Benefits Of A Vitamin E Rich Diet | Vitamin E Rich Foods And Their Side-Effects
vitamin E health benefits

Benefits Of A Vitamin E Rich Diet | Vitamin E Rich Foods And Their Side-Effects

Ever wondered why leafy green vegetables are considered to be an integral part of a healthy diet, well, vitamin E is the answer. Being rich in vitamin E, these vegetables are good for one’s heart and they also aid in the development of muscles.

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Apart from being an essential micronutrient, vitamin E is a potent antioxidant and this is what contributes to most of its benefits. This fat-soluble vitamin is required for the proper functioning of the metabolism. Furthermore, an adequate intake of vitamin E is responsible for keeping the immune system strong, maintaining cardiovascular health, and most of all, it is quite beneficial in preventing the free-radicle damage (because of its antioxidant nature). Let’s look at some of jaw-dropping benefits linked with the consumption of vitamin E:


Benefits of Benefits of Vitamin E


1. Essential Antioxidant

The antioxidant quality of vitamin E contributes to most of its benefits and hence makes it quite vital for maintaining the health of cells. The antioxidants are known for their free-radical (free oxygen atom) scavenging ability, as they help in lowering the concentration of free-radicals flowing around in the blood stream.

The free radicals, or the free-oxygen atoms, are responsible for coming in contact with the healthy cells of your body and causing oxidative stress on their walls, thus damaging them. However, antioxidants, if present in the blood, combine with these free radicals before they get a chance to come in contact with the healthy cell, which helps in the prevention of oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

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2. Manages Cardiovascular Health

The cardiovascular health (heart health) is mainly focused on the presence and working of cholesterol in the body. Cholesterol is a naturally occurring substance that is produced in the liver and is essential for the proper functioning of cells. However, upon coming in contact with the free-radical (free-oxygen atom) and getting oxidized, it can become quite dangerous for our health and can constrict or block the blood vessels.

Since vitamin E has antioxidant properties, as mentioned in the previous point, its consumption leads to a decrease in free-radical concentration as it itself combines with them before they could do any damage.


3. Increases Muscle Strength

Vitamin E is an essential nutrient that is required to keep your muscles nourished, and moreover, its consumption is quite effective in promoting healthy blood circulation. Known to increase the energy level of the body and decreasing the risk of oxidative damage (thanks to its antioxidant nature) consumption of vitamin E can be linked with the increase in the physical endurance (1).


4. Benefits Vision

Again, thanks to its antioxidant qualities, consuming a sufficient amount of vitamin E can significantly delay the onset of age-related vision problems. It is known to prevent macular degeneration, which is the chief reason behind vision loss. Moreover, if you wish to increase the efficiency of vitamin E’s work on your cognitive skills, then making it a part of a diet that is also rich in zinc and vitamin C can prove to be the best option, for these three ingredients, when put together, work in keeping the cells fit and healthy throughout the body.

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5. Boost Mental Health

Free-radical induced inflammation is one of the major reasons behind the contraction of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. However, an adequate supply of vitamin E along with other antioxidants such as vitamin C can prevent these diseases as they prevent the damage caused to the healthy cells by the free-radicals.


6. Promotes Skin Health

By helping the skin cells increase their water retention capabilities, consuming vitamin E helps in keeping the skin nourished, radiant, and fresh. Most importantly, this ability of vitamin E helps the skin cells in maintaining their structure, thus preventing any occurrences of significant signs of aging such as wrinkles, blemishes, and increased elasticity.


7. Healthy Hair Growth

Consumption of vitamin E is a really good remedy for improving the blood circulation throughout the body, thus by improving the circulation of blood to your scalp, it helps in healthy growth of hair as it keeps the scalp nourished and provides all the essential nutrients.


9. Strengthens Immune System

By promoting the production of B-cells, which are responsible for playing the role of antibodies and fighting off the external pathogens, the addition of vitamin E into a daily diet can help in the strengthening of the immune system, thus preventing diseases like diarrhea, cough, and cold. Its contribution to the growth of cells and their repair makes it an essential party of the immune system.


Top Foods Rich In Vitamin E

Knowing about the advantages that a regulated consumption of vitamin E can have on your health is just partial knowledge, for what good can knowing its benefits do if you don’t know where to find it! Worry not though, for we have just what you are looking for. Let’s move ahead and take a look at some of the food items that are rich in vitamin E:


5 Vitamin E Rich Foods


1. Spinach

A 110g serving of this green leafy vegetable contains about 2.03mg of vitamin E, which makes it a rich source of vitamin E that you should consider (we have all heard that green is good though!).


2. Wheat Germ Oil

You cannot talk about various foods rich in vitamin E and ignore some of the essential oils such as wheat germ from the mix. A teaspoon of wheat germ oil contains a whopping amount of vitamin E (20.32mg).


3. Avocados

Avocados can be quite beneficial when it comes to its nutritional value. A 100g serving of Avocados contains about 2.07mg of vitamin E, and moreover, this same 100g serving would contain a significantly higher volume of vitamin C (10mg), which makes it quite an efficient item for the consumption of vitamins.


health benefits of vitamin E
Apart from containing a significant amount of vitamin E, avocados are also rich in vitamin C, thus making them a great source of antioxidants

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4. Nuts

These popular snacks are packed with vitamin E alongside protein. Out of all the nuts, almonds seem to have the highest volume of vitamin E. A 100g serving of almonds has about 25.62mg of vitamin E, which is, in fact, 1/4th of its weight.


5. Sunflower Seeds

Loaded with vitamin E, sunflower seeds have recently come into light as a wonderful snack that adds up to the nutritional value of the meal. A 100g serving of sunflower oil contains about 35.17mg of vitamin E.


Side-Effects Of Vitamin E

The adverse aspect of consuming a large quantity of vitamin E is something that must be taken into account. Although the studies regarding the effects of vitamin E are still going on, there is evidence leading pointing towards the side-effects associated with heavy consumption.

For one, vitamin E has a blood thinning effect. Sure, when consumed in the right amount, this property of vitamin C could actually be a rather beneficial one, for it will ensure smooth circulation of blood throughout the body. However, upon heavy consumption, vitamin E can have a significant effect on the platelet count of the blood, rapidly reducing it. This can cause further complexities throughout the body such as excessive bleeding and organ damage.

Moreover, vitamin E has the tendency to act as a natural remedy against cholesterol problem, however, it you are on any kind of medication, it is highly advised for you to not exceed your daily limit for vitamin E, as the excess of it can react with the medication.


Overall Vitamin E Diet

Now that we have mentioned the benefits, foods, and side-effects, which you have to keep in mind in order to efficiently include vitamin E into your diet chart, let’s take a fresh look at what kind of items will make you reach your vitamin E-rich diet destiny.


 The following are the types of food rich in vitamin E:


  1. Oils- Sunflower and other seed oils etc.
  2. Vegetables- Mostly green and leafy kind.
  3. Nuts- Almonds, peanuts, cashew etc.

Well, these were the food items that’ll make sure of its health benefits. Apart from that, vitamin E rich items are used in the manufacturing of shampoos and skin care cream, though there is little evidence regarding the effectiveness of vitamin E when externally applied.

Anyway, vitamin E is essential and beneficial for your well-being, if you eat responsibly, you’ll be consuming your daily requirement of vitamin E without much of an effort.


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