Aarafh Premium Kashmiri Shahi Qawah Tea - Mishry Review
aarafh premium kashmiri shahi qawah tea review

Aarafh Premium Kashmiri Shahi Qawah Tea – Mishry Review

Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah effortlessly dissolves in water. With mild saffron and cardamom flavors, this tea is overly sweet.

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The Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah tea was a bit too sweet for our liking. It is made using traditional Qawah ingredients. However, the traditional Qawah flavor was diluted.

Digestive and warming, a cup of kehwa is perfect for wintery evenings. Qawah tea is one such beverage that offers taste, aroma, and a bunch of health benefits- all packed in a cup. Qawah, Kehwa or Kahwa is traditionally known as the green tea preparation consumed by those in Afghanistan, Pakistan, certain parts of Central Asia, and also the Kashmir Valley. 

Ideally, Kashmiri Qawah is made using warming spices along with a few nuts and dry fruits. To skip the boiling and waiting process, we tried an instant Qawah mix. A cup of hot water was all we needed for our Aarafh Premium Kashmiri Shahi Qawah tea review. 

Can the Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah replace our aromatic and delicately brewed cup of kehwa? Let’s find out. 

Packed in a deep green jar, the Aarafh Premium Kashmiri Shahi Kawah tea is an instant traditional tea mix. As described by the brand, the Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah is a green tea preparation spiced with saffron, green cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, and other herbs. 

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We ordered the 250 gm jar of the Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah online. Could we taste all the spices used? What about the sweetness? And the mixing abilities of the Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah? Team Mishry’s Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah tea review has it all covered!

aarafh kashmiri shahi packaging.
Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi packaging.

1. Ingredients 

Green tea, green cardamom, ginger, saffron, and sugar are the primary ingredients used in the Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah.

2. Taste

 Kehwa is typically made using whole spices like cinnamon, cardamom and saffron. This is mostly consumed during the colder days as the spices warm the body internally. This fragrant green tea preparation is generally light on the palate and perfect as a post-dinner beverage.

For our review, we mixed this instant tea powder in a cup of boiling hot water. What we tasted was sweetened water with an extremely mild qawah taste. The Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah lacked the green tea taste too. 

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3. Flavor

The authentic Qawah flavor from the Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah was minimal. 

What we could majorly taste was a diluted and an overly sweet Qawah. In addition to this, we also noticed mild flavors of green cardamom and cinnamon. The saffron flavor too was barely there!

4. Aroma

Just like taste and flavors, the aroma of the Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah was mild and sweet-smelling. 

aarafh kashmiri shahi qawah before adding to water.
Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah before adding to water.

5. Refreshing Factor

A warm cup of green tea is light on the tummy and palate. Additionally, owing to its mild taste, green tea can also be consumed after a carbohydrate-rich meal.

The Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah however, is too sweet. It does not taste like green tea, hence the refreshing factor derived from this tea mix is negligible. 

aarafh shahi qawah when mixed with water.
Aarafh Shahi Qawah when mixed with water.

6. Price

We ordered the 250 gm jar from Amazon. The 250 gm jar Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah Tea Price is INR 260. 

7. Nutritional Facts

Following is the nutritional value per 100 gm of Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah tea-

399 calories, 92 grams of carbohydrates (out of which 89 grams is sugar), 1 gram of protein. 

8. Availability

Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah tea can be availed on e-commerce websites like Amazon. You would also find this instant tea mix at hypermarkets/ departmental stores. 

Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah tea is available in jars of 250 and 600 gm. You can also avail the 5 gm sachets of the same. 

Aarafh Premium Kashmiri Shahi Kahwa Tea – Detailed Review

Parameters Aarafh Premium Kashmiri Shahi Kahwa Tea
Price Rs 260
Ingredients Green tea, green cardamom, saffron, cinnamon, ginger,and sugar.
  • 5 gm sachets
  • 250 gm jar
  • 600 gm jar
Shelf life 12 months
Calories 399 calories per 100 grams
Form factor A smooth powder

The Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah is an instant tea mix that comes in the form of powder. This smooth-textured powder is white in color and had a few lumps in its dry stage.

That being said, when we added the recommended quantity (1 tsp of Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah to 200 ml of boiling water) it effortlessly dissolved without forming any lumps. 

Once mixed, our beverage had a saffron-yellow which was unlike traditional Qawah. We also noticed how the saffron strands had set to the bottom of the cup. 

Qawah is often referred to Kashmiri Qawah due to the ingredients that go in the making and the climatic conditions of the region. Saffron and whole spices that are also used in the Kashmiri cuisine are warm in nature. To keep the body warm from within, these spices are brewed with green tea in a samovar

Following are some more details from our Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah tea review:


  • Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah is a ready-to-use tea mix. 
  • The ingredients are green tea, green cardamom, cinnamon, saffron, ginger, and sugar.
  • It comes in a powdered form that is smooth, not coarse.
  • This product is made in Kashmir.
  • It has a shelf life of 12 months. 


  • Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah dissolves in water effortlessly. 
  • We could taste mild flavors of all the spices used.
  • The saffron strands were visible. 


  • This ready-to-use Qawah is too sweet as opposed to the traditional taste.
  • There is no taste of green tea, whatsoever. 
  • When mixed in water, we got a yellow concoction that does not resemble the color of the original Qawah.
  • The flavor of the aromatics is too weak. 

Best Suited For

If you don’t mind the overly sweet flavor and are looking for a quick fix post-meals, the Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah might be something you would want to try. 

Although the characteristic flavors of a Qawah are present, they are exceptionally mild. All in all, this product is over-sweetened water with Qawah flavor undertones. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Aarafh Premium Kashmiri Shahi Kahwa Tea

1. What is the Aarafh Premium Kashmiri Shahi Kahwa Tea?

It is an instant tea mix in powdered form.

2. How to prepare the Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah?

You are recommended to add one teaspoon of the tea powder to a cup of boiling hot water. 

3. What are the ingredients used in Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah?

Green tea, green cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and sugar are the ingredients used for Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah.

4. What is Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah price?

A 250 gm jar is priced at Rs 260.

5. How to store Aarafh Premium Kashmiri Shahi Kahwa Tea?

You are recommended to store the jar in a cool and dry place.

Summing Up Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah

There you have it- Team Mishry’s Aarafh Kashmiri Shahi Qawah tea review.

This tea mix makes for a convenient option which is also low in caffeine. However, the sweetness levels were a little too much for us. This instant Qawah tea mix blends seamlessly in water and also gives mild Qawah flavors. 

Have you tried an instant kehwa mix before? If yes, how was your experience? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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