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vegetables that start with letter n

List of Vegetables That Start With N

Trying out new vegetables is always a fun thing to do. Isn’t it? Learning about them is also a fun activity. So in this article, we will be accumulating more knowledge on vegetables beginning with N.

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It is a well-established fact that vegetables are a great source of many vital minerals. But not all vegetables taste as good. This is why we look for innovative ways to consume them in a tastier way. This may not seem like a real problem to many of us, but in a family that has kids, it is indeed a task to make them eat all these vegetables. Vegetable juices and soups are the saviors during such times. All the vegetables that children avoid eating are put into soup and served for dinner. Vegetable soup is a lighter dinner alternative with the same nutrient intake. It makes you consume all those vegetables which you otherwise would never taste in your life. 

While there are a plethora of vegetables available worldwide, there are only a few vegetables that start with N, so you will probably find it easy to memorize.

Vegetables Beginning With N

Here is a list of vegetables starting with N.

1. New Zealand Spinach

new zealand spinach
New Zealand Spinach [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This is a leafy vegetable found in Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Its scientific name is Tetragonia Tetragonioides. This is one of the first vegetables of letter N. It is cooked like spinach and it also tastes the same.

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2. Napa cabbage

napa cabbage
Napa Cabbage [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This vegetable is a subspecies of turnip and is similar to cabbage, broccoli or cauliflower. It is commonly called Chinese cabbage.

3. Nopal

nopal cactus
Nopal Cactus [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Also known as prickly pear, this vegetable is from the Cactus family. Its scientific name is Opuntia. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is efficient in treating high cholesterol.

4. Nori

nori seaweed
Nori Seaweed [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Nori is used in sushi rolls.

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This is the Japanese name for a red algae species, known as seaweed. It has a unique flavor and is made into sheets that are used in sushi rolls.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered most asked FAQs about the fruits that commence with letter N.

1. What are the health benefits of vegetables starting with N?

Most of the vegetables that start with N are green leafy vegetables. Leafy vegetables are rich in antioxidants and are rich in vitamins and minerals. These vegetables are low in calories. 

Greens offer numerous health benefits ranging from reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases to enhancing mental wellness.

2. Which of the vegetables beginning with N are rich in Vitamin C?

Leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals. Almost all the vegetables that start with letter N are rich in Vitamin C which are New Zealand spinach, napa cabbage, nopal and nori.

Amongst these vegetables, Nori has the highest vitamin C content which is 65%.

3. Which of the vegetables starting with N has the most fiber content?

Nopal cactus has a fiber content of 18%. Along with fiber, it is also rich in calcium and magnesium.

4. Which of the vegetables starting with N are helpful for weight loss?

A balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables and pulses with proper exercise helps in shedding unwanted fats at a higher rate. 

Include all the vegetables that start with letter N such as New Zealand spinach, napa cabbage, nopal and nori in your everyday healthy diet, as they are low in calories and high in nutrients.

Final Words

These were the four vegetables starting with N. 

Even though there are very few vegetables that start with N, one should be informed about them as one never knows what might come in handy. If you are interested in vegetables of letter P or vegetables of letter O or any other letter as well, we have similar articles for you.

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