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goeld papaya halwa review

Goeld Papaya Halwa Review – Ready To Eat Frozen Halwa

Goeld Papaya Halwa has a well balanced sweetness and gooey texture. An in-depth review on the product covered below.

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Mishry Rating

3 / 5
3 / 5
Nutri Label/Ingredients
3 / 5


Goeldu2019s Papaya Halwa is convenient for sure, but the taste and texture requires some improvement. The halwa was a tad bit over roasted, which in turn impacted the taste. Despite the presence of sugar and condensed milk, we appreciate the balanced sweetness. This has no preservatives.

Ready to eat halwas are a boon for those who struggle to make them from scratch. Especially for people living alone and students living in hostels, ready-to-eat halwa packs a lot of convenience and ease. All you need to do is open, heat and dig in. Satisfy those sweet cravings in a matter of minutes.

When we think of halwas, we instantly shift to the more rich, decadent ones like atta, gajar, suji, and moong dal. No one really associates halwa with papaya. But here we have a frozen papaya halwa by Goeld. Intrigued, we picked up the Goeld Papaya Halwa from a local store. It was tested for its taste, texture, and sweetness levels. All the details you need to know in our Goeld Papaya Halwa review.

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GOELD Papaya Halwa Product Details 
Price  Rs. 150
Net Quantity  250 gm
Mishry Rating  3
Shelf Life 12 months

Our Review Factors

What are we looking for? Contrary to what you may think, papaya halwas are not unpopular. Made using ripe, semi-ripe or raw papayas, this halwa can be made with or without a sweetener depending on the ripeness of the fruit. They are relished for their naturally sweet, thick, jammy qualities. We were looking for similar features in the ready-to-eat halwa.

For Goeld Papaya Halwa review, we have taken into account the following review factors : 

1. Taste

What is the point of a frozen product, if it’s not tasty? Convenience isn’t the only thing we aim at. Which is why taste is a prime and crucial factor. In terms of taste, we were looking at taste of the collective bite. How delicious is the halwa? Do all the aromatics come together? The level of sweetness, aftertaste, flavor of ghee and freshness were all considered. 

2. Texture & Appearance

The time taken to roast any halwa impacts the overall texture and appearance. We gauged here how well roasted the halwa is? Lightly or well-roasted? Is the texture liquidy, thick, or gooey and jammy? Has the roasting changed the color of the papaya? 

3. Nutrition Label

  • Main Ingredients – We check for the use of any preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or artificial colors? The main ingredients include – Papaya (60%), Sugar, Clarified Butter, Milk powder, Condensed milk, Fresh milk, Dry fruits, and Cardamom. Contains Allergens : Milk, Milk Products and Nuts.
  • Nutritional Information – Per 100 gm, Goeld Papaya Halwa contains 253.68 kcal of energy, 7.28 gm of fat, 2.54 gm of protein, and 34.6 gm of total sugar. The pack says it’s rich in dietary fibre, VItamin A and C, but the nutrition label does not mention the details. 

4. Product Details

goeld papaya halwa packaging
The front packaging of GOELD Papaya Halwa.
  • Packaging – Goeld Papaya Halwa comes in a pink color box pack. A transparent square-shaped plastic tray holds the halwa inside the box. The tray is secured with a film on top. 
  • Price – The price for a 250 gm pack is Rs 150/-. 
  • Shelf Life – The shelf life is 12 months. 

GOELD Papaya Halwa – Detailed Review

Method Of Preparation: We heated the halwa as per the instructions mentioned in the box. Before heating the halwa, we punctured the top film of the tray in 3 to 4 places. We then placed the tray in the microwave on medium power for around 5 to 6 minutes. After that, we discarded the top film and reheated the halwa again for about a minute.

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goeld papaya halwa before heating in a microwave
First look at the GOELD Papaya halwa.

Our Experience

Texture: After heating, the halwa has a brown color appearance. It is combined well. The use of ingredients (condensed milk and milk powder) binds the halwa well. The overall texture of the halwa was gooey. It was not dry.

before and after look of goeld papaya halwa
GOELD Papaya Halwa combines well post heating in a microwave!

Taste Test: Although two sweeteners (sugar and condensed milk) are added to the halwa, it does not feel overly sweet. The halwa had tiny bits of cashews. It also contains raisins which taste fresh. The papaya strands add a delicate bite in between. There is a slight flavor of cardamom in this halwa.

Overall, the halwa did not taste either bad or exceptional. We felt the halwa was a tad bit over-roasted.

It is best to have this halwa when it is piping hot. As the halwa cools down, the fat starts sticking to the palette. 

Taste - 3/5
Texture & Appearance - 3/5
Nutrition Label - 3/5

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  • The sweetness is well-balanced. 
  • Raisins taste fresh and are plumpy. 
  • The cashew bits add a nice bite.
  • We liked the packaging of this halwa. 
  • It is free from added preservatives, colors, and flavors. 
  • This halwa is made at 100% vegetarian kitchens.
  • We felt the halwa was slightly over-roasted. 
  • As it starts to cool down, the halwa does not taste pleasant. 

People who like and have tried papaya halwa before, might like the one by Goeld. But for people trying papaya halwa for the first time, we do not highly recommend the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Goeld Papaya Halwa.

A 250 gm pack of Goeld Papaya Halwa is sufficient to serve 2 to 3 people.

Yes. Apart from sugar, Goeld Papaya Halwa contains additional sweeteners in the form of condensed milk.

Yes, Goeld Papaya Halwa has 0 gm of trans fat.

The brand mentions storing this halwa at -18 degrees Celsius or below. It further adds not to refreeze the halwa after defrosting.

No. Goeld Papaya Halwa does not contain any preservatives.

To Conclude

Our review experience of Goeld Papaya Halwa was a decent one. We loved the tiny bits of cashews and the fresh-tasting raisins. The halwa appeared slightly over-roasted, which we did not appreciate. We feel that this halwa has scope for more improvement in terms of the taste and texture.

Are you a fan of papaya halwa? Do let us know in the comments below.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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