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tops plain dosa instant mix review

Tops Plain Dosa Instant Mix Review: Healthy Breakfast In A Jiffy

Sure, it’s a convenient product. But are the dosas made using Tops Plain Dosa Instant Mix tasty?

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Tops Dosa Instant Mix is easy to make. The batter is lump-free and flowy. The dosas made using this instant mix are average to taste and require cooking from both sides.

Tops is a food manufacturing brand in India that focuses on jams, pickles, sauces, squashes, and instant mixes. Over time, we have reviewed a lot of products by Tops, including their cake mix, kesar pista kulfi mix, rava idli, rice idli and instant sambar mix

Dosa mixes are a boon for those who do not know how to make dosa batters at home or just want to cut down on time spent in the kitchen. We reviewed the Tops Plain Dosa Instant Mix at the Mishry HQ to test its taste and texture. Is it crisp or soft? Are the dosas made using this instant mix delicious? Let’s find out in our Tops plain dosa instant mix review.

tops plain dosa instant mix

Tops Plain Dosa Instant Mix – Everything You Need To Know

Even though it is originally from Southern India, dosas are now a dish that is loved and relished throughout the country. Be it the iconic paper dosa, plain rava onion or the Mysore masala, we all have a favorite.

We discuss the ingredients, method of cooking, taste, texture, price, and much more about the Tops plain dosa instant mix in this section.

1. Ingredients 

The list of ingredients mentioned on the back of the pack are – Rice flour, Udad (urad) dal powder, Salt, Raising agents, Acidity regulators, Fenugreek powder.

2. Price and packaging

200 gm pack of Tops Plain Dosa instant mix is priced at Rs 65/-. The dosa instant mix comes in a box packaging. Inside the box is the sealed pouch that holds the powder mix.

internal packaging of the tops plain dosa instant mix
Packaging of the Tops Plain Dosa Instant Mix.

3. Method of Preparation

When we opened the pack, we got a strong aroma of ground urad dal and rice. We made the Tops Plain Dosa as per the information provided on the box. Here is how we made it and a few observations while prepping and cooking- 

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  • In 100 gms of the instant mix powder, add 200 ml water gradually.
  • Keep it aside for 5 minutes before cooking
  • Heat the non-stick tawa and grease it with oil. 
  • Pour the batter on the tawa and spread it.
  • Once cooked, lift it gently from the tawa and serve.
instant mix powder in a black bowl
The instant mix powder is white in color.
batter of instant mix in transparent glass bowl
The batter made using the instant mix.
batter of instant mix in transparent glass bowl
Checking the consistency of the dosa batter.

Our observations – 

  • No lumps formed, and the batter was smooth.
  • The consistency of the batter was flowy.
  • As per the packet instructions, each dosa should be made using 35 gms. When we did that, we noticed that the size of the dosa was extremely small. We then made the dosas with a larger quantity of batter (58 gms of the batter), which were medium-sized. 
  • A 200 gm pack will yield 8 medium-sized dosas (made with 58 gms batter each).
  • The dosa made using their method was thick and did not cook fully from the upper side. To fix that, we tweaked the cooking method.
  • After the initial testing of dosas using their method, we poured the batter on the same tawa, spread it, added a little oil on the sides, and covered it to cook for 2-3 minutes. 
  • The edges leave the tawa easily, and the batter did not stick to the tawa at all.
  • Another observation we made is the cooking of the dosa. We felt that if you cook the dosa from just one side, the batter felt very raw and uncooked. It is advised to cook the dosa from both sides.
  • The dosa cooked from one side is crisp, undoubtedly, but the raw batter on the other side is a spoiler.

4. Taste

Dosas usually are made using a mix of rice flour and urad dal. The buttery taste of urad dal and the grittiness of the rice flour is synonymous with a homemade dosa.

The dosas made using Tops instant dosa mix, unfortunately, lack that urad dal butteriness. We could taste a lot of ground rice. The seasoning of the dosa includes balanced levels of salt.

Unlike multigrain or millet dosas, these cannot be had by themselves. You need to serve them with an accompaniment.

