Amul Butter Cookies Review - We Tried 3 Variants (2023)
amul butter cookies review

Amul Butter Cookies Review – We Tried 4 Variants (2024)

Not only do the ingredients showcase their flavors, but the coconut, raisins, honey, and butter add beautiful textures in the four variants of Amul Butter cookies we reviewed.

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5


Amul cookies come in four different flavors. These cookies are made using a comparatively better source of fat. We tried them all and liked the OG Butter cookies the most, as indicated by the ratings.

A quick, soul-satisfying fix to everything (YES, we believe this solves everything) is chai and biskut (biscuits).

India’s most-trusted dairy brand entered the RTE aisle with its range of frozen foods. Keeping the innovative fire burning, they introduced cookies. For our Amul Butter Cookies review, we ordered four variants- Plain, Oats & Honey, Coconut, and Nuts & Raisins.

Do these cookies have that buttery bite we anticipated?

Here’s a quick glance at all the four reviewed variants of Amul Butter Cookies : 

Amul Butter Cookies  Mishry Rating Buy Now 
Plain  4 Add To Cart 
Oats & Honey  3.75
Coconut  3.5
Nuts & Raisin 2.75

Our Review Factors

What are we looking for? Rich, buttery cookies with a crunchy texture. 

Our review factors for Amul Butter Cookies involves the following parameters: 

1. Flavor 

Any butter cookie is characterized by its rich, buttery and distinct flavor. Apart from a buttery flavor, we expected the sweetness to be balanced and the flavors to be true to their label. There shouldn’t be an oily aftertaste. 

2. Texture

Amul Butter cookies are eggless. Although eggs do not play any vital role in terms of taste, cookies baked without eggs can turn very dense and crumbly if not substituted correctly. Butter cookies are crisp and yet have a melt in the mouth texture. How do the Amul Cookies fare?

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How is the texture of the nuts, oats and raisins?

3. Other Parameters


Once opened, will the cookies retain freshness in the pack, or do they need to be transferred to another container? Is there a tray that holds these cookies?


Broken or intact? Were all the cookies identical in size and thickness? Is the surface cracked? Do these look flat? Are they well-risen?

We also checked for price and shelf life.

Amul Butter Cookies – Detailed Review

1. Plain/Butter

Price + Packaging 

The cookies are neatly stacked in a tray which is covered with a plastic sheet. The tray is then placed in a carton that resembles the color scheme of Amul Butter packaging. A 200 gm pack of Amul Butter Cookies is priced at Rs 65. It offers a shelf life of six months. 


The cookies are chunky-looking, round and thick. They have a well-baked subtle golden surface. The top is ever-so-slightly cracked and is almost identical in thickness. A few cookies were slightly smaller than others. 

Main Ingredients 

The main ingredients are refined wheat flour (maida), butter (25%), sugar, milk solids, liquid glucose, raising agent (E500(ii)), emulsifiers (E481(i)), and added vanilla flavor. 

The USP of these cookies is the use of butter in place of vegetable oils. Though both, butter and oil, are sources of fat, the former is relatively more healthy and lends a better, richer flavor to cookies.

Why, you ask? That’s because butter contains saturated fats that are good for your heart when consumed in moderation. Refined/vegetable oils on the other hand, have a lower antioxidant content and contain unsaturated fats that may cause inflammation.

amul butter cookies packaging
These were neatly stacked in a tray.
amul butter cookies review overview
Rich, buttery, and delicious.


Since these are made with Amul butter, there is a subtle saltiness that balances the sweetness. The rich buttery and milky flavors are desirable. These cookies have a lovely mix of milky and vanilla aroma.


The texture is just right. These cookies have a buttery bite but do not feel too oily or greasy on the palate or fingers. The cookies are well-baked.

Flavor- 4/5
Texture- 4/5
Value For Money- 4/5
  • These cookies are made using 25% butter.
  • It had a subtle yet desirable vanilla aroma.
  • The texture was spot-on! Crisp and buttery.
  • The butter flavor is rich, and not oily or greasy.
  • Taste-wise, the balance of sweetness and saltiness is remarkable.
  • Once opened, you’ll need to transfer the contents to another container.

Kids, adults, everyone is bound to savor these cookies alike. These are rich, buttery, and have the just-right texture. Milk, coffee, tea, Amul Butter cookies would make a great partner for all your favorite warm beverages.

2. Oats and Honey

Price + Packaging 

Amul Butter Cookies Oats & Honey variant comes in a yellow color pack. The 50 gm pack is priced at Rs. 20. It has a shelf life of six months. Our review pack of 50 gm holds six cookies. 


In terms of the appearance, we could spot a lot of oats on these cookies. Gladly, none of the cookies were broken. 

Main Ingredients 

The main ingredients include – Refined wheat flour, butter (25%), rolled oats (17%), sugar, and honey (7%). 

