MTR 3-Minute Breakfast Poha: #FirstImpressions

MTR 3-Minute Breakfast Poha: #FirstImpressions

We decided to taste MTR’s 3-minute breakfast poha. And here is what we thought of its taste and value.

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Cup based meals that often take a short time to prepare, are new influencers in today’s fast-paced world. These are quick, easy to prepare, good snacking and meal options when on-the-go, and often, reasonably priced too. More and more manufacturers are trying to bring in healthier ways to present these ready to eat meals, where flavors and nutrition are balanced with convenience. The taste of a product is one thing that we cannot judge until trying out the item ourselves. It is not something that you can predict by merely reading the nutrition label or flavor guidelines of a product. For people who have no time to patiently wait for cooking a whole meal, these cup-meals provide a safe haven. In that regard, MTR’s 3-minute breakfast poha aims to be among the other contenders in this space.

Quick Facts About MTR Breakfast Poha

  1. MTR breakfast poha contains the natural goodness of grains.
  2. It contains no added preservatives.
  3. It can provide about 327 Kcal per serving.
  4. The instructions given on the pack are clear and concise.

MTR 3 Minute Breakfast Poha Box, 80g

Mixed with spices and herbs that give it its authentic taste, this three-minute breakfast recipe is for those who have just a few minutes to spare in their hectic schedule.

Price: Rs 50 *Price at the time of review

Instructions For The Preparation Of This Breakfast Poha

The steps for preparing a cup of MTR’s 3-minute breakfast poha are quite simple and given at the covering of the pack.

  1. Empty the cup and then fill the cup with boiling water up till the boiling point.
  2. Add the contents of the pouch given in the cup to the boiling water and mix well.
  3. Close the lid and keep it closed for at least 3-minutes.
  4. Mix well and enjoy your delicious cup of poha.

#FirstImpressions Of MTR’s 3-Minutes Breakfast Poha

The MTR Breakfast Poha takes just 3 minutes to cook. It comes in a convenient cup in which you can cook your poha and take it around wherever you go. It has a good blend of spices and herbs giving it a very authentic taste.

It has a very good aroma. It has a great taste that would remind you of home. However, the poha becomes quite dry after being cooked. It comes with instructions that are fairly simple to follow. It can provide up to 327 calories per serving making it the perfect breakfast.

MTR Breakfast Instant poha is one of the 5 brands of poha we tried in our test kitchen. 

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