5. Texture 

The dosas made using the Tops Instant Dosa Mix are not too thin or ‘paper’ like. They are a bit on the thicker side. As mentioned above, we suggest you cook these from both sides to ensure complete cooking of the dosas.

6. Best Enjoyed With

Dosas are often enjoyed with a piping hot bowl of sambar, alongside a fresh coconut chutney or a spicy tomato peanut chutney. Dosas are also served with stews, fish curries, and meaty curries as well.

7. Nutritional Information

The nutritional information as per the pack (per 100 gms).

Energy – 353 Kcal

Protein – 12 gm

Carbohydrates – 75 gm

No saturated or trans fat

8. Shelf Life

The shelf life of Tops Plain Dosa instant mix is 12 months.

9. Availability

Tops Dosa Instant mix is available in local grocery stores as well as online.

Parameters Product Specifications
Price Rs 65/-
Net weight 200 gm
Shelf life 12 months
Calories 353 Kcal
Best paired with Sambar, Coconut chutney, Curries, Tomato peanut chutney, Potato masala

Tops Plain Dosa Instant Mix – Detailed Review

Our Tops Plain Dosa Instant Mix review discusses a few features, pros and cons of this product. Here is our experience with this instant mix.

A 200 gm box of Tops dosa mix is priced at Rs 65/- and makes about 8 medium-sized dosas as per our experience (58 gms batter used to make each). The batter is easy to make, is flowy, and spreads quickly.

The dosa is lightly salted and can be served alongside sambar, stews, and an array of chutneys. We recommend you cook the dosa from both sides, as the dosa is a bit thicker. If you choose to not cook the dosa from both sides, you may get pockets of raw, uncooked batter in a few places.

dosa being made from tops plain dosa instant mix
Making the dosa as per the instructions given on the pack.
dosa made from tops plain dosa instant mix
Final results of our review - Tops Dosa


  • A 200 gm pack is priced at Rs 65/-.
  • The Tops instant dosa mix provides 353 Kcal of energy per 100 gms.
  • As per the pack, a 200 gm pack of this mix will make0-12 dosas of approx 30-35 gms each.
  • The shelf life of the mix is 12 months.


  • Making the batter is easy.
  • The batter is flowy and there are no lumps.
  • The dosa crisps up well from one side.


  • The dosa does not cook entirely when made as per the instructions given on the pack. It is advised to flip the dosa and cook it from both sides.

Best Suited For

This instant dosa mix is perfect for people who do not want to get into the tedious job of soaking and grinding the rice and dal to make the batter. It is a convenient mix that only requires adding water to make a flowy batter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Tops plain dosa instant mix.

1. How many dosas can you make with this box of Tops Plain Dosa Instant Mix?

As per the pack, this 200 gm instant mix makes about 10-12 dosas which are around 30-35 grams each. As per our experience, the 35 gm dosa is very small, and we made larger dosas (58 gm each approximately). We made eight medium-sized dosas from the batter.

2. Why is my dosa batter not spreading?

A lot of issues can arise if the batter is not made well, including the consistency of the batter and the tawa. If your batter is too thick or too thin, the dosa won’t spread evenly. If your tawa is overheated or too cold, the batter will once again not spread. Make sure you test the consistency of the batter and the temperature of the tawa beforehand. 

3. Can we make dosa immediately after grinding?

Traditionally, no. The dosa batter needs to be kept aside for a few hours or even overnight to let the fermentation begin. Though, there are a few ‘instant versions’ that do not require fermentation and can be made immediately after grinding. 

4. What to do if the batter is too thick?

This has a relatively simple solution. Just add water gradually to the batter to make it thinner till it reaches the desired consistency.

Final Words

Tops Instant Dosa Mix turns crispy from one side and requires cooking from both sides. The batter is lump-free and is of a flowy consistency. From our experience, we recommend cooking the dosa from both sides. 

Have you tried making dosas at home? If yes, were they crisp, or did they become limp? Tell us about your experience in the comment section below.

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