5 Ingredients That You Can Make Kheer With During Navratri
navratri fast friendly ingredients for kheer

5 Ingredients That You Can Make Kheer With During Navratri

Bye-Bye Rice! We created a list of 5 ingredients that you can use to make a bowl of kheer during your Navratri feast..errr..fast.

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Navratri is a mix of feasting and fasting. But it also means that certain ingredients are not allowed while you fast including grains like rice and wheat. If you’re someone who doesn’t mind experimenting in the kitchen, may we suggest these five vrat-friendly ingredients to make a bowl of rich, creamy kheer.

Here are all ingredients you would need for kheer for Navratri.

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5 Ingredients That You Can Make Navratri-Friendly Kheer With

Some healthy, some rich – but all absolutely delicious!

1. Sabudana Kheer

A kheer with sabudana? We got you! A staple during Navratri fasting, sabudana (tapioca pearls) can be turned into a rich, creamy bowl of kheer. Infact, when we tested four brands of sabudana one contender in particular made a kheer that was the creamiest and the pearls plumped up the best. 

Add saffron, cardamom and lots of almonds to make your kheer tastier. Eat it chilled or warm as per your liking.

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Stock up on these Navratri fast-friendly ingredients.

2. Makhana Kheer

Ah, makhanas! Foxnuts are a calcium-rich ingredient that you can experiment with during Navratri. A rich, rabdi-like kheer with makhana and generous amounts of nuts can be a winner in your home. Make sure you chill this before consumption. Hot makhana kheer isn’t as palatable. 

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3. Wholesome Samak Kheer

Not just khichdis and pulaos, samak ke chawal are excellent to make a bowl of kheer. Taste and texture wise, they come very close to suji kheers. This is wholesome and best consumed warm.

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4. Sugar Free Apple Kheer

All you need are a couple of grated apples and some milk. If you’re trying to cut down on your sugar intake, this kheer is the best way to do it. The natural sugars of apple can be sufficient for your bowl of kheer. Healthy and delicious, all wrapped into a single bowl.  Add green cardamom to enhance the flavor further.

5. A Low-Carb Lauki Kheer

We saved the best for last. Don’t be shocked! Lauki ki kheer is not as dreadful as it sounds. After roasting the grated lauki (bottle gourd) in little ghee, add some jaggery and cook with milk and cardamom till creamy. It packs in unexpected flavor, is comparatively low-carb, and will be a surprise for everyone at home. Serve hot or cold, as per your preference.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have answered a few interesting FAQs about how to make kheer during Navratri.

Yes, adequate consumption of kheer during the Navratri fast is healthy. It gives an instant energy boost and is a great option for people with a sweet tooth.

During Navratri, you can have different vrat friendly kheer such as sabudana kheer, rice kheer and makhana kheer.

Kheer is also known as payasam or sweet rice pudding.

Kheer can be served both warm and cold. You can freeze kheer but make sure to seal it tightly or store it in an airtight container before freezing.

Kheer is good for health, but not for people with diabetes or weight loss. You can replace refined sugar with a healthier version of sweetener to make it healthy with fewer calories.


This Navratri try these five different ingredients vrat friendly kheer.

Do you have any interesting Navratri specific recipes, tips, and tricks? Let us know in the comment section below.

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