Tata Sampann's Fibre Rich Dosa Mix Is A Must Try!

Tata Sampann’s Fibre Rich Dosa Mix Is A Must Try!

We loved the Tata Sampann Fibre Rich Dosa Mix. Want to know why? Read our quick review.

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WHAT WE LOVED * These dosas cooked perfectly and the consistency of the batter was accurate. * The batter was easy to make and no lumps formed while making it. * The taste of the dosa is very nice and the seasoning is appropriate. * Dosas made using the Tata Sampann Fibre Rich Dosa Mix do not stick to the pan and are very quick and easy to make.

Dosa pre-mixes give us the convenience of just opening up the bag, mixing, and starting up the tawa. On the other hand, when made from scratch, dosas can take up a lot of time, including soaking and grinding. At Mishry have reviewed a lot of instant idli and vada mixes over time, but never a dosa mix. We reviewed the Tata Sampann Fibre Rich Dosa Mix to see if it’s as easy and quick to make as the pack claims.

Are the dosas made using Tata Sampann’s Fibre Rich Dosa Mix as delicious as the ones made using fresh homemade batter? Will they be ready in under 15 minutes as claimed by the brand? Let’s find out!

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Tata Sampann Fibre Rich Dosa Mix

Tata Sampann’s Fibre Rich Dosa Mix made delicious, well cooked dosas that did not stick to our tawa.

MRP – Rs 70/-*

Net weight – 180 grams

*Price at the time of review

*As per information on the pack

  • Makes 8-9 dosas. 
  • Ready in 15 minutes.
  • No added colors and preservatives.
  • Best before 9 months from packaging.
  • Provides 358 Kcal of energy per 100 grams. 
  • 8 grams dietary fibre and 10 grams protein in 100 grams of the dosa mix.

Rice flour, Black gram flour (32%), Brown rice flour (9%), Refined wheat flour, Iodised salt, Anticaking agent, Raising agent, and Fenugreek powder.

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Quick Review Of Tata Sampann Fibre Rich Dosa Mix

Price and packaging – The Tata Sampann Fibre Rich Dosa Mix comes in  pouch packing that is attractively designed. A 180-gram bag of the dosa mix is priced at Rs 70/-.

How to make it – The instructions given on the pack is as follow-

  • Add 1 measure mix and 1½  measure water.
  • Alternatively you can use 1 measure mix with 1 measure water and ½ measure curd to form batter.
  • Set aside for 1-2 minutes.
  • Spread sufficient batter on a hot tawa on medium flame. Add 1 Tbsp oil on the sides.
  • Roast till it is golden brown in color.
  • Serve hot!

Make sure the batter is in pouring consistency that can be evenly spread on the tawa to make the dosas.

Making the batter
Tata Sampann Dosa Mix Batter

How we made it – We made the dosas as per instructions given on the back of the pack. Instead of using vegetable oil, we used ITC Svasti Ghee to make the dosas. Instead of using a dosa tawa, we used a non-stick tawa on an induction cooktop.

Batter being poured on the tawa

We noticed that the batter is easy to make and doesn’t form any lumps. We added a little more water than mentioned on the pack (enough water to turn the batter into flowing consistency), as the batter was making thick dosas to begin with. You can adjust the water quantity according to your preferences. If you like a spongy dosa, keep the batter thicker; but if you are a fan of thin, crispy dosas, we recommended adding a little more water.

The outcome – We were able to make 8 roti-sized dosas from the batter. The dosas came out evenly cooked, and even with minimal oil/fat usage, these did not stick on the tawa. They were not dry or undercooked from inside.

Dosas made using Tata Sampann's Dosa Mix

Flavor notes – The dosa is so tasty on its own that you don’t even need sambar or chutney to dip it in! This dosa has a buttery kaali dal (urad dal) and rice flavor. 

The taste of the dosas is consistent, with the savoriness coming from the black dal, salt and ghee. This made for a very appetizing dosa that you can eat with various accompaniments, from a simple homemade dry vegetable, stews, dal, paneer, and non-veg dishes.

We loved the dosas made using Tata Sampann's Dosa Mix.

These fibre rich dosas can be a nice replacement for your regular rotis, when you want a little change from the daily monotony, and also for when you don’t want to eat sambar/chutney. You could also eat these with a spicy thokku and curd. That being said, it’s not something you could eat daily but will be a good change for a mid-week lunch or dinner.

Thumbs up for the Tata Sampann Fibre Rich Dosa Mix!

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