Sarika Rana, Author at Mishry

Sarika Rana

Sarika loves multi-tasking, is a big Bollywood buff and is the happiest when she cooks a new recipe and it turns out almost perfect! Having studied Media, she has been a part of digital content for the major chunk of her career, food being on the top.


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Be it summertime or winters, eating a bowl of sprouts is a healthy addition to your diet. Loaded with protein, sprouts can be cooked in many simple ways. These sprout-makers provide a hygienic way of ...

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Bagrry's Oats Atta is meant to be added to your regular atta to create a healthier roti as it boosts the level of fiber and protein content. But how does it taste? And, are the rotis as soft and tasty...
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Best Roti Casseroles: Soggy Roties No More

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