10 Striking Benefits Of Caraway Seeds| Side-Effects| Best Time To Have
health benefits of caraway seeds

10 Striking Benefits Of Caraway Seeds| Side-Effects| Best Time To Have

While most don’t know the benefits of caraway seeds, these fiber-filled seeds have more to them than meets the eye. From aiding in weight loss to delaying the signs of aging, the health benefits of consuming caraway seeds is a long list of one’s essential needs.

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Popularized by its use in Middle Eastern cuisine, and also called meghli, which in itself is a popular sweet-dish during Ramadan, Caraway seeds or meridian fennel is a cultivated plant that is widely circulated throughout the whole of Europe.

After being introduced to various cuisines from all across the world, it is quite hard to ignore the health benefits linked with the addition of these seeds into your daily diet. It is used as a spice, and also added to baked goodies such as bread, adding to their nutritional value, it is a great choice for a healthy lifestyle.

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Benefits of Caraway Seeds

As we don’t aim to keep you waiting, here is the list of some extra-ordinary health benefits associated with the consumption of caraway seeds:

1. Tackles Pre-Mature Ageing

Caraway seeds are rich in manganese, an anti-oxidant enzyme that is responsible for reducing the risk of cellular damage caused by free radicals. This damage to our cells caused by free radicals is proven to be the ultimate cause of aging.

Thus, by reducing the probability of such an event, consumption of this manganese filled seeds can actually slow down your aging process.

2. Aids The Digestive System

Fibers are one of the most vital nutrients when it comes to digestive health.

Present in a sufficient quantity in a serving of caraway seeds, fibers are responsible for the increased production of gastric juices, which makes it easier for the system to efficiently digest the food while also absorbing the nutrients required for its functioning.

caraway seeds
The fiber loaded caraway seeds are responsible for increasing the body’s metabolism, as fiber is harder to digest, it takes the body extra effort in order completely digest a fiber filled caraway seed, thus burning more calories.

3. Perfect For Sugar Control

Once again, thanks to the fiber content in caraway seeds, its’ consumption also contributes to the lowering of your blood glucose level. One of the most important facts about fibers is that they are hard to digest, and thus it requires your stomach some extra time in order to process them.

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So, by slowing down our digestive system, fibers are responsible for reducing the insulin resistivity of our system, as the pancreas are provided with enough time to secrete a large quantity of insulin to tackle the rising glucose level by breaking up the sugar molecules.

4. Loaded With Zinc

Zinc is one of those minerals which are quite useful for the efficient working of our body. Responsible for attacking infectious cells and mutated genes, caraway seeds, which contain a massive quantity of zinc, is responsible for strengthening your immune system, and helps improve your overall bone health.

5. Improves Cognitive Functioning

Iron, the mineral required for the production of hemoglobin (a cell in your blood which is used to transport oxygen throughout the body), is found in caraway seeds in abundance.

A high-iron diet, which might be the result of daily consumption of caraway seeds, would help you by aiding in the production of more hemoglobin, which would, in turn, increase the amount of oxygen flowing to your brain, and your nervous system, thus increasing your cognitive ability.

6. Improves Sleeping Habit

Thanks to the presence of magnesium, the caraway seeds, helps in the production of GABA, a chief inhibitory neurotransmitter that is used for the promotion of good sleep.

7. Anti-Bacterial In Nature

Caraway seeds are quite helpful when it comes to fighting off bacterial illnesses. This beneficial factor of caraway seeds is contributed by the herbal oils found in them, which are also known to be natural inhibitors of the growth and replication of bacteria strain, thus aiding your immune system in fighting bacteria.

8. Healthy Skin

These seeds are a good source for vitamin E, a macro-nutrient required to keep our skin healthy by increasing its water-retaining properties. Moreover, though the concentration of vitamin C is quite less in caraway seeds as compared to that of vitamin E, its quantity is significant enough in order to keep our skin healthy by increasing the production of collagen.

Collagen is a protein the provides our skin with its structural integrity and is generally lost as aging sets in. A diet rich in both vitamin E and C is vital to maintaining the elasticity of the skin, thereby delaying signs of aging such as fine lines and dryness.

9. Improves Cardiovascular Health

One of the main reasons for poor heart health can be termed as high blood pressure. However, the abundance of minerals in caraway seeds might just be the thing of your need. These minerals are responsible for tacking the adverse effects of high-salt concentration in your blood, which is responsible for making it hard for the excess water to leave your cells, thus increasing your blood pressure.

So, a mineral-rich diet, caused by the ingestion of caraway seeds, would help in the removal of excess water from your body, thus lowering your blood pressure.

10. Improves Intestinal Health

Caraway seeds are loaded with carvone, a chemical that is responsible for improving our intestinal health and is also anti-helminthic (a worm that is usually found in our intestine) in nature, a diet consisting of regulated consumption of caraway seeds can be quite beneficial for your intestinal health.

Adverse Effects Of Caraway Seeds

It is also important to take note of the adverse effects that can be caused by the excessive consumption of caraway seeds. Though the list demonstrating the benefits of these seeds is quite long and impressive, it is wise to reserve your judgment until after you take a look at its side-effects.

One of the most common side-effects associated with the heavy consumption of caraway seeds is the formation of kidney stones. These can occur as the seeds contain a large number of minerals. Though most of the minerals usually link themselves with the carbohydrates and fats, the remaining free mineral particles form a thin lining over the kidneys which could later result in the formation of kidney stones.

The high fiber content of caraway seeds might just make you gain some kilos if not consumed in a regulated fashion. Since, the seeds are loaded with fiber, having too much of them would mean that it will take your stomach a long time to completely digest (since fibers are indigestible), filling you up and storing carbs in the form of fats.

Too much of caraway seeds might be enough to dehydrate your cells, as it makes it easier for the water to escape your cells. So, be mindful of how much of these seeds you consume.

Best Time To Have Caraway Seeds

As it can be concluded by the benefits, the best time to have caraway seeds, without a doubt, is morning time. A high-fiber and protein-loaded breakfast is what everyone needs in order to start their day with a fresh mind and sufficient energy, the addition of caraway seeds helps you do just that.

Moreover, introducing caraway seeds into your diet as part of breakfast might just keep you filled for long and prevent you from over-eating, which is the very first step towards weight-loss.

The essential oils, minerals, fibers, and proteins work together to make it a superfood for our health. From maintaining our blood pressure to maintaining our skin, caraway seeds are an all-rounder food item that helps you take care of yourself responsibly.

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