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Top 30 Most Popular Varieties of Mangoes in India

Here is an article about the best 30 types of mangoes that are primarily produced in India.

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Mango is a synonym for summers in India. Every summer, it is an absolutely essential fruit in almost all Indian households. As April appears, it brings a kind of happiness to the minds of all of us as we look forward to all the different types of mangoes available in India. Mango is undoubtedly the king of all fruits and worthy of being the National Fruit of India.

People all over the world love to have this sweet, creamy summer fruit. Originating from the Himalayan plains of the Indian subcontinent, mango is an exotic fruit. The tropical tree grows in many parts of India and other subcontinents. The new season of mango is mainly during the summer from April to August. The plants grow fruits after they bloom flowers. It is a tropical fruit that is juicy, refreshing, and delicious. Since mango has unique flavors and is different than other fruits, it is known as the “king of fruits.”

Mango is a super fruit and is also a bag of nutrition. They are tasty, but like any other fruit, it has many nutritional and health benefits to keep you healthy.

The fruit is a popular member of the drupe family. These fruits have a fleshy border with a hard pit in between. The hole contains the seed, which is common in other members of the drupe family-like coconut, olives, and dates. However, not all mangoes are the same. Not only its outer appearance, but the taste of these mangoes are different as well. The skin color of these mangoes varies from yellow, red, orange, and green.

Mangoes are enjoyed in many different ways during the summer months. You can make curd-based lassis, or desserts using the many different types of mangoes available during the season. There are also mango pickles, a huge favorite of millions of households in India.

In this article, we discuss the various types of mangoes available all over the world. The best part is you will find not one but different varieties of mangoes in India grown in various regions. You can’t even envision how many types of mango in India are there.

Nutritional Value of Mangoes

Mangoes are low-calorie fruits with plenty of fiber, vitamins A, and C content. Mangoes also have iron, folate, B6, and a small amount of zinc, calcium, and vitamin E. Further, antioxidants and certain phytochemicals are also present in the mangoes.

Hence, it is good for our body in some ways. According to studies, all the many varieties of mangoes in India boast a lot of health benefits.

It helps your health and body in the following ways:

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  • Alleviates constipation
  • prevent cancer
  • Treats anemia
  • Aids smooth digestion
  • Good for eyes
  • Good for pregnant women
  • Improves immunity
  • Heals acne
  • Fights microbial infection
  • Improves memory
  • Delays aging

After discovering its nutritious value now, you must be willing to add this fruit more to your diet. To your luck, there are numerous types of mango names that you can eat.

30 Different Types Of Mangoes That You Will Find In India

India is widely famous for its production of mangoes. You will find a hundred different types of mangoes available only in India. Each of these mangoes has changed shape, size, color, and taste. It is the most edible fruit and is also the national fruit of India.

However, some are incredibly famous for their fantastic taste, texture, and flavors among the hundred different varieties of mangoes. So how many types of mangoes are there in India? Here is a list of the top thirty varieties of mangoes in India you must try if you are a fan of this fruit.

1. Hapus or Alphonso

alphonso mango
Alphonso Mango [ Image Credit : Wikipedia ]
Alphonso Mangoes are not just famous in Maharashtra but also loved by a large number of people in India and internationally. Alphonso mango is famous worldwide and is one of the best.

The sunshine yellow color and pleasant taste rightly make it worthy of being called the king of mango breeds. Mango lovers can’t let it go. It is lovely and has vibrant flavors. The fruit is saffron in color and is one of the expensive mangoes available.

Grown In

Also known as Hapus, you will find one of the finest and exclusive Alphonso mango species in Ratnagiri and other neighboring regions of Maharashtra such as Devgarh, Sindhudurg, and Raigad districts.


You will find Alphonso mangoes between May and June. It is the costliest but best mango variety in India.

2. Dasheri

dasheri mango
Dasheri Mango [ Image Credit : Wikipedia ]
Dasheri is another popular mango species primarily found in parts of Northern India. It’s amongst the most bought mango types for North Indians due to its sweet taste.

The soft and supple mangoes have a greenish to yellow skin tone. These mangoes have a history connected to 18 century when they grew only in the gardens of Lucknow’s Nawabs.

Grown In

Today the Dasheri mango is grown in the Malihabad region of Uttar Pradesh, which is the largest producer of it.

You will also find this fruit growing in the northern states of India and some southern states such as Andhra Pradesh, and countries such as Nepal, and more.


Dasheri Mangoes are for sale from June to July.

3. Langra

langra mango
Langra Mango [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
The mango is originally from Varanasi, which gets it the name Banarasi Langra. The mango is green in color and maintains it even after it gets ripe.

