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16 Different Types Of Veg Sandwiches – Ready in a Jiffy

When it comes to sandwiches people like experimenting with taste and trying new things a lot and customizing their sandwich as they like it. Here are 16 types of sandwiches that are must-try.

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A wholesome, fully-loaded sandwich is the easiest, the quickest and the cheapest thing to grab when you are hungry! And not to mention the fact that sandwiches are also healthy if you get yourself the right one. Most types of sandwiches are filled with veggies like cucumber, lettuce, jalapenos, tomatoes, olives, gherkins, capsicum and peppers to name a few. Not only do veggies give a sandwich an excellent taste and texture, but they also make it super-healthy. There are different types of sandwiches and a lot of them are native to different parts of the world.

A good sandwich is also dependent on the type of bread used. You can use white bread, whole wheat, sourdough, rye or multigrain bread to create a hearty sandwich. Here’s a list of types of sandwiches you might want to add to the list of top sandwiches you love!! But before you go further.

Quick Tips to Zing up your sandwich

  • Add a lot of cheese!
  • Want crunch? Add veggies
  • Choose the right bread- according to your taste, health preferences and according to your filling. Always go for a thick bread when a runny filling!
  • Toast, Toast, Toast.
  • Add sauces and chutneys!

There are many different types of Sandwiches to satiate a hunger attack!

Top 9 Types of Veg Sandwiches

Here’s a list of easy to make, and simple kinds of sandwiches that use veg only ingredients. Did you think veg sandwiches cannot be delicious, or wholesome? Wait till you read this list of different types of sandwiches.

1. Basic Vegetable Sandwich

vegetable sandwich
Basic Vegetable Sandwich

The most easy-to-make sandwich when you are hungry! The thing with the vegetable sandwich is, that you can tweak it how you want it! Add a lot of veggies, cheese, mayo or green chutney to give it a tangy and spicy hint! And even if you don’t have sauces or mayo to add, just put some ketchup and veggies and you are good to go! It’s healthy, it’s quick and on top of it it’s delicious and it’s also ideal for the kids’ lunchboxes!

Basic Vegetable Sandwich can include a wide range of vegetables like capsicum, greens, and tomatoes.

2. Falafel Sandwich

falafel sandwich
Falafel Sandwich

The falafel sandwich is mostly prepared in a slice of pita bread and should be on your list of top sandwiches if you like Mediterranean flavors. Among the different types of sandwiches, this one has the most disputed history from where it came from. Some say it was invented in Egypt, some say it has an Indian origin but why worry because it tastes good right? So, to make a falafel sandwich take boiled chickpeas and mash them. 

Now, add spices and mix them well. After you’ve mixed it well start making small balls or patty and deep fry these patties. Stuff them in a piece of pita bread, add some pickled veggies, a bit of mayo or a garlic-based hung curd dip, and some mustard sauce. You are ready for a tasty roller coaster ride!

Falafel Sandwich has Mediterranean flavors and can be enjoyed as a snack or a complete meal.

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3. Chutney sandwich

This plain yet zingy type of sandwich is easy to make and is the best snack for tea time. It is prepared using soft white bread, cut the edges if you want and slather the slices with a lot of butter, spread green chutney on it to complete the sandwich. You can add thinly sliced cucumber and tomato for a better taste!

4. Mint sandwich

This is similar to a chutney sandwich but with a hint of Mint (Pudina) in it. All you need to do is to add some mint leaves while preparing your chutney to give your sandwich a fresh and chatpata taste.

5. Bombay sandwich

bombay sandwich
Bombay Sandwich

This is an Indian version of a club sandwich. Popular in the streets of Mumbai this is a wholesome sandwich.  All you need to do is, load it with raw cucumber, beet slices, lettuce (if you don’t have it swap it with some washed leaves of cabbage), boiled and spiced potatoes, sauces, mayo, and chutney! Add this filling to your bread, butter it from outside and grill!

6. Cucumber Sandwich

A sandwich native to England is an easy to prepare, yet delicious kind of sandwich around, prepared with cucumber. Immersed in butter and completely layered with finely sliced cucumber, it is spread on a super-thin white bread spruced up with some cream cheese, salmon and sprinkled salt. This is the best sandwich for you if you want something light and healthy at the same time.

Cucumber Sandwich is a type of sandwich that is very popular across Indian homes.

7. Olives sandwich

Stuffed with Olives this is a healthy sandwich, to make it a little more interesting you can add a lot of tomatoes, onions, bell pepper, capsicum, hard-boiled eggs and garnish it with some basil leaves to make your sandwich more interesting and tasty!

8. Grilled cheese sandwich

grilled cheese sandwich
Grilled Cheese Sandwich [ Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons ]
Grilled Cheese Sandwich is like one of those favorite kids in the family! The most liked among all the different types of sandwiches! Because it has CHEESE!! This sandwich is made in a sandwich toaster, griddle or frying pan using different types of cheese and heating the cheese between the bread. 

For you to make a grilled sandwich all you need is two slices of bread, a lot of cheese, and a toaster. Grate the cheese as much as you want! And if you don’t have a toaster don’t worry you can always toast it in a pan using some butter and make the best cheese sandwich of your own!

