For example, it uses Quick Clean, which combines the best and latest in technology with design. Quick Clean features a slippery, polished sieve which can be cleaned with a damp cloth in a few seconds with smooth surfaces. This is all integrated into a removable pulp container.


squeezed fresh lemon juice
If you are using a citrus juicer, there is no need to peel your oranges before juicing them.


But there are other key features that you’ll love about this citrus juicer electric:


  • It has a transparent lid and pulp receptacle.
  • Comes with a strong motor, which can juice multiple fruits and vegetables at once, grind and all.
  •  You’ll love its round design and smooth and sleek black surfaces. This adds an element of elegance to your kitchen and makes cleaning it quick and easy.



  • It’s easy to juice fruits and vegetables that are very hard or impossible to juice with a traditional juicer. Good examples are spinach and kale.
  • Extremely sharp blades ensure that fruits and vegetables are chopped up thoroughly. This makes mashing and juicing them easy.
  • Philips Viva comes with an extra-large feeding tube. This makes it easy to juice hard fruits and vegetables like carrots and apples.

You can buy this juicer for INR 7,399.

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4. Sujata Powermatic Plus 

It comes with a 900-watt motor. This gives it amazing power and the ability to grind many hard whole fruits and vegetables simultaneously with ease. What you’ll love about this electric citrus juicer is the speed at which it can juice even the hardest to juice fruits and vegetables. The blades move at 2200 rpm. This gives it the ability to juice fruits and vegetables in less than thirty seconds.

sujata powermatic juicer
Sujata Powermatic Juicer

Other great features that you’ll love about this best citrus juicer are:


  • Honeycomb mesh filter that traps even the smallest pieces of pulp. This results in more juice for you to drink. Additionally, you’ll be drinking nothing but wholesome and delicious juice.
  • A one-year warranty
  • The motor is powerful, but it retains the nutritional content and flavor/aroma of the juice.
  • Its curved design and transparent and white color combinations do more than just look like a work of art in your kitchen and beautify it. It makes cleaning the set quick and easy.
  • It has a separate container that will store pulp and food waste once the fruits and vegetables are completely juiced. The Sujata Powermatic plus is a three-piece set. It comes with a blender, a juicer, and a food processor. You’ll be able to blend, liquefy, pulse food quickly and easily.



  • It has an on and off switch, which allows you to alternate between speeds instantly. This electric juicer operates at two speeds. Now, you can make delicious dishes and juices within a few minutes.
  • It can run for 90 minutes straight.
  • The jar is see-through. It’s also strong and tough to break.


Its affordable price of INR 5,365 is also what makes it India’s best citrus juicer.


5. Havells Nutri Art Slow juicer 200 Watts

You will love this amazing best electric juicer in India because it can maximize juice yield. The juicer also operates with extremely little noise. It has a strong 200-watt motor that can ‘pulverize’ and juice hard fruits and vegetables easily and quickly. The fact that it works equally well on soft fruits and vegetables makes it the best citrus juicer in India because it widens your fruit and vegetable juice options.

havells nutri art slow juicer 200 watts
havells nutri art slow juicer 200 watts

But there are other features that you’ll love:


  • Uses only 150 watts of electricity when it juices. This makes it very energy efficient. You’ll notice the difference in your monthly energy bills.
  • Its sleek design combines the best in high-quality, ABS BPA free plastic with 18/8 grade stainless steel. This makes using the juicer intuitive, easy, and quick.
  • A wide feeding chute lets you put entire hard fruits and vegetables in the juicer. You then press on the handle and wait for the juice to flow out.
  • It has a ceramic auger that will last and won’t chip, crack, or break easily.
  • The juicer comes with a two-year warranty.

This juicer sells for INR 13,400 putting it in the middle of the spectrum in terms of price and affordability.

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6. Philips Viva Collection HR1832/00 

What makes this the citrus juicer one of the best hand juicer in India is its high power motor, which runs at 400 watts. The juicer has a storage capacity of up to 1.5 liters. It comes with a transparent pulp container and transparent crusher, which stores pulp for convenient dumping and clean up. You’ll also be able to see the slicing and crushing blades and equipment in motion.


manual citrus juicer
Water adds absolutely nothing to your juice recipes and should only come into contact with your juicer when you’re cleaning it.


