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vegetables that start with letter t

List of Vegetables That Start With T

Enrich your diet by incorporating these vegetables in your daily diet.

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The world of vegetables is diverse – there are countless vegetables available to us and we include them every day in our diet to not just sustain but to also take care of our most important gift – our health. Cutting off vegetables from our diet may cause various ailments, as these are the powerhouse of energy and replenish the essential nutrients in our body for us to remain in good health.

However, from so many options available, it becomes extremely difficult to decide which one to pick for ourselves and unless we have the knowledge about the diverse varieties, we’d only limit ourselves to some and miss out on the goodness of others. So here we have brought a list for you of the vegetables starting with T – which will guide you to choose your pick wisely.

Vegetables Beginning With T

Read this list to increase your knowledge in the vegetable category, at least for the vegetables that start with T.

1. Tatsoi

tatsoi vegetables
Tatsoi Vegetables [Image Credit: Wikipedia]
The first in the list of vegetables of letter T is – Tatsoi. Its scientific name is Brassica rapa. This is an Asian variety of Brassica rapa. The leaves are used for preparing pesto sauce and are also used in salads and for garnishing the soup.

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2. Tarwi

tarwi vegetables
Tarwi vegetables [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Tarwi is a type of bean. It belongs to the species of lupin and its scientific name is Lupinus mutabilis. It’s bursting with protein and the seeds are a great source of oil that is used for cooking.

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3.  Taro

taro vegetables
Taro Vegetables [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
The third in the list of vegetables, beginning with T, is Taro. It’s a tropical plant and its scientific name is Colocasia esculenta. It is a staple food in Africa and parts of South Asian countries. Their corm and leaves are edible and they provide a sweet and nutty flavor.

4. Tomato

Tomato Vegetables [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This is one of the most popular vegetables of Letter T. However, tomato is actually a fruit but it is used as a vegetable. Tomatoes are indigenous to Mexico, however, they are widely cultivated across the world now. They are eaten raw, used in salads, sauces, drinks, etc.

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5. Tree Onion

tree onion
Tree Onion [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
These are similar to the common onions however, they have a cluster of bulbs. They are also known as walking onions and are mild and sweet.

6. Turmeric

Turmeric [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This is a very common vegetable from the list of vegetables of letter T.

Turmeric has to be the most widely used condiment. They belong to the ginger family of Zingiberaceae, the roots of the turmeric plants are used as a condiment. The dried ones are ground to orange-yellow powder used for flavoring in Asian countries. They have high medicinal value too.

7. Turnip

turnip vegetables
Turnip Vegetables [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Next in the list of vegetables that start with T is Turnip. Turnips are root vegetables with a fleshy taproot. They are a rich source of vitamins C and K. Their leaves can also be used in soups and curries to enhance flavor.

8. Tigernut

tigernut beans
Tigernut Beans [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Tigernuts scientific name is Cyperus esculentus. These are also known as earth almonds. Their edible tubers are eaten as a snack.

9. Tepary Bean

tepary bean
Tepary Bean [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
These beans high in protein and fiber are orange-colored beans that have a nutty flavor. They are native to the United States and Mexico.

10. Tomatillo

Tomatillo Vegetable [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
The last vegetable from the list of vegetables, beginning with T, is Tomatillo. These are known as Mexican husk tomatoes. These are green and purple tomatoes, small in size, which originated in Mexico. It’s a part of the staple Mexican cuisine.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered most asked FAQs about the vegetables that commence with letter T.

1. Which of these vegetables are exotic?

Vegetables such as tomatillo and tatsoi are exotic vegetables available in India. Tatsoi is the Asian variety of greens available.

2. Which of the vegetables that begin with the letter T are common in India?

Most of the vegetables that begin with the letter T are available in India. Here is the list of vegetables that are common in India.

  • Tomatoes
  • Turnip
  • Turmeric
  • Taro
  • Tigernut
  • Tree Onion
  • Tepary Bean

3. Which of these vegetables are available throughout the year?

Tomatoes are available throughout the year. Botanically, they are also considered fruit. They are juicy and sweet. Tomatoes can be eaten raw. Also, you can use tomatoes in savory dishes.

Final Words

These were the list of vegetables that begin with the letter T. Incorporate these vegetables that start with T in your diet in various ways and enjoy the gift from nature in its best form.

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