Amul French Fries Review - Are These Amul Happy Treats Crunchy?
Amul Fries Happy Treats

Amul French Fries Review – Are These Amul Happy Treats Crunchy?

These Amul Happy Treats are easy to prepare but hard to share. In Mishry’s Amul French Fries Review, we talk about the taste, texture, and other factors.

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4 / 5


The Amul French Fries have the perfect crunch and are tasty. The inside is not hollow and has a chunky potato taste. Since these are not salted, you can spice them as you like. The Amul Happy Treats are a great kid-friendly snack too!

Who can say no to a plate of crunchy and perfectly seasoned french fries? No one! However, getting large potatoes, washing, peeling, cutting them in the perfect shape all seem like a never-ending process. This wait seems more intense when there is a delicious burger lovingly waiting for you to dig into. Say hello to frozen fries! India’s most popular dairy brand has added another fun food item in their range of frozen ready-to-eat products – Amul Happy Treats French Fries. These Amul French Fries come in packs of 200 grams and 425 grams. In our Amul French Fries Review, we cooked several batches, and needless to say, this was a very crunchy taste test!

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Quick Review

amul happy treats french fries

Amul French Fries are quick to cook and seasoned perfectly.

MRP – 68/-*

Net weight – 425 grams

*Price at the time of review

*As per information on the pack

  • Do not thaw.
  • Best before 18 months from manufacture. 
  • Can be made using two ways – deep frying and baked in an air fryer.

Potatoes (92%), Edible vegetable oil (palm oil)

Quick Review Of Amul French Fries

Price and packaging – The Amul French Fries come in a white plastic pouch, which is not resealable. The 425 grams pack of Amul Happy Treats is priced at Rs 68/-.

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Amul French Fries - Packaging

How can you make it – As mentioned on the Amul French Fries pack, there is no need to thaw the contents before cooking. You can cook these frozen fries right out of the freezer. There are two methods of cooking the Amul Happy Treats – deep frying and baking in an air fryer.

How we made it – For the taste test, we chose the deep frying method. We let the vegetable oil heat up and then added the fries to the pan and cooked till they were a light golden brown in color. It took us about three minutes to fry one batch of fries. We observed that all fries had cooked evenly within the same duration.

Amul French Fries - Pre cooking stage

Appearance – We eat with our eyes first. Looking at the Amul French Fries raw, we noticed that all fries looked identical. The length, shape, and thickness of all the fries were consistent. None of the pieces were broken. Talking about how the Amul Happy Treats were sized, they had the perfect length and thickness. The fries were not too thick, nor were they too thin.

Amul French Fries

Taste and texture – As we transferred the fries on the plate, we could hear the crunch before even tasting the Amul Happy Treats. The Amul French Fries have a crispy exterior and are soft and fluffy from the inside. Not only that, there were no hollow pieces, and we could taste the potatoes. As for the potatoes’ taste, they weren’t chalky and had a natural savouriness that was pleasant.

As the list of ingredients mentions, there is no added salt or any other seasoning. This leaves enough room for them to be experimented on to make loaded fries at home or addition of herbs and spices of your choice or even pair them with a spicy dip. Unlike some brands we tried in our review earlier, the Amul French Fries cooked evenly and were not hollow from inside. Give this potato-based snack a go at your next house party or movie night! Have you tried these Amul Happy Treats before? 

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