Typhoo Organic Herbal Tea Range Review – 3 Variants Tried

Typhoo Organic Herbal Tea Range Review – We Tried 3 Variants

Sealed using cotton threads, the Typhoo Herbal Tea range has mild flavors but powerful effects. Made using organic ingredients, these may just become a pantry staple in your kitchen.

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Established in 1903 by John Sumner, Typhoo is an iconic tea brand that offers an extensive range of revitalizing brews. 

In October of 2005, Typhoo and its associated brands were acquired by the Apeejay Surrendra Group. This group is one of India’s largest tea producers, with over 15 tea plantations in Assam. Typhoo stepped into India in 2008, when it was first offered to cricket fans during the Indian Premier League in Punjab. 

Typhoo has since been expanding its base and reach across India. 

From black and green teas to fruit infusions, Typhoo has added a range of organic herbal tea bags. We ordered three variants of the Typhoo Herbal Tea- Relaxing Organic Herbal Tea, Reducing Organic Herbal Tea, and Cleansing Organic Herbal Tea for our review. 

The caffeine content, the economical value, how the tea bags were packed, were staple pins used, could we taste the ingredients are some of the critical questions we have answered in our Typhoo Organic Herbal Tea review. 

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Typhoo Organic Herbal Tea Range – Everything You Need To Know

The Typhoo organic herbal teas are available in 3 variants. They come in beautiful packaging and have a premium feel.  

This is an organic range, and the packaging displays four organic certifications by SGS organic, India Organic, USDA Organic, and Jaivik Bharat.

As these are herbal infusions, there is no caffeine present in any of the variants. The teas are made with a mix of herbs such as fennel, turmeric, ginseng, and chamomile, to name a few. Each variant offers a specific benefit. 

The three Typhoo Herbal Tea variants we tried were: Relaxing Organic Herbal Tea, Reducing Organic Herbal Tea, and Cleansing Organic Herbal Tea. 

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1. Variants

There is a wide variety of herbal teas available in the market. These consist of herbal blends, fruity infusions, flavored green teas, masala chai, etc.

The Typhoo Organic Herbal Tea range is certified organic and uses a blend of ingredients like- chamomile, fennel, psyllium husk, lemongrass, liquorice, etc. 

These are the variants of the Typhoo Organic range of herbal infusions: 

The Relaxing Night Time Organic Herbal Tea is available in blue and yellow packaging. This caffeine-free brew is created with ingredients that have soothing qualities. 

The Detoxing Organic Slim Tea is a purple-colored pack of 20 staple-free tea bags, like the rest of the range. The main ingredients of this herbal infusion are fennel, senna, and psyllium husk – all known for being digestion-friendly herbs.

The Cleansing Organic Root Remedy infusion is a vibrant orange-colored pack, which mentions ginseng, ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric as the top 4 ingredients used in the mix.

2. Form Factor

Instant tea is generally packed in three ways. 

One being the dried leaves form, where you can add the tea leaves as per your preference and let it boil. Then, there are tea premixes that contain milk powder with other flavoring and sweetening agents. The third is tea bags that are the simplest and most convenient to use. You start by boiling water and letting the tea bag sit in your cup for 3-5 minutes. 

The Typhoo Herbal Tea is individually packed in teabags, each weighing 1.8-2 grams, depending on the flavor. The tea bags are staple-free, look sturdy and premium.

3. Ingredients 

The Relaxing Organic Herbal Tea has chamomile, spearmint, and fennel as the primary ingredients while the Reducing Organic Herbal Tea uses fennel, senna, and psyllium husk. The third variant- Typhoo Herbal Tea Cleansing variant contains turmeric, ginger, and ginseng. 

4. Price

All three variants of the Typhoo Herbal Tea contain 20 individually packed tea bags. Each tea bag weighs between 1.8 to 2 grams, depending on the variant. The Typhoo Herbal tea range is priced at Rs 210/-.

5. Origin

This brand has its roots in the UK. Typhoo has been amongst Britain’s preferred tea brands for sometime. 

The manufacturing unit/ Typhoo factory is located in Moreton, near Liverpool.

6. Speciality of Brand

Typhoo was one of the first brands that sold ready-to-use packaged tea. Gradually, they started manufacturing products for every sector of the tea market. 

Typhoo has developed innovative flavored teas like Moroccan Mint, Blackcurrant tea, lemon and lime zest, and many more. 

Typhoo Herbal Tea Range Review – Our Factors of Consideration

When it comes to ready-to-use teas, specifically ones packed in tea bags, the packaging aspect becomes as significant as the taste and economical value of the product.

Did you know: FSSAI banned the use of staple pins in tea bags since 2019. This step was taken because tea bags expand when they come in contact with water. If these tea bags are sealed with a staple pin, chances are the pin gets loose and can be ingested by the consumer.

If ingested, it can lead to internal bleeding or gum injuries. The food business operators (FBO) had cited the expenses incurred by the use of staple-less machines for packaging. This is true, indeed  the cost is comparatively higher as there are limited manufactures for staple-less machines throughout the world. But keeping the health and well-being of the consumer in mind, FSSAI had decided to go head with the ban. 