But there are other wonderful features about this juicer:


  • Curved shape and transparent and black colors make it a real beauty in the kitchen. The shape makes cleaning the entire juicer in less than a minute possible.
  • It’s energy-efficient, and this is part of what makes it one of the most popular citrus juicers electric in India. Indeed, you’ll be smiling at your dramatically lower energy bills within one month.
  • It features a stainless steel tap that allows you to quickly and easily pour juice into a glass or container without any dripping or spilling. The drip stop seals the tap until you turn it to prevent accidental juice drips.



  • Larger storage capacity makes it the ideal electric juicer for households with five or more people.
  • It is made of BPA-free ABS plastic. This makes it safe – now, you don’t have to worry about harmful and invisible chemicals from the plastic leaching into your juices.
  • You can use this juicer on any fruit and vegetable imaginable.

The Philips Viva Collection HR1832/00 sells for INR 7240, making it very affordable.

7. Sujata Powermatic PM 900 watt juicer 

You’ll instantly fall in love with its strong motor which operates on an amazing 900 watts of electricity. This juicer is energy-efficient, and this translates into lower energy bills for you. There is one drawback, the juicer can’t even store 1 liter of juice at a time. You’ll be emptying the container often.

sujata juicer
sujata juicer

However, other great features that make this India’s best citrus juicer:


  • 2-year warranty that covers parts, manufacturing defects, and repairs
  • A honeycomb mesh filter that traps all pulp and waste and redirects it to a container. This container is easy to dump and clean.
  • It can run for up to an hour and a half at a time. This is part of the reason why Indians consider it to be the best citrus juicer in India.
  • Its design makes it safe to use. Also, it is impossible to get shocked when using it.
  • You don’t have to clean this juicer often.



  • The Sujata Powermatic PM 900 watt juicer receives many five-star reviews from customers.
  • You will notice that it operates on two-speed settings, which can be changed at the press of a button. The caches allow you to control the frequency and flow of juice.

This is the reason for its superior performance combined with the amazingly low price of INR 5,099.


8. Panasonic MJ-L500 

This is a unique best electric juicer in India for citrus fruits with an innovative design. It juices fruits and vegetables a little slower than other orange juicers India, but the result is much purer and delicious juice and much less pulp and other food waste.

panasonic juicer
panasonic juicer

Some other features that are worth a mention include:


  • The ability to retain almost all nutrients and minerals from fruits and vegetables
  • It works well with hard fruits and vegetables, and all types of nuts.
  • This juicer makes more than orange, fruit, and vegetable juice. It’s equally capable of making delicious and quality milk, sauces, and marinades.
  • It crushes and pulverizes foods slowly. This retains their color and integrity in the juice.
  • Other features you will enjoy are a 65 rpm motor that slowly juices and pulverizes various foods. The result is a higher quality juice or sauce that is simply delectable.


  • It operates silently. This means that you won’t notice it juicing in the kitchen while you’re working. Thus, it is the best citrus juicer you can have.
  • The juicer is easy to clean; all you have to do is wipe it down with a damp and clean washcloth or dish towel.
  • Interestingly enough, you can juice different types of fruits, vegetables, and other foods at the same time. You will be drinking juice that has little to no froth (froth in juice is a common result of juicing.)
  • You can pulverize other foods like wheatgrass, aloe, and okra. You’ll end up with nutritious and delicious juice.

You can buy this juicer for INR 16999. Therefore, it’s at the very high of the spectrum for electric juicer prices.


9. Bajaj JEX 16 800-watt juicer 

Its powerful motor may use 800 watts of electricity, but it does so while using as little energy as possible. You’ll have much lower energy bills at the end of each month if you juice fruits and vegetables often. It can juice at two speeds, which can be interchanged with ease. This allows you to juice both hard and soft fruits and vegetables at the same time.

bajaj juicer
bajaj juicer

But, the best citrus juicer from bajaj has other features:


  • 2-year product and repair warranty,
  • An 18/8 grade stainless steel mesh to trap all pulp and food waste to maximize juice yield
  • Double locking system that `makes the juicer extremely safe to use.
  • The mesh, cutter, and grater are easy to remove and clean. All three can be cleaned with a few wipes of a damp dishtowel or washcloth.
  • It comes with many parts. These include a juice extractor, a pulp container, a juice container, a mechanism to push the pulp and food waste into the container, a warranty card, and most importantly, the instructions manual.