Langra mangoes have a distinct aroma and taste! This mango has lemon-yellow skin shade and a satisfying taste.

Grown In

Varanasi is the primary location where this fruit is grown, thus, also called Banarasi Langra. Today, the mango is widely grown in the Northern Parts of India.


These mangoes come for sale in June and July months.

4. Pairi

pairi mango
Pairi Mango [ Image Credit : Wikipedia ]
Pairi mangoes, another mango variety that is hit in the market. It is not only juicy, but the color and the size of the mango make it famous in the international market as well. The fruit is exceptionally spicy and is popular in the market for its sweetness. It has many nutritional values.

Since Alphonsos are on the more expensive end, you can opt for Pairi Mangoes that are considered an alternative to Alphonso mango. The fruit has the same juicy texture and taste as Alphonso.

Grown In

This mango widely grows in Karnataka, the Southern State of India.


It is an early variety of mango that arrives ahead in the season in the Indian market. You can buy this kind of mango in the early summer season, in May and June months.

5. Badami Mango

badami mango
Badami Mango [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Badami holds the right place eight after Alphonso. The fruit is soft and fresh. The juicy texture and sweetness increase its flavors. The thin skin is pale yellow which makes it famous among people. The fruit is mainly used for preparing mango juice and pulp.

 Grown In

Badami Mangoes grow in the Southern States of India.


The southern production of the mango makes it a little late to arrive in the market.

6. Chaunsa

chaunsa mango
Chaunsa Mango [ Image Credit : Wikipedia ]
If you prefer mangoes that have an extremely sweet punch and are juicy, go for Chausa mango. It is amongst the commonly found types of mangoes in India.

The fruit has greenish-yellow color and is generally quite big-sized. The rich flavors make it a unique fruit among the other varieties.

Although the fruit is originally from Multan in Pakistan, it is famous all around the world. The fruits are also known as the “king of mangoes.”

Grown In

Hardoi and its neighboring area in Uttar Pradesh are the hotspots for the cultivation of Chaunsa mangoes.


They are available in the last part of the summers, i.e., July and August.

7. Malda Or Fazli

Originating from the famous district of Malda in West Bengal, Fazli is a popular fruit in and outside the country. Fazli is renowned for its color, size, and texture. The size of the mango is large and can measure in kilos.

Grown In

Fazli is grown in the Malda district of West Bengal, also known as Malda Mangoes.


It is widely available during June and July.

8. Himsagar

himsagar mango
Himsagar Mango [ Image Credit : Wikipedia ]
The medium-sized mango is extremely popular among people in West Bengal. The color varies between yellow and green. It is the best summer fruit and is very popular in the market. The fruit is lovely, and the rich, creamy texture makes it flavorful. In popularity, it stands in the 8th position.

Grown In

Himsagar production is originally from the Malda and Murshidabad districts in West Bengal.

Murshidabad, one of the Nawabi cities of West Bengal, is renowned for an assortment of delicious and delectable mangoes on offer. The city produces and exports these mango species all over the country.


The fruit is mainly available in May and June, the summer months.

9. Neelum

Neelum is a popular type of mango in India. The mango has a spice and excellent flavor, which might not suit every people. Yet, it is trendy among people. The seed inside is similar to other varieties. The shape of the fruit is elongated and has a proper beak. These have a yellowish-orange exterior and an orange from inside with a different kind of sweetness. Besides, it is smaller in size than others.

Grown In

This type is another common type of South mango whose roots are in many South Indian regions, including Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka. 


The best quality of these mangoes can be bought from May to July.

10. Mallika

mallika mango
Mallika Mango [ Image Credit : Wikipedia ]
Mallika is a hybrid of Dasheri and Neelum mango. Dr. Ramnath Singh first introduced this type of mango in India. 

Grown In

The tree can be grown in backyards, and the graft of the tree size can be managed. 


The harvest season is mainly in June and July.

11. Kishen Bhog

Kishen bhog is another variety of mango, which is extremely popular in India. The fruit is rich in taste and filled with sweetness. The flavor of coconut and mango makes it unique. It is fiberless and is. The color and size are different from other types. It is mostly green in color and oval in shape.

Grown In

An essential variety of fruit is grown in West Bengal. Other than West Bengal, it is also quite popular in Bihar. 


Kishen Bhog mangoes are available from May. It is mid-season mango.

12. Raspuri 

The famous Raspuri mangoes are initially from the southern parts of India. It is also popular as sweet mango. People call it the Queen of mangoes. The juicy texture and fabulous flavors make it famous in India. The fruit is known as peddarasalu in Karnataka.