Typhoo’s organic Herbal Range has staple-free tea bags. In addition to this,  we reviewed the three variants of the Typhoo Organic Herbal Tea for aroma, the after-effect it claims to have, and convenience. 

1. Taste

Typhoo Herbal Tea- Relaxing Night Time: This Typhoo Herbal Tea variant has a subtle chamomile flavor. The flavour is fresh.

Subtle aromas of the other ingredients were noticed. 

Typhoo Herbal Tea- Reducing Slim Tea: The Slim Tea from the Typhoo Organic Herbal Tea range has a minty taste. In addition to this, there was a mild sweetness. We think the cinnamon added to this variant brings the sweet flavor. 

Typhoo Herbal Tea- Cleansing Root Remedy: This variant has classic notes of turmeric and cinnamon. You can add honey to jaggery if you prefer your beverages to be on the sweeter side. Overall, the flavor of this Typhoo Herbal Tea is also delicate. 

2. Flavour

Typhoo Herbal Tea- Relaxing Night Time: The three primary ingredients used in this herbal tea come together for an effortless blend. No flower buds or petals, but we did get a fresh chamomile flavor. 

Typhoo Herbal Tea- Reducing Slim Tea: Compared to the Relaxing tea from the Typhoo Herbal Tea range, the Slim Tea had a coarse texture. This flavor variant tasted minty with sweet undertones that come from the addition of cinnamon. 

Typhoo Herbal Tea- Cleansing Root Remedy: This Typhoo Herbal Tea has a mellow taste. We could primarily taste turmeric and cinnamon with a very mild ginger flavor. Since the ingredients are similar, this could be described as a subtle version of homemade kadha. 

3. Aroma

Typhoo Herbal Tea- Relaxing Night Time: Though we couldn’t taste the spearmint and fennel as intensely as chamomile, the aroma of these ingredients was unmissable. 

Typhoo Herbal Tea- Reducing Slim Tea: This Typhoo Herbal Tea variant has a fresh fragrance. The most dominant aroma comes from the fennel.

Typhoo Herbal Tea- Cleansing Root Remedy: Out of the three ingredients used, we observed a turmeric and ginger aroma. That being said, the turmeric aroma was more robust than ginger. 

4. Refreshing Factor

Typhoo Herbal Tea- Relaxing Night Time: The fine texture of this herbal tea variant changed the color of the water almost instantly. The tea bag is adequately filled such that the ingredients mix well with water.

Typhoo Herbal Tea- Reducing Slim Tea: This variant has a coarse, fibrous texture. The tightly sealed pouch allows for adequate brewing in 3-5 minutes.

Typhoo Herbal Tea- Cleansing Root Remedy: Like the Slim Tea, this variant also had a coarse texture. It brewed well in the same amount of time. 

5. Ease of Preparation

Typhoo Herbal Tea- Relaxing Night Time: Chamomile is considered to be an ingredient that has relaxing properties. This delicate blend had a soothing effect.

Typhoo Herbal Tea- Reducing Slim Tea: The mint flavor of this variant has felt calming yet refreshing. 

Typhoo Herbal Tea- Cleansing Root Remedy: The after-effect of this Typhoo Organic Herbal Tea was very soothing. Safe to say, this felt like a warm hug to our throat. 

Typhoo Herbal Tea Range – Let’s Review the Three Variants

Team Mishry’s Typhoo Herbal Tea Variants review covers everything from preparation to the after-effects these tea bags have.

These tea bags are sealed without the use of staple pins which is a plus! Similarly, all certified organic ingredients are used in the three variants from the Typhoo Herbal Tea range. 


Parameters Relaxing Herbal Tea Reducing Herbal Tea Cleansing Herbal Tea
Price Rs 210 for 20 tea bags Rs 210 for 20 tea bags Rs 210 for 20 tea bags
Ingredients Chamomile, Rose, Spearmint, Lemongrass Fennel, Senna, Psyllium Husk Indian Ginseng Root, Turmeric, Ginger
Color Light brown Muddy Yellowish
Highlights Soothing effect, Chamomile flavor, Mint aroma Calming effect, Minty and sweet flavors, Fennel aroma Immunity booster, Turmeric and cinnamon flavors, Ginger aroma
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1. Typhoo Relaxing Organic Night Time 

Typhoo Herbal Tea - Relaxing Night Time
Contents of a single sachet.

The Relaxing Tea is a fine blend with a chamomile flavor. This tea with a fennel and mint aroma has a soothing after-effect that makes it a tremendous bedtime beverage. 


  • This Typhoo Herbal Tea variant has a fine blend. 
  • Chamomile relieves anxiety and promotes peaceful sleep.
  • Fennel helps with digestion, bloating, fluid retention, and nausea.
  • Spearmint helps in reducing stress.
  • Overall, this relaxing tea helps you sleep better and feel energized. 


  • All ingredients help in relaxing the mind.
  • This product contains no caffeine. 
  • This tea variant is beneficial for better digestion and related issues.


  • You can taste only chamomile among the three ingredients used.