What makes it the best citrus juicer in India is its ability to hold up to 2 liters of liquid. Its strong motor uses only 700 watts of power, making it extremely energy efficient. This juicer is easy to clean because it uses Quick Clean technology. This means that the juicer largely cleans itself with minimal effort from you.

philips juicer
philips juicer

But it has other features that you can’t do without:


  • The pulp is directed to a single container. This makes for easy disposal and cleaning for you.
  • A transparent pulp container will let you know when it’s time to dispose of the pulp.
  • It has a sleek look that will add instant beauty and sophistication to your kitchen.
  • It has a somewhat slippery interior and exterior. This makes for easy and quick cleaning with a damp washcloth or dish towel.
  • Its extra-large tube makes juicing multiple hard fruits at once an easy task.



  • It has a one-speed setting and is covered by a 2-year warranty.
  • You can easily clean it in your dishwasher if you want to.
  • You may be amazed to learn that it uses centrifugal force as part of its self-cleaning mechanism. This allows for more thorough cleaning after each use.
  • It’s easy to flush pulp and food waste out of the juicer. All you do is put in water into the pusher, and you’ll create a water fountain whose waves will travel to and thoroughly clean the deepest nooks and crannies in this juicer.


11. BTC Hand press juicer

This is, undoubtedly, the best hand juicer in India. It’s a cool combination of silver and black colors with a transparent juicing container. This juicer has a ‘new age’ look that will add an element of flair and sophistication to your kitchen. You’ll love its base. It’s made out of high-grade aluminum and has a mass that will ensure that it stays put on your kitchen countertop while you are juicing.


fresh orange juice in citrus juicer
Sweet oranges are good for both juice and eating fresh. Navel oranges are best eaten fresh.


But other great features that make this the best citrus juicer in India are:


  • This manual juicer machine can juice a wide variety of Indian and international fruits with simple pushes of the lever. The lever and blades chop and juice fruits and vegetables, as well as electric juicers do.
  • It has a Swiss-cheese holed reamer. It acts as a ‘sieve’ which filters the fruit or vegetable being juiced by separating the juice from the pulp. It then retains the pulp so that you can easily clean it up after you juice.
  • Its large rod moves up and down when you press on the lever. This creates the force that allows the juicer to cut, mash, squeeze, and pulverize fruits and vegetables to extract the greatest amount of juice possible from them.
  • It has an opening above the base. There is a platform on the base where you can put a cup, bowl, or other containers to catch the falling juice as it’s being produced.
  • Its long handle allows you to use force to push it up and down while you are juicing.


It’s a manual citrus juicer. This is the reason why it only sells for INR 1,890. You can buy a BTC hand press juicer online as well.

Types of Citrus Juicers in India

A juicer that can pulverize and juice all types of fruits, vegetables, and other foods is often expensive. Therefore, this section will guide you when you are ready to buy the best citrus juicer on the market. F

There are three categories for juicers: centrifugal, cold press, and twin gear juicers.


1. Centrifugal juicers

Centrifugal juicer is the most powerful commercial citrus juicer on the market. They operate using many watts of power, and they can cut, chop, grind, and mash fruits, foods, and vegetables at extremely high speeds quickly. The average motor in one of these juicers operates at 15,000 rpm. There is one disadvantage, though. They tend to leave many more nutrients in the pulp than cold press juicers.


Why and when should you buy a centrifugal juicer?

These are the juicers for you if you want a juicer that works quickly. You should also buy one of these juicers if you have don’t know which juicer would work best for you


When you don’t want to buy a centrifugal juicer

Don’t buy a centrifugal juicer if you want a silent juicer. Unlike their cold press counterparts, these juicers are very noisy. The motor is high-speed. This increases the chances of drinking juice that has lots of froth and or pulp in it. These juicers can’t juice some important foods like wheatgrass, spinach, kale, and other types of leafy vegetables. Therefore, this would NOT be the juicer for you if you love spinach and wheatgrass smoothies. Another reason not to buy the juicer is that these juicers have a much lower output.


2. Cold Press juicers

The cold press juicer ranks to be India’s best citrus juicer and for a good reason. These juicers juice fruits, vegetables, and a wide variety of foods in two stages. In the first stage, they grind and chop the food into small pieces. These pieces are crushed into a pulp in the second stage.

