Act II Popcorn - Sweet Pani Puri Flavor Popcorn Review
act 2 popcorn

Act II Popcorn – Sweet Pani Puri Flavor Popcorn Review

Act II Popcorn’s new, innovative flavor proves to be a fun snack that instantly reminds you of a meetha-teekha golgappa.

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This pack of Act II popcorn will instantly remind you of a street-style pani puri. The sweet-tangy seasoning is tasty and the popcorns are crunchy. The seasoning to popcorn ratio is balanced as well. We love the innovation behind this product and how an unusual combination actually worked out so well.

When we think of buttery movie theatre popcorn at home, we instantly think of Act II Popcorn. In fact, for more than a decade Act 2 popcorn has been an undisputed champion in the instant popcorn section. While classics like butter and extra butter popcorn remain undefeated, a host of new act 2 popcorn flavors have been well accepted in the Indian market. Another new, rather eclectic flavor is the Act II Sweet Pani Puri Popcorn.

We reviewed this new Act II Popcorn for its taste and crunch. Does the popcorn deliver on the pani puri flavor? If yes, is it tasty? Let’s find out in our review of the Act 2 popcorn. 

Quick Review

act 2 popcorn

The Act II Sweet Pani Puri Popcorn is innovative and delicious!

MRP – Rs 30/-*

Net weight – 59 grams

*Price at the time of review

*As per information on the pack

  • Contains added flavors. 
  • Provides 516 kcal of energy per 100 grams. 
  • Best before 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

Popcorn Sachet: Popping corn, Refined edible palm oil, and Iodised salt.

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

Sweet Panipuri Seasoning Sachet: Sugar, Spices, and condiments (dry mango powder, cumin powder), Iodised Salt, Dehydrated vegetable (tamarind powder), Acidity regulators, Cornstarch and Anti-caking agent.

Quick Review Of Act II Popcorn – Sweet Pani Puri Flavor

Price and packaging – The Act II Popcorn sweet pani puri flavor comes in a green-colored pouch packing. When you open the pouch, there are two separate sachets that hold the popcorn kernels and the pani puri masala. A 59-gram pack of the act 2 popcorn is priced at Rs 30/-.

Act II Popcorn
Act II Pani Puri Popcorn

How to make it – These are not microwavable and are supposed to be made in a vessel on a gas top/induction. We made the Act II Popcorn in a heavy-bottomed saucepan. We did not add any seasoning at the time of popping the kernels. Once the popcorn was made, we sprinkled all the pani puri seasoning on the popped corn and tossed them nicely before serving.

act 2 popcorn
Ready to be popped - Act II Popcorn
act 2 popcorn
The pani puri seasoning

Taste Test – When we got our hands on this product, we weren’t really expecting a flavor punch at all. Because who would think that a strange combination like pani puri and popcorn would work?  Honestly, we never thought it could taste so good. The seasoning tastes of a meethi chutney wala golgappa with a mild tanginess of dry mango powder. 

Usually, when the seasoning is supposed to be added on top of popcorn, the seasoning to popcorn ratio is unbalanced and can get a bit boring to eat. That wasn’t the case here. The popcorn to masala ratio was perfect and coated all the popcorn very evenly. When they both come together, you don’t really feel any of them overpowering the other.

The crunch of the popcorn, like all other Act 2 Popcorn, is very high. You can eat a mouthful of these and still go back for another handful. Definitely an innovative product that delivers on the flavor promised. We love how innovative the product is as no one would expect something like popcorn and pani puri masala to come together and taste nice. 

act 2 popcorn
Act 2 Popcorn - Sweet Pani Puri Flavor

That being said, this is an unusual flavor combination and might have a very limited audience. People might not want to stray away for too long from their regular butter popcorn. People who like to experiment or those who want to keep a variety of munchies during house parties for their guests might buy this pack of Act II Popcorn.

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