Best Suited For

You might have noticed if you sleep immediately post-dinner, chances are either you cannot sleep as deep or the quality is somewhat disturbed. This herbal tea helps soothe the body so that when you sleep, not just your mind but your body relaxes too. Typically, chamomile essential oil is recommended for sound sleep. If you find an essential oil too strong, this can be a decent alternative to that. 

To unwind after a long day, soothe the mind, or simply get a better quality of sleep, you should consider this Typhoo Herbal Tea.

2. Typhoo Detoxing Organic Slim Tea Bag

Detoxing Organic Slim Tea by Typhoo
Typhoo Herbal Slim Tea - What's inside the sachet?

This herbal blend has a fresh fragrance and tastes minty with a hint of sweetness. 

The coarse blend is made using fennel, senna, liquorice, and psyllium husk. 

Liquorice has anti-inflammatory and allergy-relieving properties. 

Psyllium husk is a great source of fiber that is supposed to be consumed with water. Not only does this clean the colon by acting as a catalyst in the waste disposal process but also acts as a gentle laxative. 

If you cannot meet the daily fiber requirement from your daily diet, this product might prove beneficial. 


  • This is an organic slim which is sweetened using cinnamon.
  • Fennel, senna, psyllium husk, lemongrass, liquorice, and cinnamon are the ingredients used in this Typhoo Herbal Tea.
  • One tea bag is recommended to be added to 100 ml of freshly boiled water.
  • The individually packed tea bags are sealed with cotton thread. 
  • The combination of senna and psyllium husk is often used in OTC laxatives.


  • No staple pins are used to pack the tea bags. 
  • This Typhoo herbal Tea variant is made using ingredients that are commonly available in most homes.
  • It gives a refreshing feel post-consumption.
  • A perfectly brewed cup is ready in under five minutes.
  • Best consumed after dinner, during bedtime. 

Best Suited For 

Wondering how to up your fiber intake? Here’s a quick and easy solution. The Typhoo Herbal Tea in the Reducing variant is made using organic ingredients that naturally have a high fiber content. Not only are these ingredients pantry staples in most homes but they are also used to make laxative medicines. 

If you prefer having something light that has a minty taste, this is the variant we would recommend you to go for!

3. Typhoo Cleansing Organic Root Remedy Tea Bag

Typhoo Herbal Tea Review - Cleaning tea
The Typhoo Herbal Cleansing Organic Root Tea

This variant from the Typhoo Herbal Tea range uses ingredients similar to a homemade kadha. This tea with immunity boosting ingredients can be relished during the winters. 

It has a mild taste of turmeric and cinnamon and an unmissable ginger aroma. You can intensify the sweetness by adding honey or jaggery. 


  • This Typhoo Organic Herbal Tea variant consists of a blend of turmeric, ginseng, and ginger.
  • These ingredients collectively boost immunity by fighting common ailments.
  • Since these also have therapeutic properties, these ingredients are traditionally used to make kadha at home.
  • This tea bag is sealed without a staple pin.


  • The tea bags are sealed with a cotton thread long enough to be taken out of tall glasses too.
  • This Typhoo Herbal Tea variant can become a good replacement to homemade kadha. 
  • The flavor is quite subtle with a ginger-dominant aroma. 


  • The ginseng root was not tasted or smelt. 

Best Suited For

If you have developed the habit of having kadha in the past year, this herbal tea can be a great alternative for those days where you don’t want to go through the process of adding a bunch of different ingredients and waiting for them to brew. 

One tea bag contains enough product to add flavor to one cup of water. 

Typhoo Herbal Tea Variants Review- Our Top Picks

Choosing a Top Pick among the three Typhoo Organic Herbal Tea variants was a bit challenging.

Since all three herbal tea variants offer different after-effects, having a Top Pick based on the flavor wouldn’t be fair.

The Relaxing variant is for calming while the Reducing variant is for cleansing. The final variant we tried helps to boost immunity. Based on what you are looking for, you can choose one among these. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on typhoo organic herbal tea range

1. Are the Typhoo Herbal Teas caffeinated?

No, none of the variants contain caffeine.

2. How are the Typhoo Organic Herbal Tea Bags sealed?

These tea bags are sealed without the use of staple pins. Instead, they are packed with cotton thread. 

3. Do we need to add milk/sugar to the Typhoo Herbal Tea bags?

It is recommended to not add milk. However, you can add a sweetener like honey. 

4. How many servings are in one box of the Typhoo Herbal Tea?

You get 20 individually sealed tea bags in a box. 

5. What is the best time to consume Typhoo Organic Herbal Tea?

Based on the variant, you can consume the Typhoo Herbal Tea post meals or during bedtime. 

Summary – Typhoo Herbal Tea Review

Three variants from the Typhoo Herbal Tea range have been reviewed. These herbal teas have gentle notes, subtle flavours and pleasing aromas. 

The after-effects are relaxing, and offer several benefits like better digestion and a better quality of sleep. 

If you prefer something that contains caffeine, this may not make the cut to your pantry. 

However, if you’re looking for a blend of herbs that calms the mind, helps build immunity, or cleanse the digestive tract, you may want to try these out. 

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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No part of this review is sponsored by any brand. All expenses were borne by us.

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