The average cold press juicer’s motor works at a speed that’s between 40 and 80 RPM. The results of a slower motor pay off. These juicers produce more juice with more nutrients.



detox water with lemon slice
Bottled lemon juice usually contains additives and preservatives compared to homemade ones.


3. Twin gear juicers


Many manufacturers refer to these juicers as triturating juicers. They do more than just chop and squeeze the juice out of fruits and vegetables. They maximize juice output by rubbing, pounding, crushing, and essentially pulverizing fruits. They can be used on any fruit, vegetable, or foodstuff imaginable. Interestingly enough, many triturating juicer manufacturers are making specialized juicers. For example, did you know that you can buy a Mosambi juicer or Mosambi juice maker in this category?


These triturating juicers do have their benefits and disadvantages. They take longer to juice because they are very thorough and careful to maximize nutrient content and juice yield. You may pay much more for these juicers, but there is an old saying, “you get what you pay for!” This is true with these juicers because they make juices and sauces that look amazing and taste delicious.


The juicers in these categories come in all different forms, shapes, and sizes. For example, you can buy an electric citrus juicer, hand fruit juicer, and manual citrus juicer in each category.

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Juicer Subcategories

All three types of juicers belong to the slow and fast juicer categories. There are different types of slow juicers. These are vertical cold press juicers and horizontal cold press juicers.


1. Vertical cold press juicers

These come in electric and manual versions. What you will love about the best hand juicer is its ingenious engineering and design. This makes them much smaller in size, and it makes them a perfect fit for the typical Indian kitchen, which is small in size. The hand press citrus juicer caps secure the juice containers. This feature makes mixing juices from different fruits and vegetables a simple and easy task.


2. Horizontal cold press juicers

You want these juicers if you regularly cook with spinach, kale, or other leafy vegetables. They come with attachments that make juicing these firm vegetables a quick and easy task. They also do more in terms of pulverizing vegetables and extracting juices. This ensures the largest juice output possible. Interestingly enough, you can use the attachments to make other dishes like sauces, pasta, and various nut butter.

However, there are many other reasons why you would want to use a horizontal cold press juicer. They don’t expose either the foods they are juicing or the resulting juice to air. You’ll be drinking pleasant tasting juice that is frothless, has more nutritional value and looks good. You can also store the juice in the refrigerator for up to three weeks, and it will retain its good looks, taste, and nutritional value.

They don’t produce heat when juicing. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about heat energy destroying the nutritional content and value of the food being juiced. You’ll get all of the pectin and other nutrients in the apple that you juice for your smoothie.


Citrus Juicer Buying Guide – Factors to Find the Best

Everyone has different needs, wants, and desires in terms of juicers and the juice that they produce. Therefore, there is no such thing as a standard juicer. The best citrus juicer comes in different designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. The number of people in your family also plays a big role in deciding the type of juicer that you need. If you have a larger family, you’ll need a bigger juicer with a stronger motor and more rpm.


1. Juice versus pulp ratio

When you juice an orange or other types of fruit, vegetable, or food you want to be drinking a lot of pure juice and not juice that’s mixed with pulp. It’s annoying to drink juice loaded with pulp. If you are one who hates to have pulp in your juice you should buy either a twin gear or a centrifugal juicer.


2. Pulp dumping ability

Make sure to buy a juicer with a mechanism that separates the pulp from the juice and then redirects all of the pulp into a separate container. This is convenient for you because you can easily and safely dispose of the pulp by emptying the container when it’s full.

Many juicers come with a mechanism that automatically dumps the pulp after it’s separated from the juice. This is the juicer for you if you don’t want to be constantly dumping the pulping container. If you want a juicer with a pulp container, you should buy cold press juicers. You need either a twin gear or a centrifugal juicer if you want a juicer that automatically dumps the pulp after separating it.


ripe orange
Valencia oranges ripen later in the spring and are known for their delicious juice, which has a deep orange color and high sugar content.


3. Motor strength


Motor strength plays a key role in determining juicer quality. In fact, it’s what separates the best citrus juicer in India from the rest. You will need a juicer with a stronger motor if you have a large family and/or if you constantly juice hard to juice fruits and vegetables. Spinach and kale are leafy vegetables, which are hard to juice. The same is true of apples and carrots, which are hard fruits and vegetables. You will need a juicer with a motor that’s stronger than 400 watts if you regularly juice these types of fruits and vegetables.