9. Paneer sandwich

paneer sandwich
Paneer Sandwich

Paneer sandwich is easy to make and a healthy option for your midnight hunger or otherwise. Here’s an easy tip! Grab your paneer in a bowl and crumble it, add veggies (whatever you like), add herbs, salt, pepper, red and green chili powder, mix it well! If you like to make it more interesting you can grate a little cheese over it! (A little cheese does wonders, always!). Now stuff your bread slices with this filling, keep it in the toaster and voila! Your paneer sandwich is ready. You can always slice it into two parts to have a better experience.

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Best Non-Veg Sandwiches

Here’s a list of easy to make, and simple kinds of non veg sandwiches.  

1. Chicken sandwich

chicken vegetable
Chicken Vegetable

There are two ways for you to make this sandwich. Take small pieces of boiled boneless chicken, add some salt, pepper, and mayonnaise to it. Now chop some veggies and mix them well. Take slices of bread and spread this mixture on it. Your yummy chicken sandwich is ready! The other way is to add a deep-fried boneless chicken to your bread with a lot of veggies and everything dipped in cheese. This chicken sandwich is a perfect grab for your big hunger!

2. Egg or Omelette sandwich

egg sandwich
egg sandwich

The egg sandwich is a way to spruce up your egg intake for everyday breakfast. Being a good source of protein you can make this sandwich as you like it. Use the boiled eggs or just fry them and prepare the omelet, add some onions or veggies if you like, some salt and pepper now immerse your slice of bread in the mixture toast it well and you are good to go!

3. Ham sandwich

ham sandwich
Ham Sandwich

A simple method to make a home-style ham sandwich is to completely butter or toast your bread. Add veggies like tomatoes, lettuce, onions, put cheese mayo and mustard sauce, mix well and now put your sliced ham between your toasted or buttered slices. Your ham sandwich is ready in minutes!

4. Prawn sandwich

Prawns are the favorite seafood of most people, and there’s no denying that it tastes awesome with a toasted slice of bread. To make yourself a prawn sandwich just mix some ketchup, mayonnaise and lemon juice together. Add prawns, salt and pepper according to your taste, keep it in the toasted bread. Your prawn sandwich is ready!

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Best sandwiches for your sweet cravings

When it comes to sandwiches people like experimenting with taste and trying new things a lot and customizing their sandwich as they like it. One of these is making a sweet sandwich! 

Here are some new experiments that you can try with your sandwich to satisfy your inner sweet cravings! When it comes to sandwiches people like experimenting with taste and trying new things a lot and customizing their sandwich as they like it. One of these is making a sweet sandwich! Here are some new experiments that you can try with your sandwich to satisfy your inner sweet cravings!

1. Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich

peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Peanut Butter and Jelly (Jam) sandwich is the best way to have a good breakfast. Peanuts keep you fuller and give you energy. To make it spread butter on both sides of one slice of bread, peanut butter on the one side of the other slice and Jelly on the third one. Keep the buttered slice in the middle and the peanut butter slice and jelly slice on the top and bottom. Your Peanut butter and jelly sandwich are ready if you want it crispy just toast it!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich is a very easy to make sandwich

2. Nutella Sandwich

nutella sandwich
Nutella Sandwich

As tempting as it sounds, Nutella is something found in every household, from adding it in the salads to eating it while watching a series (that’s how it really works) it is something that we all do! Nutella is like your go-to person quite literally! Just take some spoons of Nutella, spread it on your toasted bread…Heaven!

3. Oreo-Ice Cream sandwich

Suffering from midnight hunger and craving for something sweet? Got some ice cream? Why not pair it with some Oreo to add a crunch to it and make a delish sandwich out of it. Take an Oreo cookie, open them, take a scoop of ice cream and put it on the Oreo, now close them, do it for 2-3 or whatever number you want! Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few most asked FAQs by our reader about the different types of sandwiches.

1. Are these sandwiches healthy?

To make your sandwiches healthy, load them with veggies and fruits. Replace your classic sandwich bread with healthy multi grain bread. Add paneer or tofu, nut butter and reduced fat cheese to increase its nutritional value.

2. What is the most important part of the sandwich?

The most important part of the sandwich is bread. But not to forget, the proper balance of ingredients added to it makes it delicious and fun to eat.

3. What are the 3 components of a sandwich?

The 3 key components of the sandwich are bread, fillings (veggies or meats) and condiments. The perfect blend and assembling of these components make a perfect sandwich.

4. What is the most popular type of bread?

Some of the popular types of bread is

  • White Bread
  • Multigrain Bread
  • Whole Grain Bread
  • Baguette
  • Ciabatta
  • Flatbreads

5. Are sandwiches cooked in a sandwich maker healthy?

The sandwiches made in sandwich maker are cooked and grilled in less oil. It is because all the sandwich makers are usually made of non-stick coating.

Final Words

Sandwiches are the perfect snack-time companion. They’re filling, healthy and absolutely delicious. If you’re making a sandwich at home, you’ll always have the freedom to customize it to perfectly match your cravings and preferences. So try these delicious sandwiches and tell us in the comment section which one was your favorite and you tweaked it in your own style!

Always minimize food wastage as much as possible while making these sandwiches. Do not hoard ingredients and remember, sharing is caring.

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