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aashirvaad instant mini idli sambar review

Aashirvaad Instant Mini Idli Sambar Review

A sambar that lacked tang and idlis with no fluffiness. Aashirvaad Instant Mini Idli Sambar was disappointing.

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Mishry Rating

Idli (Taste, Texture and Fluffiness)
2 / 5
Sambar (Taste)
2 / 5
Overall Experience
2 / 5


We liked the convenient packaging of the product. However, the taste and texture of the idli were not up to the mark. The lack of tang in the sambar and the unappetizing taste was not appreciated.

Idli and Sambar are a classic combination that no one wants to mess or experiment with. A bowl of piping hot tangy sambar and a couple of soft idlis are soul-soothing. So when we found out that there is an instant ready to eat idli sambar meal which gets ready in just 8 minutes, we couldn’t help but try this product out.

We reviewed the Aashirvaad Instant Mini Idli Sambar to gauge its taste and texture. Even though we did not expect homemade freshness, quality, or texture from this packaged meal, we did not expect the Aashirvaad Instant Mini Idli Sambar meal to be this low on flavor. Here’s why ready to eat idli by Aashirvaad did not fare well for us.

Aashirvaad Instant Mini Idli Sambar

packaging of aashirvaad instant mini idli sambar meal

This instant idli-sambar meal is not worth a buy. Thumbs down for the Aashirvaad Instant Mini Idli Sambar.

MRP – Rs 75/-*

Net weight – 75 grams

*Price at the time of review

*As per information on the pack

  • Provides 259 Kcal of energy per 100 grams.
  • No added preservatives.
  • It comes with a spoon inside.

The Aashirvaad Instant Mini Idli Sambar comes in a red-orange disposable container. There is a spoon inside that makes the packaging very travel friendly. A 75-gram pack is priced at Rs 75/-.

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Quick Review Of The Aashirvaad Instant Mini Idli Sambar

Read below our detailed review on ready-to-eat Idli Sambar mix by Aashirvaad. Our findings are totally unbiased. We tasted and reviewed it on the basis of multiple parameters.


For Idli: Water, Rice (30.6%) Urad Dal, Rice flakes (2.9%), Iodised Salt, and Raising agent.

For Sambar: Toor dal, sugar, rice, iodized salt, refined palm oil, besan, ghee, starch, dehydrated onion (2.5%), tamarind concentrate, spices and condiments, dehydrated potato (1.7%), curry leaves (1.6%), coriander leaves (1.6%), dehydrated carrot (1.4%), red chilli (0.9%), acidity regulator, mustard (0.5%), compounded asafoetida and stabilizer.

ingredients list of aashirvaad idli sambar meal
Ingredients list mentioned on the packaging of Aashirvaad instant mini idli sambar meal

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How to make it

These are the instructions given on the back of the pack of Aashirvaad Idli Sambar Meal-

  • Remove contents from the cup and add boiling water till watermark.
  • Empty the mini idli sambar pouches into the cup and mix well.
  • Keep the lid closed for 8 minutes and mix well.
  • Mini Idli Sambar is ready to eat.

We followed the instructions as per the pack. The instant meal was ready in 8 minutes. If you are using this to eat at home, we advise that you put it in a bowl that retains heat instead of the given container.

idli and sambhar mix
Idli and Sambar Mix

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Taste and texture 

Let’s discuss idlis first. The idlis made from the Aashirvaad idli sambar meal are super hard upon opening the pack, and we expected them to soften and plump up when we added hot water. After heating the meal, even though the idlis soften up a bit, the texture was not up to the mark. In fact, the moment we took a bite the idlis just disintegrated. The taste and texture of these idlis were far from the rice idlis we usually eat. 

Now coming to the sambar. The vegetables in the Aashirvaad idli sambar meal rehydrated very nicely. The crunch from carrots and onions was good, but the overall taste of the sambar was extremely average. Homemade, street-style and even restaurant quality sambar have one thing in common – the tang. The sambhar of the Aashirvaad instant Mini idli sambar meal was not appetizing and lacks that signature tanginess.

mini idlis in the idli sambar meal by aashirvaad
Idlis in the Aashirvaad’s ready to eat meal
sambar mix
Sambar mix in the Aashirvaad’s ready to cook and eat meal.

Final Verdict

In a time where instant meals are getting better and are tasting closer to homemade flavors, we did expect a better product. For Rs 75, you can get a tastier plate of idli sambar from a street-side vendor in India. The Aashirvaad Instant Mini Idli Sambar failed to impress us.

idli and sambar after adding hot water
Ready to Eat Idli and Sambar meal by Aashirvad was not appetizing.

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