Aazol Soft Coconut Jaggery Chikki Review - Mishry (2023)
aazol soft coconut jaggery chikki review

5 Mishrys For Aazol’s Soft Coconut Jaggery Chikki (2024)

Coconut and kaakvi, yes that’s all. No nasties, no additives. Aazol Soft Coconut Jaggery Chikki is a granny’s love and affection in a bite.

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Mishry Rating

5 / 5
5 / 5


Green flags only. Aazol Soft Coconut Jaggery chikki is homemade dessert that is prepared with coconut, kaakvi, love, and nothing else.

What makes dessert inevitably sweeter? When it’s handmade with love.

Enhancing our Curated by Mishry series, here is Aazol Soft Coconut Jaggery Chikki review. Labelled a ‘hand-made coconut jaggery snack’, these had us going back for seconds. And thirds. And…, you get the idea.

And here’s why you must add this to cart right away.

Here is all you need to know about Aazol Soft Coconut Jaggery Chikki.

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Aazol Soft Coconut Jaggery Chikki Product Details
Price Rs 225/-
Net Quantity 170-180 grams (10 pieces)
Main Ingredients Coconut, Kaakvi
Mishry Rating 5
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Our Review Factors

Before diving into the review, here are certain facts about Aazol you must know. Their primary aim is to introduce authentic flavors of Maharashtra by sourcing produce from local self-help groups in order to facilitate financial independence for women. All their products are made by hand, in small batches.

What were the parameters we set while reviewing Aazol Homemade Coconut Jaggery Chikki?

The flavor, freshness, texture, and ingredients were our prime parameters.

1. Taste 

Under taste, we gauged how prominent the flavors of the ingredients were and whether or not they tasted fresh. 

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Coconut has a natural sweet, nutty, and slightly milky flavor, was this present? What about the caramel-like sweetness of kaakvi?

2. Texture

This is a soft chikki, which is not something you expect upon hearing the term ‘chikki’. You anticipate peanuts or sesame. This was a different bite altogether.

How is the texture of grated coconut and liquid jaggery (kaakvi)? Did it make the chikki too moist or did it retain a bite?

3. Other Parameters

The price, packaging, shelf life, ingredients were also recorded. 

Aazol Soft Coconut Jaggery Chikki – Detailed Review

Price + Packaging

The packaging had a very homestyle aesthetic to it. The chikki squares were individually wrapped and placed inside the resealable brown pouch. Each chikki was placed in a piece of butter paper and sealed with an olive sticker. 

One pouch holds 10 pieces and is priced at Rs 225/-. This has a six-month shelf life and must be stored in a cool, dry place, in an airtight environment. 

Main Ingredients

Coconut and kaakvi (liquid jaggery) are the only ingredients that go into the making. No additives, preservatives, colors, flavors are used. Thumbs up!

Why is coconut + jaggery a combination grannies swear by?

Coconut is fibrous, high in fats and proteins, and cooling in nature. Jaggery, on the other hand, is a fantastic source of iron and warming- which makes it perfect for winters. 

aazol soft coconut jaggery chikki packing
This had a simple yet attractive packaging.
aazol soft coconut jaggery chikki contents
The chikkis were wrapped individually.

Aroma + Appearance

This was a decent-sized square (approx 5×5 cm) that had a light golden brown appearance. As stated in the ingredient list, this smelled exactly like fresh coconut and jaggery. 

Taste + Texture

The texture wasn’t like a hard chikki, it was chewy and fibrous like grated coconut is. Soft and flaky, these coconut flakes linger on after the bite is finished. 

PS- this is quite sticky, but we loved it. Remove from the paper carefully.

The taste was fresh, natural, and JUST PERFECT. Balanced sweetness from jaggery and naturally from coconut, plus the nutty flavor of coconut was impressive. What we liked even better was that both ingredients were shining through equally. As mentioned above, this was fresh, there were no stale flavors of coconut gone bad or underlying caramely bitterness of jaggery.

aazol soft coconut jaggery chikki appearance
Soft, chewy, aromatic, and full of fresh flavors.
Taste- 5/5
Texture- 5/5
  • Individually wrapped
  • Clean ingredients
  • Fresh taste
  • Commendable bite
  • Bite-sized, calorie-friendly

Dessert cravings post a carb-rich meal? Need a healthy dessert alternative? Something that fits your calorie budget? On a clean eating journey? If you answered yes to any of these (or all), we recommend ordering Aazol Soft Coconut Jaggery Chikki.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Aazol homemade coconut jaggery chikki.

It contains no refined sugar, it is sweetened with jaggery. 

Yes, you can consume this as an energy bar. The carbohydrates from jaggery will provide energy, while fiber and fats from coconut will provide sustained energy by slowing down digestion.

Yes, it contains no gluten.

No, this is devoid of any additives, no flavors, colors, preservatives. Aazol Soft Coconut chikki is made with only coconut and kaakvi (liquid jaggery).

Buy or Bye-bye?

Clean, fresh, nutritious, and delicious- Aazol Coconut Jaggery Chikki was one of Mishry’s favorite desserts this year. A nutritious fix for your cravings or something sweet to nibble on between meals, or pair with your tea/coffee, we highly recommend you to try this deliciousness.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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