Types Of Chili Powder- Mystery Fact To Know About This Indian Spice
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Types Of Chili Powder- Mystery Fact To Know About This Indian Spice

Since India is popularly known as the land of spices, you will find many different types of chili powder. Add a little color and heat to your food!

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India is a land of spices, courtesy to the various cuisines whose taste is always elevated using these elements. Sometimes, the spices are used in raw form like in scented rice where cardamom and star anise are added. On the other hand, in most Indian curry, you will find that cumin and coriander are added in the powder form. Different cuisines use different forms of this taste – elevating elements. However, that one Spice, widely used across the country and even in the whole world, is nothing but the different types of chili powder. And since it is one of the essential pieces of ingredient, today we will be studying them in detail. 

So, let’s get started!

How chili powder is made from the chili vegetable?

Since in India, there are a variety of different chili types found in different parts of the country, there are huge varieties when it comes to the resultant spice product- chili powder. However, before you start learning about the types of chili powder, it will be more beneficial to know beforehand how the powder is made industrially from the vegetable. 

During the harvest season, only the high-yielding and fresh vegetables are picked up in the farms. These chilies are then transported to the processing factories, where they are either dried thermally or under the sun’s scorching heat. Once the vegetable loses all its moisture and becomes dried, it is transported to the large grinder. Here, the chilies are broken down coarsely. The result consists of both the seeds and the skin of the element.

After this, they are transported to a fine grinder where the chili flakes are further crushed into a fine powder. In this step, sometimes, to enhance the taste of the powder, different spices are added, albeit in small quantities, so that it doesn’t overpower the chili powder’s intensity and flavor.

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substitute for chili powder
During the harvest season, only the high-yielding and fresh vegetables are picked up in the farms

What are the types of chili powder?

Now you are aware of the process of making different types of chili powder. So, let’s focus on the main topic of discussion. i.e., the different chili powder varieties. 

  1. Bhut jolokia: It is said that this north-eastern chili powder is one of the most intense spices that Indian cuisine has ever seen. The pungent taste and odor of this particular chili powder are considered to be the best for people who have a craze for super spicy foods. This is why this powder form is used in Northern and North-eastern cuisine. It is also known as the ghost pepper, thanks to the intense heat it produces for your taste buds. Reports have shown that the bhut jolokia is a dark chili powder, which is much hotter than the regular Tabasco sauce. 
  2. Guntur chili: One of the best types of chili powder is the Guntur chili, which is native to the lands of Andhra Pradesh. The best part of this powder is that the chilies used to prepare the spices are available in different colors. The color of the vegetable depends on the proportion of the Capsaicin component present within the plant. India, or to be precise, the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, is the largest exporter of the Guntur chili powder to different Asian and western countries. 
  3. Kashmiri chili: If you have ever visited your country’s Switzerland state, you would have seen the vast fields where the famous Kashmiri chilies are cultivated. The color of the chili completely resembles the standard Indian red chili, and hence it is the second most sought chili in the entire country. The best part about the Kashmiri chili powder is that it isn’t too hot or has an intense flavor that might burn your taste buds. However, its vibrant red color and the aroma mainly do the work of elevating any Indian dish to a great height. 
  4. Kanthari chili: Even though the native origin of this chili type is in Thailand, India has its place where the vegetable is grown. The chili and the chili powder, both come from the Indian land of spices- Kerala. It is one of the most preferred types of chili powder that you will find in most Indian and Asian dishes. Despite being small, much smaller than your little finger, its taste is quite intense, and the aroma is simply mouthwatering. 
  5. Jwala chili: The name of the chili powder matches the taste and the aroma at all levels. In India, it is the second most hot pepper after Bhut Jolokia, and hence, it is widely used in different Indian cuisines. It is said that the chili gives out the vibes of an intense flame whose heat juggles between that of a Serrano and the cayenne. 
  6. Ramnad mundu: Originating from the native Mundu district of Tamil Nadu, this particular variety of chili powder is widely used in the South-Indian cuisine. The chilies are circular, with no stem that helps in the extracting of the powder easily. Not only is it popular because of its mild heat flavor, but also because of the intense red color, it can add to the food. The chili is available in both fine powder form and flakes form, thereby increasing the versatility of the vegetable in the cuisine. 
  7. Byadagi chili: Another famous Indian variety of chili powder is obtained from the Byadagi chili, a native vegetable to the lands of Karnataka. It has a mild flavor that doesn’t add too much heat in the foods. It is mainly used because of the intense red color it adds to the foods. The powder comes from two varieties of the chili- dabbi and kaddi. Due to its subtle taste and a rich aroma, this specific variety of spice powder is used in many well-established Indian restaurants. 

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One of the best types of chili powder is the Guntur chili, which is native to the lands of Andhra Pradesh

What are the benefits of chili powder?

Since you are aware of the various types of chili powder, it will be more convenient if you also know the Spice’s benefits. This will at least ward off all your misconceptions about the chili and its powdered form. So, let’s have a look!

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  • The main component of the chili powder is capsaicin. This particular element helps in reducing the normal inflammations and aches in the body muscles and other tissues. 
  • Believe it or not, having a mild chili powder in your food will improve your digestive health. It facilitates the secretion of the enzymes and bile, which speeds up the entire digestive process. 
  • Capsaicin is also quite effective in reducing your hunger cravings. As a result, this component gives you a fuller effect, thereby preventing you from eating too often. Also, it helps in the fat-burning metabolic process by speeding it up. 
  • The red chili powder also contains iron, one of the essential minerals that your body needs to maintain the proper flow of oxygen through the blood. 
  • Lastly, most of the chili powder types are known to be a friendly angel for your heart. It reduces the risks of stroke, heart attack, and other problems associated with your cardiac health. 

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What are the best brands of chili powder?

The next thing that we are going to study is the various chili powder brands well known in our country. These companies have been serving quality class spices to Indian cuisine for a long time. So, without wasting any more time, let’s have a look. 

  1. Everest: This specific chili powder brand has been under the spotlight for almost half a century. The chilies used in the preparation of the Spice are handpicked and crushed using scientific techniques. All the processes exercise precaution in a way where you will get the exact taste and aroma of the red chilies in a raw form.
  2. MDH: MDH uses sun-dried chilies, and hence their powder is quite fine, without any lumps. Also, they use fresh chilies, which are picked from the garden orchards. With such a high quality of the Spice, MDH has become one of the best chili powder brands for commercial restaurants. 
  3. Cook Me: Another most popular household chili powder type is that of the Cook Me brand. Their powder is full of heat and intensity, and the pungent aroma of the chili comes out of the powder in bulk. 
  4. Tata Sampann: One of the well known Indian red chili brands is the Tata Sampann. High-quality chilies are used for the production of fine powder in factories where high-grade machines are used. Their chili powder is not only one of the hottest varieties but also elevates the dishes to a new level of taste. 
substitute for chili powder
Traditional spices can be mixed together in order to create a homemade chili powder.


Often people ask why to use chili powder when you can easily make a paste of the vegetable in a mortar and use it to flavor your dish. The taste of the raw chili isn’t that intense compared to the powdered form. Also, since sometimes the chili powder contains cumin mix, cayenne powder, and other spices, the taste of the dishes is significantly elevated. So, from the next time you want to add a little bit of color and heat to your food, try out the Indian brands of chili powder. 

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