How To Choose Table Top Wet Grinders

How To Choose Table Top Wet Grinders

In this article, we will discuss the ways to choose some of the best wet grinders in India.

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A table top wet grinder is one of the most common items that you can find at any Indian kitchen. Indians prepare many items in which they require liquid paste of some spices or any other ingredients. The need for such liquid paste encourages the people to buy grinders or most importantly, table top wet grinders. The primary components of a grinder are a granite stone and an electric motor. However, there are many grinder brands available in the Indian market. But a common question arises in our mind – “ How to choose table top wet grinders” or “Which is the best grinder to buy?”. Having proper knowledge about the specifications of a grinder can help you choose the best wet grinder or best wet grinder for Indian cooking.

Moreover, choosing the best wet grinder is difficult because there are both two stone and three stone grinders available in the market. You can follow some of the methods suggested below to buy one of the best wet grinders.

Choosing Your Suitable Attachments With The Grinder

Nowadays, the grinder brands provide extra attachments to their grinder kit. Some of the examples of the attachments are atta maker, coconut grater, juicer, fruits and vegetable cutters, etc. When you decide to buy grinder, you can also go for dough mixer attachment if your family regularly consumes chapattis. But with dough maker attachment, you need to regularly clean your wet grinder as the dough may stick to the wet grinder.

How to choose

Understanding The Importance Of A Wet Grinder

If you understand the true importance of a wet grinder, then you can remove the confusion on how to choose table top wet grinders. We are mentioning some of the advantages of a table top wet grinder below:

i) It has a very fast grinding motion.

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ii) It helps to grind effectively and grinds every required material into fine particles.

iii) You can run a wet grinder for a long time without any break. It doesn’t affect the efficiency of the grinder too.

iv) Wet grinder grinds tough materials such as grains and pulses into fine particles.

v) Moreover, wet grinder helps to retain the aroma and taste of the pulses and grains that you use for cooking.

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Basic Guidelines

As there are numerous grinder brands available in the market, you can follow these simple guidelines to choose the best wet grinder:

Wet grinders

Capacity Of The Grinder

Capacity is one of the most prominent or important features of a grinder. You cannot grind any amount of pulses or grains with a grinder of a similar capacity. If you grind the items in small quantities regularly, then a small wet grinder can do your job. 

But, if you have a large family or you need to grind the materials for many people at a time, then you should choose a wet grinder of higher capacity. Small wet grinders come with a capacity of 1.25L, whereas a big grinder comes with a capacity ranging from 1.5L to 2L. 

Stone Quality Of The Grinder

Earlier, the grinder brands used granite stone as the component of the wet grinder. But nowadays, brands rarely use granite stones. Some grinders have very poor quality stones attached to them. So, you need to analyze the stone quality of a grinder before buying it.

Size And Weight Of The Grinder

When you buy any table top wet grinder, you should also take the size and the weight of the grinder into consideration. Buying a large-sized grinder can take up a lot of space in your kitchen slab. Moreover, it becomes difficult to transport or carry a heavy grinder from here and there. Therefore, you should always choose a light-weighted and not so big grinder. 

Design And Colour Of The Grinder

The design doesn’t affect the basic functioning or efficiency of the grinder, thus, you can choose the design of the grinder as per your wish. Some people prefer grinders with simple color and design, whereas some prefer outstanding colors and better design while buying a grinder. 

Body Of The Grinder

Some brands manufacture grinders with their body made of steel and some brands prefer plywood as the body of their grinders. So, you should choose a grinder of good quality stainless steel as its body.

Installation And Maintenance Of The Grinder

Installation of a table top wet grinder at your home or kitchen room is not that difficult. If the grinder is heavy, then you may require the help of another person for placing the grinder at its correct place. 

However, you need to take right care of the grinder. The most prominent part of the maintenance of a wet grinder is cleaning it regularly. Generally, food particles stick to the grinder after you grind the items in it. If you don’t clean the grinder regularly, then the food particles or other dust present inside it can form rusting. 

Moreover, you should check the motor of your grinder regularly. Whenever you feel that you need to replace or repair the motor, then you should do it immediately. 


You must do the wiring of the grinder properly because it carries a very high voltage of energy. Additionally, you should keep the grinder away from any wet surfaces as it can affect the voltage or the current running through the grinder.

Best Grinder Brands

Some of the commonly used or ideal table top grinder brands in the Indian market or brands producing top wet grinders are:

i) Bajaj

ii) Prestige

iii) Usha

iv) Pigeon

v) Philips


A grinder is an important component of any kitchen room. It reduces your effort in preparing dishes to much extent. A wet grinder helps you to form a puree of spices, fruits or vegetables instantly and easily. However, there are many grinder brands available in the market. So, people face confusion regarding how to choose table top wet grinders or how to choose the best table top wet grinder in India.

Thus, as we have discussed above, people need to identify and check specific features or factors of the grinders before buying them. Apart from the internal and technical factors, they can also give priorities to the design, size, and weight of the grinder.

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