Salted Act II Nachoz Review

Salted Act II Nachoz Review

Will the Salted Act II Nachoz be able to impress us? Read our full review.

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  • We loved the balanced salt levels of the Act II Nachoz, leaving room to add other toppings and dips.
  • The corn flavor of the nachos is very nice.
  • The crunch of the nachos was significant and we liked it.

There are a lot of brands in India that have a variety of tortilla chips/nachos in different flavors. While cheese flavored nachos are a crowd-pleaser, jalapeno and salted nachos are not far behind. Act II, a brand long associated with ready to cook popcorn flavors, has launched a range of nachos in five different flavors – Cheese, Jalapeno, Tomato, Green Mango Salsa, and Salted. We tried the Act II Nachoz – Salted variation to test them for crunch, texture and taste. Here is our Quick Review of the Act II Salted Nachoz. Are these tasty and crunchy enough to build a plate of loaded nachos?

Quick Review - Act II Nachoz

act ii nachoz salted

The Salted Act II Nachoz can form the perfect base for loaded nachos at home.

MRP – Rs 70/-*

Net weight – 150 grams

*Price at the time of review

*As per information on the pack

  • This has no additives.
  • Contains palm oil.
  • Provides 472 Kcal of energy per 100 grams.

There are only three ingredients used to make these nachos – Corn, Refined edible palm oil, Iodised salt. There is no mention of additives or preservatives on the pack.

Quick Review Of The Act II Nachoz Salted Flavor

Price and packaging – The Salted Act II Nachoz comes in a blue bag packaging. A 150 gram bag of nachos is priced at Rs 70/-.

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Act II's Salted Nachoz come in a blue bag.

Crunch and texture – The texture of these nachos is bang on. They are very crunchy, and have that significant tortilla chip bite. They are not too thin, nor too thick. These nachos have an appropriate amount of thickness that can take the weight of a chunky dip.

Taste – There are no other key ingredients in this bag of nachos apart from corn. So, yes! We did get that strong corn flavor. The salt levels are very balanced making these nachos an ideal base to add toppings or to be had with a spicy salsa. There is no masala/extra salt residue left on our fingers, which is a good thing.

Act II Nachoz Review

Act II’s Salted Nachoz if had as it is, might seem bland and little stingy on the flavor. But, these would be perfect to be had with a tangy salsa or to make loaded nachos with. These could be great as a movie night snack or when you have friends over.

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