Plastic Sproutmaker Box Review

Plastic Sproutmaker Box Review

Be it summertime or winters, eating a bowl of sprouts is a healthy addition to your diet. Loaded with protein, sprouts can be cooked in many simple ways. These sprout-makers provide a hygienic way of sprouting your favorite legumes at home.

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Eating sprouts is one of the healthiest habits to stay fit. You can sprout grains, pulses, lentils, and add them to your sandwiches, soups, salads, etc. and give your food a healthy spin. They are packed with numerous essential vitamins and minerals and are most beneficial to keep your body healthy. Sprout making process can be time-taking; moreover, it also needs to be done in a hygienic manner. Thankfully enough, there are sprout maker boxes available online that are perfect for making your job easier and convenient. These sprout makers are made of plastic and have multiple layers, so you can sprout more than one type of grains/pulses/lentils in a single batch. We got our hands on one of these sprout makers and reviewed it over a fortnight to see if they actually work. Here are our first impressions.

Important Facts About The Plastic Sproutmaker Box

  1. The box is made of odor-free food-grade plastic.
  2. It is available in three different sizes- small (with just two levels), medium (with three levels), and large (with four levels).
  3. The plastic compartments come with a capacity of 500 ml.
  4. It has one red-colored siphon or knob in each compartment, which is used to seep the water slowly into the compartment below.
  5. It takes about 12 to 24 hours to fully sprout the grains/pulses/lentils.

How To Use A Sproutmaker Box

*As per the instructions given on the box

  1. Pre-soak seeds/grains/pulses/lentils for at least 4 hours before putting them in the compartments.
  2. Make sure to keep the red siphons in all the compartments are positioned in diametrically opposite directions.
  3. Now, put your presoaked seeds and pulses in each compartment, leaving the uppermost one empty.
  4. Pour enough water in the uppermost bowl to fully cover the siphon cap.
  5. Close the lid properly and leave it for 12 hours and you will see sprouted seeds and grains. You could wait for a few hours more to see better results.

Plastic Sproutmaker Box

This simple sprout maker box is simple to use and makes it convenient for you to sprout grains, seeds, lentils, and pulses, all in one go.

Size: Large, Price: Rs. 349/-

*Price at the time of review

#FirstImpressions Of The Plastic Sproutmaker Box

If you are a regular sprouts eater, this is for you! We loved this product because it gave us the desired results in approximately 24 hours. We followed the instructions given on the box and they were accurate and adequate.

We presoaked green gram or green moong dal and kaala chana. We opened the box after 24 hours and the results were good. Whole moong dal sprouted really well, kala chana could have been sprouted a little more, but we felt it was quite a satisfactory result. You can always soak it for a longer time, especially if you want longer sprouts.


The box remained odorless despite so much moisture locked into it. It’s very easy to clean too. Looks like it’s going to be a part of the office for healthy bites!

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