Amul Products – One Stop Brand for all the Dairy Products (Apr 2024)
Amul review

Amul Products – One Stop Brand for all the Dairy Products (2024)

From sweet Amul Lassi to salty Amul Chaas, from flavored butter and cheese to spiced milkshakes, Amul Dairy has never fallen short of innovation. This Amul Product List is your one-stop shop!

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Anand Milk Union Limited, popularly known as Amul is India’s most loved cooperative dairy based in Anand, Gujarat. Amul Dairy was established in the year 1946 and has been spreading smiles and winning hearts ever since.

Amul started by selling cow and buffalo milk to help rural farmers and slowly moved towards manufacturing and selling other dairy products like butter, cheese, milk-based beverages, and many other products that have become a staple in our diets. The year 1964 was a turning point for Amul. It was in this year when the then Prime Minister of India, Late Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri visited Mr. Kurien, the Father of the White Revolution, to help turn dreams into reality. Commonly known as the ‘Anand Pattern’, this helped India emerge as the largest milk-producing nation in the world.

This Amul Product List article lists all the best Amul products by the brand. From cheese slices and cubes to flavored butter, from ready-to-drink beverages to milk powders, Amul is rightly made its place in the hearts of every generation!

Best Amul Products

The following section discusses our experience and recommendations of Amul products.

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

1. Amul Beverages

From traditional Indian lassi to adding a unique twist to plain ol’ milkshakes, Amul has always stood out. Here is a list of the best beverages from the Amul Kool, Amul Tru, and Amul Masti ranges.

1. Amul Masti Spiced Buttermilk

The Amul Masti range is classified by its signature spice mix that adds tons of flavor to the humble buttermilk.

‘Asli Masti, Asli Taazgi’ is the tagline for the Amul Masti range. It promises a delicious yet light beverage to beat the heat. You can get this Amul Chaas online in a pouch or tetra packs ranging from 180 to 1000 ml. Based on Team Mishry’s review, Amul Buttermilk tastes yum with balanced spiciness.

amul masti spiced buttermilk
Amul Masti Spiced Buttermilk

Product Features

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  • Tastes fresh
  • Balanced spice
  • Delicious and light

2. Amul Lassi

Chugging a cold glass of some sweet lassi is as good as it gets during summer. Our review and tasting sessions for the best lassi in India lasted over a week.

The Amul Lassi has a hint of rose flavors that added to the overall experience. It had a perfect consistency and was fairly sweet. To provide an authentic review, we tasted it after having been out and about in the sun. The relief post the first sip is unbelievably fresh and soothing!

amul lassi
Amul lassi

Product Features

  • Rich mouthfeel
  • Desirable consistency
  • Rose flavored

3. Amul Immunity Shots

With the world coming to a pause due to the pandemic, taking care of our health has become more critical than ever. At such a crucial time,  Amul launched its Immunity Shot range. This range has three flavors- Amul Ginger Doodh, Tulsi Doodh, and Haldi Doodh.

Each of these is made with milk solids, sugar, and the corresponding spice mix. From an upset stomach or cold/flu to offering antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, this line of products by Amul boosts immunity conveniently.

We tasted and reviewed different range of amul doodh products and arrived at conclusion. Not only do these products from the Amul Immunity Shots range provide a healthier alternative to sodas, but these also taste delicious. After a hearty taste test, Amul Tulsi Doodh was our top pick. In addition to this, we think Amul Star Anise Doodh would be a favorite among kids.

amul immunity shots
Amul immunity shots

Product Features

  • Three flavors offered
  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Healthy and tasty

4. Amul Tru

Recently, Amul launched fruit-flavored dairy-based beverages. Amul Tru is offered in Orange, Lychee, Mango, and Apple flavors.

Our taste test started with a thorough inspection of the nutritional label as we could not believe how fruit can be mixed with milk. Though the milky taste is not strongly felt, these beverages from the Amul Range are not overly sweet or too thin. They have a semi-thick consistency which we really liked. In addition to this, we loved how fresh they tasted.

amul tru
Amul tru Orange

Product Features

  • Fresh, fruity flavors
  • Pleasing consistency
  • Balanced sweetness

2. Amul Bread Spreads

Amul provides a blend of different flavors when comes to bread spreads.

