What Is Kasuri Methi? Know the Benefits and Uses of This Herb
kasuri methi

What Is Kasuri Methi? Know the Benefits and Uses of This Herb

Kasuri Methi is one of the most commonly used ingredients in Indian cuisine. If you do not know about the same and have been searching on the internet for ‘what is Kasuri Methi’ , this article will help you.

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What Is Kasuri Methi?

Kasoori methi or kasuri methi are dried fenugreek leaves that are used widely in Indian cooking. Many people must be aware that Kasuri Methi is known to be one of the most important Indian spices used in curries, vegetables, parathas, and more. But for some who don’t know ‘what is kasuri methi’, here is the answer. These dried leaves of Fenugreek plant are popular for their bitter yet addictively aromatic flavor. Besides adding a unique taste and flavor to the dish, Kasuri Methi also has many health benefits. Kasuri Methi is available in the form of dry leaves as well as seeds.

There are times when people just confused the two- Methi and Kasuri Methi. If you are the one, who does not know the difference between Methi and Kasuri Methi, then here it is. Technically, there is no difference between the two. Methi is fresh green leaves of Fenugreek plant while Kasuri Methi are the dried leaves of the Fenugreek plant, which can be preserved for later use. If you want to know ‘what is Kasuri Methi’, its flavor and uses, this article will come in handy.

Nutritional Value Of Kasuri Methi Leaves

fresh methi leaves
Kasoori methi or kasuri methi are dried fenugreek leaves.

Before we begin to unfold more details about this rich Indian spice, let us inform you about the nutritional value of 1 tablespoon of dry methi leaves.

  • Protein – 0.2 grams
  • Fiber – 0.2 grams
  • Carbohydrates – 0.6 grams
  • Calcium – 0.8 of RDA
  • Iron – 3% of RDA
  • Energy – 4 calories
  • Carbohydrates – 58% of DV
  • Fat – 6% of DV
  • Sodium – 67 mg
  • Potassium – 770 mg
  • Vitamin B6 – 30% of DB
  • Magnesium – 47% of DV

Note for the readers- The nutritional value of fresh fenugreek leaves (Methi) and dried Fenugreek leaves (Kasuri Mathi) is same. 

Benefits Of Kasuri Methi

dried methi leaves
Kasuri Methi is the best option if you want to balance your cholesterol level. [ Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons ]

Since you know ‘what is kasuri methi’, you need to know that kasuri methi is considered of very high importance in medicinal purposes, especially in Ayurveda, as it helps in better digestion. As mentioned earlier as well, Kasuri methi, besides being one of the most commonly used Indian spices for adding fresh grassy, flavor to the food, it has many health benefits as well.

Not many people are aware that Kasuri Methi is one of the best sources of dietary fiber as it is very rich in its protein and iron content. Along with this being low in calories and fat, just make Kasuri Methi the favorite for all the people who want to stay fit. The rich minerals and vitamins, including carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, phosphorus, zinc, niacin, and vitamins, are also found in Kasuri Methi. Let us discuss in depth about all the health benefits of dried methi leaves (Kasuri Methi). If you are not including Kasuri Methi leaves in your daily nutrition, then we are sure that you might start doing that after reading the below-stated health benefits.

1. Best solution for gastrointestinal problems

Kasuri Methi leaves are known to have high antioxidant properties that ensure better digestion and reduce the possibility of minor and major gastrointestinal issues. Apart from that, the dried Fenugreek leaves are very rich in the fiber due to which one will not have to suffer from constipation and other problems like that of intestinal inflammation, diarrhea, and irritable bowel syndrome as well.

2. Maintains the cholesterol level in the body

Having a high cholesterol level can be very bad for one’s body as this problem gives an invitation to other major health problems such as high blood pressure, etc. Given the lifestyle of people in today’s date, we completely understand that it has become very much impossible to maintain the cholesterol level just right. However, we also want to tell you that kasuri methi is the best option if you want to balance your cholesterol level, especially when you have diabetes, blood lipid levels, etc.

3. Helps to lose weight

Including kasuri methi and methi seeds in your diet so that you will not only lose weight but also improve your health.

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4. Improves eyesight

Given the fact that the iron content in one tablespoon of dried fenugreek leaves is 3% of the daily nutritional value, it is perfect for the eyes. If you are a person who works for long hours on the computer screen or does a lot of work that can strain your eyes, you should start eating kasuri methi in your regular food so that you don’t have to wear heavy glasses because of poor eyesight.

fresh fenugreek leaves
Kasuri Methi can be used for skin and hair as well.

5. Amazing for your hair health

It can be said that hair is the most important part of everyone’s personality, and this is why they should always look shiny, strong, and smooth. You must have dried many home remedies and shampoos to get the perfect hair. Now it is time for you to try your hands on the home-made hair mask using eggs, Kasuri Methi, and tea leaves to get the best hair ever.

6. Makes skin glow from within

There are times when due to hectic routines and stress, our skin may not glow. All you need to apply is a home-made methi pack or just purchase the same from the market and use it three times a week for the flawless and glowing skin.