In addition, it has milk solids, raising gents (E 500 (ii), E 503 (ii)), and emulsifiers (E481 (ii)). Plus, it also contains added flavor (Artificial flavoring substances – vanilla).

the packaging of amul butter cookies oats & honey
The packaging of Amul Butter Cookies Oats & Honey.
close look at amul butter cookies oats and honey
These cookies have a generous quantity of oats.


These cookies are quite buttery. The overall sweetness is just right. There is a slight saltiness towards the end. In addition, the mild flavor of vanilla just adds to the deliciousness. 

Another point of appreciation is that oats are generously added here. 


The texture of these cookies is just right. These cookies are the least crumbly from the other variants reviewed. These have a buttery mouthfeel.

Taste - 3.5/5
Texture - 4/5
  • Balanced sweetness. 
  • Very buttery. 
  • Least crumbly texture. 
  • It is made using 25% butter. 
  • There is a generous quantity of oats.

Love oats cookies? Then Amul Butter Cookies Oats & Honey is a must try.

3. Coconut

Price + Packaging 

Amul Butter Cookies Coconut comes in a green color pack. Priced at Rs. 18 (50 gm) it offers a shelf life of six months. The cookies are neatly placed in a semi-rounded dome tray. 


Appearance-wise, these are medium sized cookies. Not too big nor too small. All the cookies appeared well baked. 

Main Ingredients 

The ingredient list mentions the use of the following  – refined wheat flour (maida), desiccated coconut (23%), butter (18%), sugar, milk solids, and liquid glucose. 

In addition, it has raising agents (500 (ii), 503 (ii)), emulsifiers (481 (i)), and artificial flavoring substances (vanilla). 

One of the best parts of Amul Butter Cookies is the fact that these are made using butter and contain no presence of vegetable oil.

the packaging of amul butter cookies coconut
The outer pack of Amul Butter Cookies Coconut.
a close look at the packaging of amul butter cookies coconut
These cookies are well baked.


These cookies have a light coconut flavor that tastes delicious. The flakes of desiccated coconut were evident as we took a bite. The cookies have a nice coconutty and buttery bite. There is a mild natural oiliness of coconut present here. 


All the cookies were baked well, but were extremely crumbly.

Taste - 3.5/5
Texture - 3.5/5
  • All cookies are baked to perfection. 
  • The coconut flavor tastes delicious. 
  • We loved the buttery bite. 
  • Has an inviting aroma of coconuts. 
  • This uses better and no vegetable oil.

If you love coconut cookies, then these coconut butter cookies by Amul are a definite try.

4. Nuts and Raisin

Price + Packaging 

The Nuts & Raisin Amul Butter Cookies are wrapped in a purple color pack. The 50 gm pack is priced at Rs. 21. It comes with a shelf life of six months. 


Our review pack had all broken cookies except one. We could spot oodles of raisins and a few almonds here. 

Main Ingredients 

The main ingredients include – refined wheat flour, butter (21%), sugar, raisin (10%), cashew (4%), almond (3%), milk solids, and desiccated coconut. 

In addition, it also has liquid glucose, raising gents (E 500 (ii), E 503 (ii)), and emulsifiers (E481 (ii)). Further, it contains added flavor (Artificial flavoring substances – vanilla).

the packaging of amul butter cookies nut & raisin
The outer packaging of Amul Butter Cookies Nut & Raisin.
a close look at the packaging of amul butter cookies nut & raisin
These cookies were extremely crumbly in texture.


A point of appreciation here is that these cookies are buttery in its true sense. These cookies taste pretty nice. We really liked the fresh tasting raisins. These big-sized raisins feel quite fresh and jammy. 

What did not work? The way these reached us, and the overly crumbly cookies. Though the ingredients mention the use of desiccated coconut, we could barely feel its taste. 


Texture-wise, we were not really impressed here. These cookies are extremely crumbly and break apart easily.

Taste - 3/5
Texture - 2.5/5
  • These cookies are buttery. 
  • The raisins taste fresh. 
  • It has a generous quantity of raisins.
  • Our review pack had a major number of broken cookies which became quite messy and lowered the entire experience.  
  • The texture is extremely crumbly.

The nuts & raisins cookies will pair up well with any warm beverage of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Amul Butter Cookies.

No. These cookies are not sugar free. They are sweetened with the following ingredients: 

Plain: Sugar and liquid glucose

Oats & Honey: Sugar and honey

Coconut: Sugar and liquid glucose

Nuts & Raisins: Sugar and liquid glucose.

Yes, these cookies can be paired with a beverage of choice.

There are approximately six cookies in one pack.

No. These butter cookies by Amul are not gluten free.

Yes. All the above variants of Amul Butter Cookies contain added flavors.

What’s Our Final Verdict?

Our overall experience of reviewing Amul Butter Cookies was fairly decent. All of these cookies taste buttery and have a crumbly texture. However, the oats and honey cookies were non-crumbly and extremely buttery among all. The best thing about these cookies is that none of these were dry. Another point of appreciation is the use of butter instead of any refined vegetable oil. 

Have you tried Amul Butter cookies yet? Which one is your favorite among the above?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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