1. Amul Cheese Spread

Over two days, we tasted and reviewed different flavors from the Amul Cheese Spread range. Since we couldn’t contain our excitement, we quickly grabbed a pack of some crackers and applied a generous amount of the Amul Cheese spreads to find our favorite. For part two, we used these cheese spreads inside plain veggie sandwiches.

After multiple blind tastings, Team Mishry’s favorite was the Amul Cheese Spread- Punchy Pepper. Pepper and cheese is a combination that can never go wrong, and Amul proved this well.

Our second favorite from the Amul Cheese Spread range was the Red Chilly Flakes variant. Unlike our top pick, the Amul Cheese Spread Red Chilly Flakes wasn’t as thick.

However, what we loved was the perfectly balanced spiciness. In addition to this, we think this cheese spread would go well as a dip with party starters. Our favorite was the Amul Cheese Spread- Oregano Pickle. It had an overload of herby oregano flavors that would pair beautifully with garlic bread, sandwiches, and even crackers.

amul cheese spread
Amul cheese spread

Product Features

  • Economic spreads
  • Creamy consistency
  • Beautifully flavored

2. Amul Choco Buttery Spread

The Amul Butter variety is endless! From safed makhan or plain butter to flavored butter, would you believe it if we told you there is an Amul Choco butter? Yes, there is! Typically, chocolate spreads are made using nuts as the base ingredient.

However, this Amul sweet butter is made using Amul safed makkhan for that added richness and creaminess. In our review of the Amul Choco Buttery Spread, we noticed that 50% of chocolate syrup is added to the product.

 The consistency of this Amul Butter will vary based on the climatic conditions in your city. As for us, our choco butter was not too liquidy or runny. That being said, the Amul Choco butter will be the perfect companion for a warm toasted slice of bread as it will melt and spread quickly. This chocolate butter tasted sweet with a decent chocolaty flavor.

amul choco buttery spread
Amul choco buttery spread

Product Features

  • Made with white butter
  • Rich and creamy
  • Rounded sweetness

3. Amul Happy Treats

Amul Happy Treats, a sub-brand of Amul provides a complete range of ready-to-cook snacks.

1. Amul Happy Treats Dahi Tikki

If you are bored of the same ol’ potato-based snacks, Amul added some fun variants to its frozen foods range. These Amul Happy Treats can be served as a street-style chaat dish when guests arrive unannounced or when you’re craving some tangy, crunchy snack. This Amul frozen snack is made with Amul Masti Dahi. Additionally, it comes with a mint chutney to be served as a dip.

When we looked at these raw, they were visually identical. (This is an important parameter) Taste-wise, the dahi tikkis were crisp, and the outer cover was perfectly crunchy. We could taste onions and green chilies too. However, the dahi was mildly sour. But, the mint chutney added a refreshing taste. All-in-love, we loved this variation!

Amul Happy Treats ready to cook
Amul happy treats dahi tikki

Product Features

  • Consistent shape and size
  • Commendable crunch
  • Chutney included

2. Amul Happy Treats French Fries

Talking about potato-based snacks, saying no to a bowl of beautifully gold french fries is not so easy. Amul French Fries is yet another addition to the frozen food line of products.

These Amul Happy Treats are a shortcut to your plate of crunchy french fries without the washing, peeling, and chopping process. During our taste test, we used vegetable oil to fry these Happy treats. All the fries were evenly cooked in under 5 minutes. What we loved the most was the perfect seasoning with salt and the chunky potato filling. We definitely recommend this!

amul happy treats french fries
Amul happy treats french fries

Product Features

  • Chunky filling
  • Convenient preparation
  • Balanced salt seasoning

3. Amul Happy Treats Masala Paneer Nuggets

Paneer tastes yummy only when it is soft yet firm. These Amul Happy Treats delivered the perfect paneer nuggets!