7. To control diabetes

Dried Fenugreek leaves can help one to control diabetes very easily and quickly? The reason why dry methi leaves are known to control diabetes is that it controls glucose metabolism in the human body, leading to diabetes control. If one will consume this regularly in the curries, dals, stews, etc., then type II diabetes can be controlled very soon.

8. Helps to prevent respiratory problems 

Kasuri Methi is known as a popular throat cleanser. Winter season usually brings along a lot of respiratory health issues, which is why the elders of the family always advise us to eat kasuri methi during this season because it helps to cure the allergies and the congestion in the respiratory tract. Not only this, but the mucus level is also adequately maintained if one consumes a little amount of kasuri methi in daily food. The high risk of chronic respiratory diseases can be easily prevented if one will add dry methi leaves in daily nutrition.

9. Keep away the skin diseases

We know that our readers may be wondering how to use Kasuri Methi to prevent skin diseases. Well, if consumed regularly, then a person will not face issues of sunburns, acne breakouts, pigmentation, etc. Not only this, but dried Fenugreek leaves also help to rejuvenate the dead skin cells.

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How To Select The Best Quality Kasuri Methi?

Now, since you know ‘what is kasuri methi’, and that we have already discussed the benefits of kasuri methi, let us now tell you how to find the best quality kasuri methi.

The best kasuri methi can be made right at your home. Just buy a few kilos of fresh methi leaves when they are in season and dry them at home. Purchase bright green colored, fresh methi for best results.

However, if you do not have the time for that, then pick the dried methi leaves, but don’t forget to look at the expiry date and manufacture. Look for taste, freshness, aroma and color of the leaves before purchasing a store-bought kasuri methi.

How To Store Kasuri Methi?

Now comes the tricky part of storing the dried Fenugreek leaves. After knowing what is kasuri methi, let us talk about how to store it. The best way to store kasuri methi is by keeping it in a very cool and dry place where moisture cannot reach it. It is always convenient to store the same in the refrigerator in an air-tight container. Usually, the shelf life of the kasuri methi is 6-7 months.

How To Use Kasuri Methi

kasuri methi topped on indian vegetable curry
Kasuri methi is used widely in tadkas, dals and gravies.

First, let us inform you that kasuri methi is not used as a whole of vegetables but rather as a spice in the dish to add the fresh grassy taste, aroma, and little bitter-strong flavor very unique and addictive. It is added in a minimal quantity. However, aloo methi is one of the most loved Indian cuisines, which uses little more of Kasuri methi.

1. Used in starchy vegetables

The first and the most common culinary use of Kasuri Methi is that it is used with starchy vegetables such as carrots and potatoes. Aloo Methi is one of the most popular Indian dishes prepared using methi.

2. To garnish

The next common culinary use is that it is crushed in hands and then sprinkled as a garnish to the different food dishes because of its strong aromatic flavor.

3. Used with creamy cuisines 

Dishes like malai kofta, paneer, etc. also use the dried fenugreek leaves because it just gives the right aroma in the dish.

4. Added to the bread

The bread used in Indian cuisine such as naan, laccha paratha, etc. Kasuri Methi is sprinkled on it before it is cooked for its best flavor aroma.

5. In preparing raita and other gravy dishes 

Kasuri methi is also added in the raita, plain curd and even in other Indian gravy dishes. 

6. Used in tadkas 

Dal tadka with a generous sprinkle of kasuri methi is tasty and yummy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kasuri methi, also known as dried fenugreek leaves, is a popular herb in Indian cuisine. It is made by drying the fresh leaves of the fenugreek plant (Trigonella foenum-graecum). Kasuri methi is known for its unique, slightly bitter taste and strong aromatic flavor, which enhances the taste of various dishes.

Kasuri methi is typically used as a flavoring agent in many Indian dishes. It is added towards the end of cooking to retain its aroma and flavor. Common dishes that use kasuri methi include curries, gravies, dals, and parathas. It can also be crushed and sprinkled over dishes like naan or mixed into dough for added flavor.

Kasuri methi offers several health benefits due to its rich nutritional profile. It is known to aid in digestion, help control blood sugar levels, and reduce cholesterol. Additionally, it has anti-inflammatory properties and is a good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, contributing to overall health and well-being.

Yes, you can substitute fresh fenugreek leaves with kasuri methi, but keep in mind the difference in flavor intensity. Kasuri methi is more concentrated, so you will need less of it compared to fresh leaves. Generally, 1 tablespoon of kasuri methi can substitute for about 3 tablespoons of fresh fenugreek leaves.

Kasuri methi can be found in most Indian grocery stores or supermarkets that carry international foods. It is usually available in dried form, packed in small bags or boxes. Additionally, kasuri methi can be purchased online from various retailers specializing in spices and herbs.

Wrapping Up

With all of this information, we wrap up our blog about “What is Kasuri Methi’’? Here’s everything you should know about it. We hope our readers enjoyed reading about what is Kasuri Methi and also received a lot of useful information regarding the same.

Disclaimer – This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information before making any dietary changes.

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