Grown In

Karnataka, Bangalore, Kolar, Ramanagara, Tumakuru, and Chikkaballapura are the famous producers of Raspuri mango.


These mangoes are available from the start of May to the end of June.

13. Mulgoba Mango

mulgoba mango
Mulgoba Mango [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
One of the varieties of mango is mulgoba. It is among the types of mangoes that are grown in the southern parts of India, like Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The size of the fruit is abundant in format. The juicy texture and the fragrance make it accessible.

It is almost round in shape and has thick skin. This mango is a big-sized mango that has a juicy pulp to win over the hearts of all mango-lovers.

Grown In

They are found in Tamil Nadu state, especially Salem. Salem, Krishnagiri, and Dharmapuri are famous for these mangoes.


You can buy these mangoes in Tamilnadu only in July and August.

14. Kesar Mango

kesar mango
Kesar Mango [ Image Credit : Wikipedia ]
The Kesar mango is also known as the ‘Gir Kesar’ mango. The mangoes are produced in the foothills of Girnar. Gujarat is famous in the districts of Amreli and Junagadh. The geographical location is near the Gir Sanctuary. The mango is famous for its orange color pulp and juicy texture.

Kesar is a truly fragrant mango that will fill your whole house with a pleasant aroma. Further, the color of the pulp resembles saffron, from where it got its name. However, the rind is greener than the majority of different types of Indian mangoes. Thus, it is ideal for making the mouth-watering and famous Marathi mango delicacy called Aamras.

Grown In

These mangoes are produced in Ahmedabad and other adjacent parts of Gujarat such as Amreli and Junagadh.


It is available in the Indian market only for two months, i.e., from June to Early July.

15. Amrapali Mango

amrapali mango
Amrapali Mango [ Image Credit : Wikipedia ]
The mango is a hit since it was an introduction in 1971. The hybrid of Neelum and Dasheri was presented at the Indian Agriculture Research Institute in Delhi. Dr. Pijush Kanti Majumder was the one who is behind the famous mango.

Grown In

It is available in various farms and orchards around India.


These mangoes are widely available in June.

16. Lalbagh

This type of mango is one of the delicacies of Maharashtra. The mango color is red and tastes delicious. One mainly uses this type of mangoes for making pickles, fresh juice, as well as desserts. It is in high demand, and it has been supplied all over India and even exported outdoors.

Grown In

The Lalbagh mango is a particular type of mango, cultivated in Maharashtra.


These mangoes are available in the market from mid of April.

17. Totapuri Or Sanders

totapuri mango
Totapuri Mango [Image Credit: Wikipedia]
Totapuri or Sanders are cultivated in the fields of Karnataka. It is also known as sanders, and sometimes the locals call them Bangalore. Totapuri serves a lot of purposes, including mango pulp and fresh juices. It is also consumed as slices. The taste of this mango is very delicious and nutritious.

They are greenish-yellow and medium-sized fruits. This variety is a delight for true mango lovers because of their distinct taste!

Grown In

It is cultivated in the fields of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. They are grown in the IT city of India, Bangalore. The fruit is also known as Bangalora or Sandersha in the town.


These mangoes are available between May to July.

18. Banganapalli

Banganapalli Mango [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
One of the purest delicacies of the Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh is this type of mango. It is also called Benishan in some areas of Andhra Pradesh. Banganapalli is tasty, and one of the favorite fruits of the locals is thriving there.

Banganapalli is also called Safeda, which is the earliest variety of mango too, like Pairi. This mango has a bright yellow color, and the taste is somewhat sweet-sour. So, if you love the tangy fruits or especially sweet and sour versions of the mangoes, it’s the best for you.

Grown In

Though originally grown from Andhra Pradesh state, it is still widespread all over the country.


Banganapalli mango is readily available from April to June months.

19. Bombay

bombay mango
Bombay Mango [ Image Credit : Wikipedia ]
The mangoes are green in color and very juicy, as well as delicious. These mangoes are in demand for their moist texture and fantastic taste.

 Grown In

As the name suggests, these mangoes are cultivated in Bombay.


They are available from May to July in the region near Bombay.

20. Imam Pasand

imam pasand mango
Imam Pasand Mango [ Image Credit : Wikipedia ]
These mangoes are less known Indian varieties of mango, which are cultivated in the districts of Andhra Pradesh. Imam pasand is also known as himayat mangoes. 

Grown In

Imam Pasand mangoes are majorly grown in Andhra Pradesh. These are also grown in Telangana and Tamil Nadu.


Imam Pasand mangoes hit the fruit market during May and June.