Like we always say, eyes eat first; in the raw form too, these Happy treats looked delectable. The orange-colored triangular-shaped nuggets were consistent in size and thickness throughout the pack.

We deep-fried these Amul frozen snacks using vegetable oil. Like the french fires, these Amul Happy Treats too were cooked to perfection in under 5 minutes. We fried them directly without any thawing. Right off the flame, these Amul Paneer Nuggets had a bold crunch and special seasoning. Additionally, the paneer-to-batter ratio was spot-on! The pre-made mint chutney that comes with the pack could be better or replaced with a bowl of homemade green chutney.

amul happy treats masala paneer nuggets
Amul happy treats masala paneer nuggets

Product Features

  • Takes less than 5 minutes to prepare
  • Pre-made chutney included
  • No broken pieces

4. Amul Processed Milk Products

Here’s a list of Amul processed milk products ranging from dahi to milk to dips.

1. Amul Premium Dahi

This bright yellow and green container of dahi is sure to catch your attention in the supermarket.

We picked a box of the Amul Premium Dahi to test the taste and its creaminess, texture, price, packaging, and other factors consumers look for in a store-bought dahi. The back of this 400-gram pack provides a lot of information like how it is made using the purest and freshest pasteurized milk and is also free from added sugar.

After having tasted the Amul Premium Dahi, we can say it without a doubt that this packaged dahi is perfect for making at-home dips or marinations for starter-type dishes. As part of Mishry Secret Sauce, we tried preparing homemade curd using Amul Premium Dahi as the base. It was firm, creamy, and beautifully set! We loved it!

amul premium dahi
Amul premium dahi

Product Details

  • Premium packaging
  • No added sugar
  • Firm and creamy

2. Amul Camel Milk

Lately, there has been a sudden rise in the demand for camel milk worldwide, thanks to the health benefits it offers. Amul is the first Indian brand to have launched camel milk. We picked a 200 ml bottle of the Amul Camel Milk for our first impressions.

The Amul camel milk is packed in a white plastic bottle. We emptied the contents in a glass, and that’s when we noticed the consistency. This resembles the thickness and color of toned milk. The taste, however, was undeniably different. The Amul Camel Milk had a mildly salty after-taste that camel milk typically has. To summarize, the Amul Camel Milk looked and tasted exactly the way camel milk is supposed to.

amul camel milk
Amul camel milk

Product Details

  • Authentic consistency
  • Mildly salty aftertaste
  • Priced competitively

3. Amul Fresh Paneer

India’s most loved dairy brand started by selling milk. Then it slowly moved towards other dairy products like cheese, butter, et al. The Amul Fresh Paneer is a part of this range.

In our search for finding the tastiest and creamiest paneer packaged, we tasted the Amul Fresh Paneer. With a shelf-life of 45 days, the Amul Paneer was a little moist and had a creamy-white color. It felt soft too! For part one of the taste test, we tasted the paneer raw to produce a fair review. A sweet and salty taste was noticed from the Amul Fresh Paneer. Step two, Mishry Secret Sauce was where we prepared a simple paneer dish with some Indian spices, onions, and tomatoes. Post-cooking, the freshness, softness, and moisture remained intact.

Product Details

  • Fresh taste
  • Retains texture
  • Shelf life of 45 days

4. Amul Cheese Sauce

Does your sandwich taste too dry? Are you looking to add some Mexican flavors to your bowl of nachos? Need a yum-yum dip for your fries?

The Amul Cheese Sauce comes in a squeezy bottle and is loaded with jalapenos. We tasted the Mexican Salsa Amul Cheese Sauce with some crackers, nachos, and potato chips. As part of Mishry Secret Sauce, we tried using this Mexican-flavored cheese sauce with Amul French Fries and a veggie-loaded tortilla wrap.

The consistency of this Amul Cheese Sauce was spot-on. It wasn’t too runny or too lumpy. Similarly, the cheese and jalapeno flavors were well balanced, with some mild bitterness coming from the olives used.

