Amazon Induction Cooktop Review: Best Small Kitchen Appliance
amazon induction cooktop review

Amazon Induction Cooktop Review: Great Appliance for A Small Kitchen

The Amazon Induction Cooktop has eight-stage power settings and six preset cooking options that are suitable for Indian cooking.

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The Amazon Basics Induction Cooktop is full of features that can be easily used by beginners as well. This can prove to be a valuable addition to any small kitchen. From lavish curries to that pack of instant noodles, and even your everyday cuppa can be made on this induction cooktop.

Induction Cooktops have a lot of pros and a few cons. Apart from the fact that there is no risk of open fires while cooking, induction cooktops also help cook the food faster with controlled temperatures.

Moreover, no more ‘cylinder khatam ho gaya hai!’ issues every now and then. Online shopping portals are filled with a wide range of induction cooktops with different wattages, surfaces, and features.

We tested the Amazon’s Induction Cooktop in our test kitchen for over 30 days and here is what we found about its design, usability, and features. Read our quick amazon basics induction cooktop reviews by Amazon Basics India.

Quick Review

amazon basics induction cooktop

The Amazon Induction Cooktop is ideal for Indian cooking, with varied preset cooking options. 

Amazon Basics Induction Cooktop – Everything You Need To Know

Find out the detailed information of the induction cooktop by amazon here. We have mentioned the package information, wattage, weight and so on.

Sr No.



(As per information on the pack)

1. Weight 2.34 Kilograms
2. Dimensions 355 x 270 x 65 cm
3. Sound Output 62 Decibels
4. M.R.P. 1699 INR
5. Warning The ceramic plate is hot after cooking. Do not touch it with hand.
6. Wattage 1600 W

Amazon Basics Induction Cooktop – Detailed Review

Here we detailed tested and came to our result about amazon basics induction cooktop review on the basis of many factors such as packaging, what it can be used for and price.

1. Price and packaging 

The Induction Cooktop by Amazon Basics India comes in plain box packaging. Inside the box are the induction cooktop and a user manual. We purchased the 1600 W Amazon’s Induction Cooktop at Rs 1699/-.

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amazon induction cooktop with user manual
Amazon Induction Cooktop with the user manual.

2. Design 

The Amazon’s Induction Cooktop is black in color and has a silver-colored panel. The induction surface is of Micro Crystal Glass. There is an eight-stage power setting with push-button control and a LED display. The cord of the induction cooktop is long which is an added convenience as it can be plugged in anywhere on a kitchen top or even a dining table. 

induction cooktop by amazon design
Design of the Amazon Induction Cooktop.

3. Features 

The Amazon Basics Induction Cooktop has a (+) and  (-) button that helps control the temperature according to the dish you are cooking. It has an auto-standby feature that will warn you when there is no pan kept on the cooktop and it is still functioning. The residual heat indicator and fan for auto-cooling helps prevent overheating of the cooktop. Another helpful feature is the timer function which can be set up to 3 hours.

It has six preset cooking options that include – 

  • Heat Milk
  • Deep Fry
  • Idli
  • Curry 
  • Dosa/Chapati
  • Pressure Cook
features of amazon cooktop
Right ride of the panel consists of an on/off feature along with the pause and timer function.
preset cooking option in amazon induction cooktop
The left side of the panel consists of the six preset cooking options.

Similarly, like Amazon Basics Induction cooktop, you can also read about Usha induction cooktop. We tested and reviewed Usha induction cooktop and see what our conclusion were.

4. What we used it for?

Over the testing period of 45 days, we used the Amazon induction Cooktop for various reviews and our daily coffee-tea consumption. For our reviews, we made use of various settings and heat levels to check how effective they are. We also checked the timer feature and auto cut-off feature.

We flipped some pancakes and dosas 

  • Slurrp Farm Pancakes – Banana Choco Chip And Chocolate Pancakes
  • Wingreens Farms Eggless Pancakes
  • Haldiram’s Multigrain Dosa

We deep-fried some goodies 

  • Veggie Burger Patties – McCain, Godrej Yummiez, Amul 
  • Amul Happy Treats – Cheese Poppons

We cooked some instant noodles and pasta 

  • Ching’s Instant Noodles – 4 variants
  • Three variants of instant Maggi Pazzta

Other reviews 

  • Boiled potatoes to test the pressure cooker settings.
  • Boiled pasta and cooked it using the Disano Pasta Sauce.

Other than this, we also used the Amazon Induction Cooktop to make tea, coffee and boil milk and water regularly. Induction friendly utensils we used for this review included the Solimo Triply Saucepan, Amazon Non-Stick Frypan, Vinod Stainless Steel Kadai, Vinod Stainless Steel Fry Pan, Cusinchef Pressure Cooker, and Bergner Stainless Steel Kadai.

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5. Our Experience 

Before we start discussing our experience with the Amazon Induction Cooktop, you need to know that cooking on an induction cooktop is very different from cooking on a gas stove. Even though it is much quicker, sometimes it can lead to the food overcooking within a few seconds due to concentrated heat in the vessel. Not only that, but you also need to choose flat bottomed utensils that are compatible with an induction cooktop. Curved bottomed utensils will not work on an induction stovetop.

Throughout all our reviews, we experimented with different settings and varying temperatures to see which setting gives us better, consistent results.

While cooking pancakes and dosas, we pressed the dosa/chapati feature and were fairly impressed with the even distribution of heat in the pan. Our pancakes and dosas cooked well and uniformly using this feature. The pressure cooker functions very smoothly on this cooktop and our batch of medium-sized potatoes cooked till the center within 3 whistles.

making pancakes on induction
Pancakes in the making - Amazon Induction Cooktop

While testing the curry function, we noticed that if we set the power somewhere in the middle (Example 900 W), it will automatically reduce within a few minutes. The curry or sauce bubbles for a few seconds and then cuts off till it comes down to the desired temperature. It re-starts within the next few seconds. This feature surely helps in preventing food from getting burnt or remaining undercooked from inside.

When we deep-fried the burger patties and other frozen snacks, the temperature remained constant and did not cut off in the middle. We also noticed that if left unattended without any utensil on top, the induction switches off automatically after a minute. 

Unlike a lot of induction cooktops we have used earlier, this does not burn or darken the utensil from the bottom.

deep frying on induction
Deep frying the Amul Cheese Poppons on the Amazon Induction Cooktop

The one thing we were expecting was the auto cut-off feature while boiling milk. The induction cooktop failed to cut off the heat when the milk boiled which led to the milk overflowing. That being said, the cooktop was very easy to clean afterward. Unlike a gas stove, we did not have to scrub for ages to get that scorched, scalded milk out of the burners and grills. One clean sweep and it was ready to use again!

boiling milk on induction
Boiling Milk on the Amazon Induction Cooktop

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Final Words

Overall, we felt that this is a feature-full, easy to maintain amazon basics induction cooktop reviews for novices. The preset cooking options and the eight-stage power setting, along with the pause cooking button, make for a well-rounded induction cooktop. If you are looking for an induction cooktop within this price range, the Amazon’s Induction Cooktop does a fairly good job. 

We hope this Amazon basics induction cooktop reviews helps to better understand how to use and what can be cooked in it.

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