21. Gulaab Khaas

These mangoes are very famous and delicious. The mangoes have a rosy flavor and a perfect aroma. It makes a delightful dessert. The name, therefore, comes from the rosy flavor and aroma.

Grown In

Gulaab Khaas mangoes are majorly cultivated in Bihar.


They are available from May to Early July.

22. Lakshmanbhog

Lakshmanbhog mangoes are very famous as their texture and taste are amazing. The USA thrives with the mango that they receive from India, and especially from West Bengal.

Grown In

Lakshmanbhog mango is again from West Bengal, grown in the large orchard farms of mango in Maldah district and exported to the United States.


These mangoes are usually available in June and July.

23. Suvarnarekha

The mangoes are perfect delicacies and remarkably delicious, having a juicy texture. During the season of mangoes, these flourish faster than many other mangoes.

Grown In 

These mangoes are also known as Sundari, cultivated in the fields of Andhra Pradesh.


They are available from May to June during the summers.

24. Rajapuri

Rajapuri mangoes are one of the largest mangoes in India. These mangoes are green in color and massive in size. However, the size doesn’t matter if the mangoes are delicious.

 Grown In

Rajapuri, commonly grows in South India, mostly in Karnataka.


Rajapuri mangoes are available in the market from May to July.

25. Alampur

alampur mango
Alampur Mango [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Alampur is one of the best mango varieties and comes under the mango variety of Banganapalli. These are tasty and appealing to the consumers due to their variant texture and amazing mango quality.

Grown In

This variety of mangoes are grown in the Southern States of India.


This variety of mangoes are available in May and June.

26. Konkan Raja

Konkan Raja is one of the most beautiful variants of mangoes available in India. Mango pulps, pickles, and many other dishes can be done using this variety of mangoes.

Grown In

These are cultivated in the districts of Tamil Nadu. 


It arrives in the early of May to the end of June.

27. Palmer Mango

palmer mango
Palmer Mango [Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
These are red and have a beautiful aroma. Some of the varieties of mangoes might have the color and fragrance but not have the perfect taste. However, the mangoes have it all. They have the color, the texture as well as the palate.

Grown In

These mangoes are cultivated in Maharashtra and are quite famous in that particular region.


Palmer mango is available from July to August.

28. Keitt Mango

Keitt Mango is one of the most beautiful varieties of mangoes cultivated in India. These mangoes are green in color and comparatively sour. Mango pulps are extracted from them and used to make certain juices and beverages.

29. Nauk Mango

At the Mango festival, junk mango is one of the most appreciated mangoes that one considers during the festival. These mangoes are delicious, as well as look fantastic. These are red mangoes, which are huge, and taste as pleasant as the sweet mango.


They are available in the market during May and June.

30. Philihara Mango

It is one of the prominent members of the North India mango belt. The mangoes are very delicious and tasty, and one prefers these over many other vanities of the North Indian Mango Belt. The juicy flavor and color make it popular among people.

 Grown In

These mangoes are cultivated in the Malihabad district of Lucknow.


Philihara mangoes are available from April to June.

Frequently Asked Questions

After a long list of different varieties of mangoes, here we have answered a few questions asked by our readers.

1. Which of these mangoes is expensive?

Miyazaki mangoes, a type of mangoes, are the most expensive mangoes. Other than that the mangoes cultivated in Madhya Pradesh named Noorjahan are also costlier than the other species of mangoes.

2. Which variety of mango is rarest?

Miyazaki and Noorjahan are the rarest varieties of mangoes and thus are the most expensive mangoes available around the world.

3. Which of these mangoes are the tastiest?

Alphonso mangoes commonly known as Hapus, are the tastiest and sweetest mangoes among others. Its richness and flavor makes it popular and the “King of the mangoes”.

4. How many varieties of mangoes are there in India?

In India, one can find many varieties of mangoes across different parts of India. Here we have mentioned 30 types of mangoes that are available in India.

Final Words

Here is a list of the top thirty types of mangoes in India that are must try. India is one of the largest producers of mangoes and has a hundred varieties of them. You can grow your mangoes in your backyard and get amazing, delicious flavors. We have listed all different mango types in India, which are incredibly famous mostly for their fantastic taste, texture, and flavors.

No doubt, one thing that makes us love summers is the arrival of mangoes in the market. Throughout the summer season, you will most probably get at least one of the mango types described above. Different varieties of mangoes have distinct stages of ripeness.

People utilize this fruit to prepare different pickles, desserts, ice-creams, candies, and fresh juice–commercially and at home both. Do try all the Indian mango varieties. Lastly, decide your favorite mango fruit type from our list of mango varieties in India. Enjoy your summer treat!

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