Amul Cheese Sauce
Amul Cheese Sauce

Product Features

  • Squeezy bottle
  • Thick yet flowy consistency
  • Jalapeno flavored

5. Amul Chocolate Products

Amul Dark Chocolate is one of the most popular Amul Chocolate product. Apart from it, Amul has a wide range of chocolates with varieties of flavor and shapes.

1. Amul Chocominis

A 250-gram box of Amul Chocominis contains approximately 50 pieces of 3-4 different shaped milk chocolates.

Unlike Amul dark chocolate, these Chocominis have a lower cocoa content and comparatively more milk solids. These Amul chocolates do not melt in the mouth and have an unmissable milky taste. These are extremely sweet, which makes kids love them! If you are not a fan of super sweet chocolates and prefer something milk or darker, Amul has a wide range of sugar-free dark chocolates you can try.

amul chocominis
Amul chocominis

Product Features

  • 50 individually wrapped pieces
  • Milky taste
  • Decadent chocolate flavor

2. Amul Bindaaz Chocolate

We have all known Amul to be popular for its dairy-based products like butter, cheese, and curd. A relatively newer addition is the Amul Bindaaz Chocolate, which is marketed as a crunchy wafer-based chocolate bar. This Amul chocolate is packed in a yellow-orange color pack.

During our review, we noticed that the Amul Bindaaz Chocolates were partially broken. In addition to this, the wafer layers were separating from one another. The essence of wafer-based chocolate is the crunchiness and chocolate taste.

Although, this Amul chocolate nails the milky-chocolate taste, the crispy crunch that one would expect from a bar of wafer-based chocolate was missing. This negatively affected our overall experience.

Amul Bindaaz wafer chocolate
Amul Bindaaz wafer chocolate

Product Details

  • Chocolate-flavored wafer
  • Milky chocolate taste
  • Low on crunch

3. Amul Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate

Lately, people have been switching to dark chocolate for the health benefits it offers. A bar of dark chocolate contains antioxidants that boost heart health and memory. Dark chocolate has a higher cocoa content and tastes bitter as compared to milk chocolate.

We tried the Amul Sugar-free dark chocolate and here is what think of it. The Amul Dark Chocolate we tried had a 55% cocoa content. It definitely wasn’t as dark or bitter as dark chocolate can be. This Amul chocolate tasted smooth, and since it has no added sugar, it is relatively lower in calories.


Product Details

  • High cocoa content
  • Smooth mouthfeel
  • Lower in calories

4. Amul Almondo

Almonds are one of the healthiest nuts available. They are loaded with good fats and proteins. However, even with the best of products, we need some variations.

Amul Almondo is a box of chocolate-coated almonds to make a fun snack that tastes delicious and is healthy too! 200 grams of the Amul Almondo are packed in the same box as Amul Chocominis and are packed separately into 100-gram bags. The almonds used are not too big or too small. However, they have the nutty crunch. There is a thick chocolate coating on the Amul Almondo which overpowers the almondy taste. This can be a plus point if your kid is a fussy eater.

Amul Almondo
Amul Almondo

Product Details

  • Packed in two pouches
  • Fun snack
  • Nutty crunch

6. Amul Sweets

Amul provides sweets such as Rabri and Rasmalai. Amul Panchamrit is perfect when there’s puja at home. We tried and reviewed it, here’s what you should know about it.

1. Amul Rabri

By itself or with some warm halwa, rabri is an Indian dessert staple that feels like a hug to the soul. Rabri is typically made with just two ingredients- milk and sugar.

Milk is boiled until it thickens to a rabri-like consistency. To eliminate the tedious part of this process, we reviewed the Amul rabri for its taste, texture, aroma, and other factors consumers would want to know.

Just like Amul Premium Dahi, Amul Rabri is packed in a sealed cup. You are recommended to refrigerate this Amul Frozen Food. The Amul Rabri didn’t have a consistent texture and looks, lumpy. However, the caramel color and the aroma made us want to dig in! As we took a spoonful, the Amul Rabri was thick and loaded with flavors. Goodbye disappointment! One cup of Amul Rabri is perfect as a single-serve. Relish this chilled or pair it with some warm desserts like jalebi or sheera.

