Amul Dahi Tikki Review – Happy Treat for Frozen Snack Lovers
Amul Dahi Tikki Review

Amul Dahi Tikki Review – Happy Treat for Frozen Snack Lovers

The Amul Masti Dahi Tikki tastes fresh curd and has lovely crunchy onion bits. Amul Happy Treats will make hosting a house party easier than ever.

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These Amul Happy Treats add a decent variety to an otherwise aloo dominating vegetarian menu. The Amul masti dahi tikki is seasoned to perfection, with a crunchy exterior and delicious stuffing.

India’s most popular dairy brand has added a fun ready-to-cook frozen food to the Amul Happy Treats range. Dal tikki and aloo tikki are the most common starter items on a vegetarian menu, but with the latest addition brought by Amul Happy Treats, bid farewell to boredom! So whether your guests drop by unannounced or you are craving some street-style chaat, this Amul Masti Dahi Tikki is here to save the day. Team Mishry bought a pack of the Amul Happy Treats to test the spice level, the crunch, the texture of this frozen snack. Read below for Amul Dahi Tikki Review.

Does the dahi taste fresh or is it sour?

Are the spices well balanced?

What about the chutney that comes with it?

Here is all you need to know about the Amul Dahi Tikki. 

Amul Masti Dahi Tikki – Everything You Need To Know

Find out the detailed information of the Amul Dahi Tikki here. We have mentioned the Amul Masti Dahi’s ingredients, package information, pricing and other relevant details.

Sr No.



( *As per information on the pack )

1. MRP Rs 130/- (*Price at the time of review)
2. Net Weight 300 grams (Tikki: 260 grams & Chutney: 40 grams)
3. Best Used Before 12 Months from the Manufacture date
4. Made From Amul Masti Dahi
5. Thawing Not Needed
6. Tikki Ingredients Toned Milk Dahi (42.2%), Paneer (22.6%), Breadcrumb (14.3%), Spices and Condiments, Green Chili, Coriander, Salt, Stabilizers, Batter Mix and Palm Oil
7. Sauce / Chutney Ingredients Coriander Leaves, Mint Leaves, Green Chilli, Corn Oil, Salt and Cumin
8. Packaging Comes in Pouch

Amul Masti Dahi Tikki – Detailed Review

Reviewing Amul Masti Dahi Tikki, these are some of the things we noticed and found out during the review process.

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This 300 grams pack of Amul Frozen Food comes with 260 grams of Masti Dahi Tikki and 40 grams of pre-made mint chutney. This Amul Tikki is priced at Rs 130/-.


Amul Happy Treats come in a standard white and blue pouch pack. The pouch is resealable.


Amul Masti Dahi Tikki is round-shaped and is consistently so throughout the pack. All pieces were uniformly and generously coated with breadcrumbs.

Amul Masti Dahi Tikki - Before Cooking
Amul Masti Dahi Tikki - Before Cooking

How we made it

As per the instructions given on the pack, we heated some vegetable oil in a wok and deep-fried the Amul Dahi Tikki in it until crisp and golden brown. It took less than 5 minutes for it to turn crisp evenly.

Deep frying the Amul Masti Dahi Tikki
Deep frying the Amul Masti Dahi Tikki


Right off the flame, there was a strong onion aroma. As we bit into these Amul frozen snacks, there was a dominant onion taste in them. A few of us tasted bits of green chili as well. The seasonings and spices were well balanced. Since dahi and paneer are the major components of these Amul Happy Treats, we expected the tikkis to be loaded with a dahi kebab-like texture. However, the overall experience of eating these masti dahi tikkis is more like what you expect from cheese nuggets. The dahi is mildly sour to taste.

The chutney adds a refreshing minty flavor to the Amul Happy Treats. If you’re not a fan of green chutney, these can also be had with ketchup.


The breadcrumb coating gave these Amul frozen snacks the perfect crunch you’d expect from a fried snack. The tikkis were crisp on the outside and had a soft inside.

Post cooking - Amul Mast Dahi Tikki
Post cooking - Amul Mast Dahi Tikki

The Bottom Line

When we think about frozen food options suitable for vegetarians, the availability more or less comes to stop at potato-based snacks. Whether it is regular french fries or cheese-potato balls, the variety is limited. Amul has been introducing innovative frozen foods by the day. Some are paneer-based, while other Amul Frozen Snacks offer a burst of flavors. These Amul Happy Treats not only add a much-needed change to the menu but are also very versatile. From an evening snack to a pre-meal starter option, this Amul Masti Dahi Tikki cooks to perfection in no time. Also, you can curate your own Amul Masti Dahi Tikki recipe and serve them in case any unexpected guests turn up. As these also have a significant green chilli kick, kids might not like it as much.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few interesting FAQs we answered about Amul Happy Treat’s Amul Dahi Tikki.

1. Is Amul Dahi Tikki just simple Indian Dahi Tikki?

Amul Dahi Tikki has the perfect crunch. The tikki’s are crispy on the outside and soft from the inside. It has a proper blend of seasoning and spices. Tikki’s has a few chunks of green chilies and has a strong onion aroma. The Dahi is mildly sour to taste just like a homemade simple Dahi Tikki.

2. Is Amul Dahi Tikki good for health?

Amul Dahi Tikki has stabilizers, and it is made with refined palm oil. A 100g of Amul Dahi Tikki serving has 31g carbs, 1g fat, and 10g protein. It has a sodium content of 319 mg. It has no micronutrients.

3. Does Amul Dahi Tikki increase weight?

There is no evidence of Amul Dahi Tikki’s increasing weight. Excessive consumption of anything can lead to weight gain or obesity. The proper diet and balanced food can help in weight loss and maintaining a healthy BMI.

4. Is it safe to consume a branded Amul Dahi Tikki for a long time?

As long as you eat frozen food within its shelf life, there is no harm in it. But remember frozen food has stabilizers, oil, and sodium, so it won’t be advised to consume it excessively.

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