10 Amazing Benefits And Everyday Uses Of Camphor (Karpur)
benefits and uses of camphor kapur

10 Amazing Benefits And Everyday Uses Of Camphor (Karpur)

Camphor, or kapur is known to come handy for relieving cold and cough, acting as a skin soother, helping aid digestion, and relieving cramps. Know more about the benefits and uses of this aromatic component.

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Camphor (or kapur as it is commonly known in India), is derived from the tree that is botanically named Cinnamomum Camphor. While the origins of the tree come from Japan, this popular tree now grows all over Asia with Indonesia being the largest producer. There are no seasons for this tree and it grows all year round thereby ensuring a good supply of camphor all through the year. There are lots of benefits of camphor that you may not know about. From helping you fight a cold and cough, camphor is used in a variety of way every day around us. There is only less than 5% camphor oil that can be extracted from one tree of camphor. Camphor oil starts oozing from the trees when they are over fifty years old and then the same oil goes through a process of distillation after which camphor is derived. Camphor has a bright white color and has a distinct, strong smell which sensitive noses can classify as pungent.

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Benefits Of Camphor

Let us look through some of the uses and benefits of camphor.



1. Give Relief in Cold And Cough

One of the major benefits of camphor is that it plays an integral part in the production of rubs and sprays that aid in clearing colds and nasal congestion. Camphor is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and that is predominantly why it figures on the ingredient list of most Ayurvedic and other medicines in Naturopathy. These rubs are very effective in the treatment of cough and cold even in toddlers and babies as they tend to work on the chest congestion without hurting the skin of the young ones. This is a preferred medicine for babies as there are no chemicals in this composition.


2. Repellent

Attributing to its pungent and distinctive smell, camphor is a much sought-after component in the production of repellents. Most household insects including mosquitoes, rats, cockroaches, ants, and lizards are driven away by the smell of camphor and hence this is used in its simple form or combination with other chemicals as a repellent. Ants particularly are put away by the smell of camphor and this is the best bet to keep our homes free of ants. Since most repellents in the market use poisonous chemicals, using camphor is a good, natural alternative as there are almost no side effects in this repellent.



3. Acts As A Skin Soother

Most balms and creams that are used either as moisturizers or wound healers have camphor as one of their major components owing to the element’s soothing properties. Most moisturizers, burn creams, wound healing creams have camphor as an important ingredient. The oil has a remedial property and this has been rightfully used in these balms both as a beauty product as well as a medicine.


4. For Cracked Heels

As camphor is a soothing agent like we already saw, it plays a big role in reversing the condition of chapped heels. Cracked feet can be very painful and in most cases is a common occurrence for people with dry skin. Since having dry and cracked heels can be a hindrance to daily life apart from being a cosmetic issue, there are many creams and lotions out in the market that claim to be the panacea for this issue. The one thing that almost all these creams have in common is the presence of camphor in them. Camphor hydrates the skin, turning it moist and soft thereby reducing the possibility of cracking further. Regular use of the creams with camphor oil is sure to bestow beautiful and soft heels.


5. Helps Aid Digestion

Camphor serves as a catalyst to increase the secretion of the digestive enzymes. Hence it aids digestion and prevents the secretion of the gastric juices. Camphor alleviates problems related to the formation of gas in the digestive system as well and this quality has established its presence in the making of medicines that treat digestion and gastric problems. This is a real blessing for those whose jobs involve traveling and eating at odd times as this sets them up for digestive problems. While they try to make conscious changes, for a start, medicines that have camphor oil content in them, can help to bring down their digestive issues because of its therapeutic properties.


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Camphors in plate
One of the many benefits of camphor is pain relief. Image credit: Mishry.com


6. For Pain Relief

Being a stimulant, camphor is also used as a pain relief medicine. Whether it is tired bones or sour muscles or an open wound, camphor based creams or oils work on the muscles and bones and get the body to its original painless state in no time. In today’s world where everybody is hard-pressed for time, the agility with which camphor oil works is a godsend for most of us. This has today become an important medicine in most of our shelves at home.

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7. Hair Growth 

One of the interesting benefits of camphor oil is that it is a proven remedy for hair growth. When massaged into the hair, camphor oil instigates hair growth. Users also noticed that with the use of this hair oil, there was a considerable reduction in the hair fall. Camphor oil also is very effective in controlling hair lice. Lice can be very irritating and can also be looked upon as being very unhygienic; camphor is an all in all solution for any kind of hair problems.

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8. Helps Relieves Cramps

Camphor, thanks to its soothing quality is very helpful when applied to cramped muscles. It helps spread heat through the muscles when applied to the pain points and this heat, in turn, plays a big role in easing the flow of blood in those body parts and this reduces the pain in the cramped areas. Cramps can be very painful and camphor oil is very helpful to mitigate this. This works in the case of spasms as well and the effect of the camphor oil is most soothing when applied to the spasmodic areas.


9. Helps In The Reduction Of Thickening Blood Vessels

Camphor is very good at helping in the treatment of the condition of Neuralgia. A person is known to suffer from this disease when the blood vessels thicken, leading to irate patterns or blood flow. This can create a lot of pressure both in the heart and brain and can even lead to a person having a heart attack or a stroke or both at the same time.

Camphor oil can be of good use in such a condition as this oil can be easily absorbed by the body when applied on the skin. The perfume of the oil can help calm down the pressure and reduce the swelling by contracting the blood vessels thereby reversing the condition of neuralgia.


10. Increases Blood Flow

Camphor oil, as we already saw gets absorbed into the body and increases blood flow. This helps in keeping the body and the mind active. This also helps to reduce other problems like sexual dysfunction as the increased blood flow will help in erectile problems. Camphor oil is also said to activate the parts of the brain that are responsible for increasing sexual interest and desires.



Final Words

While we looked at a few uses of camphor above, there are many more of them including cosmetic uses like the treatment of dandruff to other restorative benefits like treating spasms and helping patients with arthritis. In all, camphor is a very beneficial product and has secured its place in our day to day lives.


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