Amul Rabri
Amul Rabri

Product Details

  • Caramel-like aroma
  • Thick consistency
  • Flavorful and fresh

2. Amul Khoa Mawa

Khoa or Khoya is a preferred milk-based fat source that is used to enhance the taste and texture of a variety of sweet and savory Indian dishes. From gajar ka halwa to malai kofta, khoa is an essential ingredient. Some people love making it at home from scratch, others prefer buying khoa from their local dairy.

We bought a pack of the Amul Khoa to test the flavor, consistency, texture, economical value, and a few other factors. The fact that the Amul Khoa was free of preservatives was something we really like in all Amul frozen foods we have reviewed over a considerable amount of time. Amul Khoa Mawa is packed like Amul Fresh Paneer.

Amul khoa is made from Amul Milk. During our dry test, we noticed how the block of khoya looked rich and crumbled upon touch. When we tasted the Amul Khoa dry, it had a creamy texture and a surprisingly fresh taste. Further, we prepared a mawa barfi by adding some sugar and green cardamom.

In under 20 minutes, we had a plate of mawa barfi and the typical mithai-store aroma. This barfi tasted delicious and fresh. However, it did not set as well as one from a sweet shop. But, all-in-all, we loved the fact that Amul Khoa is made without preservatives or additives. Thumbs up from us!

amul khoa mava
Amul Khoa Mava

Product Details

  • No preservatives
  • Packed well
  • Fresh taste

3. Amul Rasmalai

Typically, when we crave Indian desserts, we instantly think of our local mithaiwala as they sell freshly made sweets. However, the Amul Rasmalai had us delightfully surprised.

We could have never guessed a frozen food, and that too a traditional Indian dessert would taste this fresh and delectable. This rasmalai is packed in a box and a separate tray inside. Though the rasmalai discs are smaller than the average rasmalai, they are generously sprinkled with pistachios. The absence of saffron gives the Amul Rasmalai an off-white color.

What we loved about this Amul frozen food was the freshness and the supremely creamy texture. To add to it, these Amul rasmalai discs had a mild elaichi flavor.

Amul Rasmalai
Amul Rasmalai

Product Details

  • Fresh to taste
  • Generous sprinkle of pistachios
  • Packed in a premium manner

4. Amul Panchamrit

Having a puja at home needs to be perfect. From making arrangements to calling a panditji, from decorating the area to getting dressed, you need as much help as you can get. Well, what if we told you, the prasadam part of the puja is handled deliciously?

Yes! Amul’s latest innovative product- The Amul Panchamrit is made using 5 ingredients only and is packed in compact cups that make for the perfect prasad post puja. The ingredients used are – cow milk, ghee, curd, honey, and sugar. Hence the name, panchamrit. Talking about the taste, Amul’s panchamrit has a nice, sweet flavor and a curd-like consistency.

amul panchamrit
Amul Panchamrit

Product Details

  • Convenient packing
  • 5 ingredients
  • Curd-like consistency

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions regarding Amul products in India

Amul is the leading and most popular dairy brand in India. Here are a few of their best products: milk, buttermilk, cheese, butter, lassi, ice cream, and many more.

Amul offers over 2000 products.

Yes, they are quality assured and healthy to consume.

No, Amul is a dairy-based brand and not vegan.

Final Words

There you go! India’s most loved and mommy’s most trusted Amul dairy brand offers a wide range of delicious and authentic milk-based products. From flavored butter and cheese to decadent chocolate beverages and everything in between, Amul is your one-stop solution for everything dairy all-year-round!

Wrapping up, our favorite picks are Amul Buttermilk, Amul Choco Buttery Spread, Amul Happy Treats Masala Paneer Nuggets, and Amul Panchamrit.

Buying from the links on this page may earn us a fee. Please read our complete ethics statement here.


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