Discover the Top Picks at Theobroma | Mishry's Must-Try List
best things to order from theobroma

Discover the Top Picks at Theobroma | Mishry’s Must-Try List

Brownies, cakes, crackers and more. 10 things that you must-try from Theobroma.

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Back when they opened up in 2004 in Mumbai, their brownies are what made them popular. Now, when you think of desserts, you think of Theobroma. It has turned into the go-to place for all things desserts in major metros like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. It is definitely fast-growing and superbly loved!

But if you are confused about what to order from their vast menu, here’s a curated list of the best things to try from Theobroma. All our recommendations have been tried and tested by us.

Ready for a piece of ‘Food of the Gods’?

Best Things To Try From Theobroma – Quick Glance

A quick glance at the best things you must-try from Theobroma. 

Sno. Name of the dish
1. Brownies
2. Pineapple Cream Cake
3. Danishes
4. Tea Cakes
5. Butter Palmiers 
6. Chocolate Mousse
7. Crackers
8. Opium Cake
9. Multi Grain Bread
10. Macarons

List of the Best Things To Try From Theobroma

Which are the best things to try from Theobroma and why?

1. Overload Brownies

Theobroma gained popularity because of their decadent chocolate brownies that were undeniably rich. Amongst all the brownies we have tried so far, the Overload Brownie remains unmatchable. It just melts in your mouth and has a rich, intense flavor of chocolate. Best paired with a cup of black coffee.  

P.S The top crust is just SO inviting to look at.

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Cost: Rs 105/- per piece

2. Fresh Pineapple Cream Cake And Pastry

When an old school pineapple cake met Theobroma, this marvel was born. 

What works? The fresh, sweet-sour pineapple compote on top, light whipped cream, moist base and the coating of almond slivers on the sides.

An absolute top-shelf cake! Of the 999 times we have ordered this for personal and office occasions, it has never failed us. Order the single-portion pastry if you’re ordering for personal consumption. This is available in an eggless version as well. 

Cost: Rs 650/- (½ Kg)

3. Danishes

The flaky, buttery croissant and pain au chocolat are your breakfast staples when you want to transport yourself to a Parisian cafe while sitting in your office. We suggest pairing it with a cup of coffee. We have tried their Coffee+Danish combos multiple times and loved how consistently good they are. 

Cost: Rs 75-85/- (per piece)

4. Chocolate Mousse

It’s light, creamy and so decadent that we could lick the cup. Theobroma’s chocolate mousse is also used in one of their bestseller chocolate cakes.

Cost: Rs 150/- per cup

5. Crackers

Between their Nachini Crackers and Black Pepper Sourdough crackers, we would definitely opt for the sourdough ones. Your homemade dip platter is begging for these!

Cost: Rs 95/- per 100 gms

6. Butter Palmiers

These palm hearts have our heart. Crisp, buttery, flaky, sugary, yum, yum and YUM! Add it to a DIY hamper or just curl up in a corner with these comforting palmiers and coffee. 

Cost: Rs 75/- for 60 gms

7. Tea Cakes 

Depending on your personal preference you can choose between four options – banana, mawa, pound and dense loaf. All of them are soft and deliver on the flavors and textures you expect from the category of cakes. 

Our favorite is their banana cake. Soft, spongy and all things delish!

Cost: Rs 240/- to 350/- for 500 grams

8. Opium Cake

Another undying classic from Theobroma is their Opium Cake which has a light creamy chocolate mousse, a dark chocolate sponge and a LOTS of chocolate curls on top. We like the premium-looking white and dark chocolate plaques around the cake.

Cost: Rs 675/- for ½ kg

9. Multi Grain Bread

The crunchy, well-toasted seeds rolled on top and a light, fluffy bread made with multigrain flour. This loaf of bread is superb for homemade sandwiches, avo toasts and with eggs. 

Cost: Rs 89/- for a 400 gm loaf

10. Macarons

Light, airy with just the right touch of sweet. We like how the sugar is not the highlight, but it’s the flavored center. We highly recommend these.

Do note that these are not available round the year, but when you do get your hands on them try the coffee and chocolate ones. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on best things to try from Theobroma.

Theobroma was founded in 2004. Their first outlet was in Colaba, Mumbai.

Kainaz Messman Harchandrai is the founder of Theobroma.

Yes, it is an Indian brand that currently has multiple outlets in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Yes. They serve Latte, Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate in the hot beverage section. Ask about the available options from an outlet serving your pincode.

You can order through multiple food aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy.

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Theobroma offers a wide range of cakes with and without egg. Their signature chocolate overload brownies, tea cakes and the exquisite fresh pineapple cream cake are a must-try. 

Have you ordered from Theobroma before? Tell us about your most-loved dishes in the section below.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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