Remember the juicers with stronger motors, juice fruits, and vegetables faster. They also produce more pulpless juice. You’ll end up with higher-quality juice that is better for your health and immune system. The juice tastes better and retains many more nutrients than juicers with weaker motors. This is important if you juice often and want to drink quality juice each time.


4. Silence


Ah, yes, ‘silence is golden!’ Well, this saying applies to juicers. Many juicers are very noisy when they work. If you want a juicer that hums silently while juicing in your kitchen, you should buy a centrifugal juicer.

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Frequently asked questions 

People have many questions about best hand juicer in India in general and especially about citrus juicers. This section discusses them in more detail.


fresh orange juice in citrus squeezer
Fresh orange juice in citrus squeezer


1. Is juicing dangerous because fruits are full of sugar?

Well, no fruits are full of fructose, which is natural sugar. Juicing is perfectly healthy because this type of sugar is easy for your body to process and metabolize. When people talk about foods with sugar being bad for you, they are referring to processed foods and foods that are high in (white) refined sugar. Since this is more like a chemical, your body can’t easily use or metabolize it without processing it with a chemical called insulin.

2. Should people be worried about the pesticides and other chemicals farmers spray on fruits and vegetables when growing them?

Well, you could always spend more money and buy certified organic fruits and vegetables. Otherwise, thoroughly rinse the fruits and vegetables in water before juicing them. This is enough to remove the most dangerous chemicals from their surfaces.

You can soak them in a titration of either salt or apple cider vinegar water. Make sure that you always wash fruits and vegetables even if you are going to peel them, since peeling them doesn’t always get rid of most of the harmful chemicals that are on their surfaces.

3. Fruits and vegetables contain a waxy exterior. Is this natural and is it safe to eat?

The reason why fruits and vegetables have a thin coat of wax on their skins is that it enhances their appearance and makes them shinier on your grocer’s shelves. You’ll be more inclined to buy them. The waxy exterior is perfectly safe to eat and juice with. Be sure to juice fruit and vegetables with the skin on because this is where most of the nutrients are.

4. Is there any usage for pulp other than the kitchen sink disposal or garbage can?

Well, many people don’t waste any part of the fruits and vegetables that they cook with. They would tell you that you can either add the pulp back into the juice to maximize your fiber intake. You can also cook with the pulp and make delicious dishes!

5. Which is the best citrus juicer on the market?

Well, since there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all juicer. The best citrus juicer for you depends on your diet and nutritional needs. If you don’t like pulp in your juices, the centrifugal juicer is best for you. Buy either a triturating or cold press juicer if you want to drink juice that has lots of vitamins and minerals in it.

6. Which juicers are quickest and easiest to clean?

Well, if you don’t want to spend hours picking pulp out of juicer filters, buy a centrifugal juicer. It’s easier to clean because of its mesh which has a large surface area.

7. What’s the best way to juice fruits and vegetables?

The answer is, “it depends!” While you generally want to juice fruits and vegetable whole, you may have to peel some because their skins can contain deadly chemicals. Always be sure to de-seed fruits and vegetables with seeds and pits before juicing. Not doing so could severely damage or even break your juicer blades and/or motor.

8. What’s the best way to make nut butter?

First, replace the mesh with a solid piece of plastic. This will catch any stray nut pieces as it’s ‘blended.’ Put the nuts into the hopper the same way you would with any other fruit or vegetable. Pulse the top of the hopper and watch the blades work magic as they turn ordinary nuts into tasty, creamy and somewhat delicious butter.

Final Words

As is evident, India’s best citrus juicer does more than just juice lemons, tangerines, and limes.

They go well beyond the role and functions of the traditional fruit juicer because they can easily juice a variety of fruits, vegetables, and foods. They can even juice fruits and vegetable whole. And they quickly juice leafy fruits and vegetables and those fruits and vegetables that are hard to cut with a kitchen knife. These juicers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and forms because they are adapting to the changing nature of the Indian family.

The modern Indian family has different culinary tastes and needs than the traditional Indian family. Juicer manufacturers are recognizing this and are making juicers that can grind rice, make sauces, and nut butter, and even make pasta in addition to juicing fruits and vegetables. All of this is increasingly evident with the different types of juicers and best hand juicer in India that are currently on the market.

A few of them have been discussed in detail in this article!


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