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vahdam ashwagandha cinnamon instant tea premix review

Vahdam Ashwagandha Cinnamon Instant Chai Premix Review

Milky and aromatic, but a let-down on the taste front. The flavor of Vahdam Ashwagandha Cinnamon instant tea premix doesn’t blend well.

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Vahdam Ashwagandha cinnamon instant tea premix makes a milky-looking tea that isn’t too heavy on the stomach. The flavor of the tea is not something we particularly enjoyed.

Just like coffee, lately, we’ve seen several entrants in the tea premix range. From tapri-style to fancy chai lattes, and everything in between instant tea premixes are offered for convenience. 

Whether on the go or at college or work, you’re pretty much sorted for your caffeine fix as you only need a cup of hot water for a refreshing beverage.

To add to the list of instant tea premixes we’ve reviewed, here’s our Vahdam Ashwagandha cinnamon instant tea premix review. 

Does it taste delicious? How is the consistency of the tea? What about the tea-milk-sugar ratio? Let’s dig deeper.

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Vahdam Ashwagandha Cinnamon Instant Tea Premix – What You Need To Know

vahdam ashwagandha cinnamon instant tea
One carton holds 10 sachets.

Vahdam ashwagandha cinnamon instant chai premix is a low-calorie blend made using ashwagandha, cinnamon, black tea, and stevia. Is this refreshment in a cup?

1. Packaging

We ordered the carton that holds 10 individually packed sachets, each having an 8-gram content. 

Alternatively, there is a 200-gram pouch that comes with a scoop and offers 25 servings.

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2. Taste

How is the tea to sugar ratio? Is it delectable? Soothing? Typically, tea premixes are overbearingly sweet. Was this the case here too?

3. Flavour

Cinnamon is known for the signature warm sweetness it brings. Did this premix showcase these flavors? What about the ashwagandha’s mild bitterness? Was the black tea flavor prominent?

4. Aroma

Before we sip tea, we always take a whiff. The consumption process starts here. 

Could we make out the woody aroma of cinnamon, the earthy notes of Ashwagandha? What about tea and milk?

5. Refreshing Factor

Tea (caffeine in general) is energy-boosting and refreshing. Similarly, a warm beverage awakens you like no other. 

Does Vahdam Ashwagandha cinnamon instant tea premix get rid of the mid-day slump?

6. Nutritional Information

Per 8 grams (one scoop/sachet), this tea premix offers 35 kcal. 

There are 0 grams of fat, 4 grams of carbohydrates, and 1 gram of protein, per sachet. 

7. Price

Vahdam ashwagandha cinnamon instant tea premix price is Rs 249 for a 10-sachet pack.

Vahdam Ashwagandha Cinnamon Instant Tea Premix – Detailed Review

Vahdam Ashwagandha Cinnamon Tea Product Details
Main Ingredients Black tea, cinnamon, black pepper, raw cane sugar, whole milk powder, stevia, and ashwagandha. 
Price Rs 249/-
Net Quantity 10 sachets, 8 gms each
Calories 35 kcal per 8 grams
Shelf Life 9 months from packaging

Vahdam Ashwagandha cinnamon instant tea premix is available in single-serve sachets as well as in a resealable pouch. This pouch comes with a scoop to eliminate the need for measuring each time. Quite convenient!

The aroma of the premix itself is very strong on cinnamon. Visually, this is a fine blend of black tea, milk powder, and other ingredients. 

Following the instructions on the pack, we mixed the contents of 1 sachet with 200 ml of hot water. The mix seamlessly dissolves in water, but cinnamon and some masala doesn’t really dissolve and eventually settle at the bottom.

Visually, the tea is not black or dark brown. It looks very milky but doesn’t have a creamy, thick consistency. It doesn’t feel heavy when you sip on it.

Cinnamon, as we know, has a warm sweetness which is reflected quite prominently in this tea premix along with notes of pepper. However, the entire flavor of this tea doesn’t blend well. No two flavors marry each other and there is something about the masala and the tea that doesn’t land well.

The sweetness is well-balanced but this premix doesn’t bring that feeling of refreshment that a homemade kadak chai or even a masala chai premix would.

vahdam ashwagandha cinnamon tea mix on a plate
This is a fine blend of black tea, milk powder, and other ingredients.
vahdam ashwagandha cinnamon tea mix in a bowl
We added the premix to a cup.
vahdam ashwagandha cinnamon tea in a glass after making
This looks milky but isn't too heavy.


  • A single carton contains 10 sachets which hold 8 grams of the premix.
  • It is made using 100% real ingredients.
  • This tea premix is devoid of chemicals and artificial fillers.
  • It has a 12-month shelf life.
  • Main ingredients- Black tea, cinnamon, ashwagandha, black pepper, raw cane sugar, whole milk powder, stevia. 


  • This is a very convenient option.
  • It showcases well-balanced sweetness.
  • A clean ingredient list is always appreciated.


  • The color of the chai is very milky.
  • There is something about the flavor of the tea that doesn’t land well.

Best Suited For

This is meant for a very niche audience that buys this for its health properties and not for someone who is looking for a chai alternative. If someone is looking for a regular chai alternative, a masala chai premix would do a better job. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Vahdam Ashwagandha Cinnamon instant tea premix.

1. Is this tea mix high in caffeine content?

No, this has low caffeine content.

2. Does this tea mix content contain any additional sweeteners?

It is sweetened using stevia and cane sugar.

3. Is this tea good for weight loss?

We recommend following a balanced, nutritious eating pattern and leading an active lifestyle for healthy and sustainable weight loss.

4. Does this tea help cure cough and cold?

No, this tea helps with stress reduction, better sleep, and it has antibacterial properties as mentioned by the brand. 

5. How many tea bags does one pack contain?

One carton contains 10 sachets which hold 8 grams of premix. 

Final Words

vahdam ashwagandha cinnamon tea on a table
Overview of our review.

Super aromatic but the taste was a bit of a letdown. The tea is milky to look at, but doesn’t feel heavy on the tummy. Taste-wise, we think there are multiple other instant tea premixes that offer a more flavorful blend. 

Have you tried tea premixes yet? Which tea flavor is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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