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What Is Mishti Doi

What Is Mishti Doi? Benefits And Ingredients

Made from two essential ingredients, namely curd and date palm jaggery, Mishti Doi, a traditional Bengali sweet-dish, derives its beneficial qualities from both of its constituents.

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Roughly translated to sweet curd, mishti doi is a popular Bengali sweet that is made by fermenting milk and adding a particular type of raw-jaggery, namely date palm jaggery, as a sweetener. Being a curd based sweet dish, mishti doi contains all the benefits that curd has to offer except for the fact that due to the sugar content, it contains more calories as compared to plain curd.

Mishti doi is a cool and refreshing dessert and is usually prepared in an earthenware pot. The porous walls of an earthenware pot allows the water to easily evaporate, leaving behind curd that is thick and creamy. The milk is boiled and thickened before being mixed with date palm jaggery and allowed to ferment, hence the cool temperature provided by the earthenware pot is quite appropriate for the healthy growth of live cultures present in the milk.

And thanks to its simple preparation techniques and its ever-rising demand, many dairy companies have come forth with packaged mishti doi cups. While they may not be like the fresh mishit doi made by halwais and ‘mithi dokans’ in and around West Bengal, these sure serve as a decent replacement to the fresh stuff.

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Ingredients And Benefits Of Mishti Doi

As mentioned before, there are two basic ingredients that make up this sweet delicacy, namely curd and date palm jaggery. So, it is safe to say that most of the benefits that are linked to the consumption of mishti doi are contributed by both of them. Let’s take a look at what each of these principle mishti doi ingredients have to offer.

1. Benefits Of Date Palm Jaggery

Date Palm Jaggery or Patali Gur is quite old and popular when it comes to its history as an ingredient. The procedure of obtaining this form of raw-jaggery does not involve any chemical agents, and due to the absence of any additional chemical, this jaggery is much more natural to consume. Minerals such as magnesium and potassium are present in date palm jaggery in high quantities.

Date palm jaggery is also rich in iron, a nutrient that aids in the production of oxygen carrying cells in the blood called hemoglobin. Hemoglobin, as most know, is responsible for supplying oxygen to various parts of the body. Lower levels of hemoglobin can result in tiredness and fatigue and eventually lead to anemia.

Rich in anti-oxidants, date palm jaggery also helps in the strengthening of the immune system and defending the body’s cells and tissues from free radicals. Free radicals are usually blamed for bringing with them signs of ageing; a diet that is rich in anti-oxidants can thus help delay signs of ageing like fine lines and dryness.

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2. Benefits Of Curd

Curd, when added as an ingredient in any kind of delicacy, is known to increase its nutritional value, and mishti doi is no exception. The probiotics present in curd are responsible for increasing the efficiency of our digestive system, and making sure that more nutrition is absorbed in a small amount of time.

The probiotics in curd reduce intestinal transit time, thus aiding in getting rid of the undigested waste and helping ease symptoms of indigestion.

Being a cooling food, curd also contributes to making mishti doi a refreshing dessert, especially enjoyed during the hot summer months.

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When Is The Best Time To Have Mishti Doi?

Since it is a curd based sweet dish, it would be safe to say that the most appropriate time for the consumption of mishti doi is right after your lunch as a dessert. Its probiotic nature and protein content help to increase the efficiency of the digestive system. However, do make note of its calorie content, as it has a high calorific value and frequent consumption of this sweet delicacy could cause you to gain weight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have answered a few FAQs about Mishti Doi.

1. Is mishti doi healthy?

Mishti doi is made from two healthy ingredients which are curd and date palm jaggery. Curd is rich in probiotics and is a great choice for gut health. Along with it, date palm jaggery is rich in minerals such as magnesium, potassium and iron. 

Overall, moderate consumption of Mishti doi is good for health.

2. What are the side effects of Mishti Doi?

Mishti Doi, a sweet curd, can not be an ideal option if you are trying to lose weight as it is high in calorie content. Frequent consumption can lead to weight gain.

3. Is mishti doi a yogurt?

Mishti Doi is a traditional Bengali sweet, which means sweetened curd. Mishti means sweet and Doi means curd/yogurt. 

4. What is the difference between Mishti Doi and Shrikhand?

Both of these sweet dishes are made from the same primary ingredient, curd. Mishti Doi is made using milk, curd/yogurt and jaggery/sugar. While Shrikhand is made using hung curd, powdered sugar, cardamom, saffron and nuts.

5. What is the taste of Mishti Doi?

A traditional classic Bengali sweet Mishti Doi is made using milk, curd and jaggery/sweet. It is sweet and creamy and has a flavor of palm jaggery.

Final Words

What could go bad with this sweet curd, right? Mishti doi, when consumed in the right quantity and in the right way, does wonder.

Though sometimes, wouldn’t it just be great if we could eat delicious heritage dishes like mishti doi without caring about their calories? Yes? We think so too.

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