5 Side-Effects Of Chia Seeds That You Should Know About
Chia Seed Side Effects

5 Side-Effects Of Chia Seeds That You Should Know About

‘Big things come in small packages’ and this saying perfectly applies to Chia seeds. This superfood contains healthy omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, antioxidants, and calcium. But did you know it has some side-effects too?

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The rich in fiber, chia seed is now one of the hottest health foods to have made its presence felt on the plate of a health-conscious individual. Known for its spectacular benefits, such as aiding in weight loss and lowering blood pressure, the demand for chia seeds is always rising. However, the one thing you should note, if you are looking to add chia seeds to your daily diet, is that anything eaten in an untimely and mixed up manner, could, to say the least, have adverse side-effects of chia seeds on the individual’s health.


Here are some of the side-effects that might be associated with heavy consumption of chia seeds | Side Effects Of Chia Seeds:

 1. Excessive Fibers – Can Cause Indigestion


As we know that chia seeds are filled with dietary fiber, the heavy intake of chia seeds will cause high fiber intake. Since fiber is quite hard to digest and may eventually slow down the digestive system, a higher intake of such dietary fibers would ultimately lead to weight gain, which would completely undo the weight loss factor of chia seeds. This might further cause constipation and diarrhea.


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5 Side-Effects Of Chia Seeds That You Should Know About
A higher intake of dietary fiber will undo the weight loss factor of chia seeds.



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2. Can Increase The Risk Of Choking

As the chia seeds are consumed in their natural solid-state, it is important to note that you should eat only a handful in one go, as they might get stuck in your throat, thus increasing the risk of choking. However, in order to make chia seeds travel easily through the throat, they are commonly consumed alongside other liquids such as fruit juices or soaked in water.

Chia seeds have the property of forming a jelly-like film above their surface due to which it becomes soft and quite easy to consume.

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3. Allergic Reactions

Since the recent rise in the demand for chia seeds, several incidents have been reported in which the individuals have claimed to be allergic to chia seeds. Though such incidents are not as common as that in the case of nuts and milk, still it is a point to be considered. So, if you are to this superfood, it is advised that you consult a physician before including chia seeds in your diet.


4. Must Not Be Consumed With Other Medication

The high fiber content in chia seeds is responsible for slowing down our digestive system, which results in the lowering of our insulin resistivity and also lowers the blood’s glucose level. Thus, it is advised to not consume chia seeds while on your diabetes medication, as it can lower your blood glucose level beyond its normal point.


5. Chia Seeds may show Blood Thinning Effect

Some of the benefits associated with the consumption of chia seeds arise due to the presence of omega-3 fatty acids. But heavy consumption of these omega-3s can have blood-thinning effects, thus reducing the rate of blood clotting.

Though the side-effects of heavy consumption of chia seeds might sound extreme, if consumed responsibly, none of these side-effects would occur in the first place.

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5 Side-Effects Of Chia Seeds That You Should Know About
Heavy consumption of these omega-3s can have blood-thinning effects, thus reducing the rate of blood clotting.


What Is An Ideal Chia Seeds Consumption Per Day?

Keeping into account the nutrient content present in chia seeds, it is advised that your daily consumption should not be more than 3tbps. Daily consumption of chia seeds results in a high-fiber and protein-rich diet. However, make sure that you keep experimenting with it, or otherwise you might get bored.

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How To Use Chia Seeds In Your Daily Diet


  1. One of the best and simplest ways to use chia seeds is to just add them to water and drink it throughout the day.
  2. You can add chia seeds to your glassful of smoothies, making them an even healthier drink. Make sure to soak them in water before adding them to any smoothie.
  3. Add these tiny seeds to your salads that will not only make them healthier but also add a crunchy texture.
  4. If you love baking your own pieces of bread, you could add a teaspoonful of chia seeds to your bread dough, which will help increase their nutritional value.
  5. You could also add chia seeds to a bowlful of yogurt to give it a good texture, or you could add it in powdered form to avoid the crunch.
  6. Mix your own favorite nuts and seeds together and enjoy it as a healthy snack.

Chia seeds are extremely versatile and healthy, only if they are eaten in a limited quantity.


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