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the whole truth protein bars review

The Whole Truth Protein Bars Review – Yummy & Healthy

Looking for flavorful vegetarian protein bars? The Whole Truth protein bars might be the solution!

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Yoga, running, strength training, and even a sedentary lifestyle- having a protein-rich diet is essential as this macronutrient is the building block of our systems. Therefore, a minimum of 0.8-1 g protein/kg of body weight must be consumed daily. 

Increasing the protein intake while staying within the calorie budget can be a task. So, here’s where protein bars come into play. But, only the good ones! 

So many protein bars in the market are either loaded with sugar (called that or hidden behind other not-so-obvious names), or they fail to have an edible texture. Worst of all, they might taste industrial. 

Over the months, we have reviewed several protein-rich snacks where some became pantry staples too! The Whole Truth protein bars boast a 100% clean ingredient list as they claim they have nothing to hide. 

We ordered the assorted pack of mini bars, and here’s Team Mishry’s The Whole Truth Protein Bars review. 

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Did you know? Each variant of The Whole Truth Protein Bar has 17% of raw whey protein!

The Whole Truth Protein Bars – Everything You Need To Know

the whole truth protein bars packaging
We ordered the assorted pack of eight mini protein bars.

The Whole Truth Protein Bars are made protein-rich by using plant and milk-based protein sources. Each mini bar contains anywhere between 6-8 g of protein, half of which comes from raw whey and the other half from nuts. 

These mini protein bars are sweetened using dates that the brand de-pits in-house. Unflavored whey is used which also signifies no artificial/low-calorie sweeteners have been used. 

Here is all you need to know about The Whole Truth Protein Bars.

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1. Available Variants

The mini protein bars by The Whole Truth are available in eight flavor variants. They offer double cocoa, peanut cocoa, coconut cocoa, cranberry, peanut butter, KC roasters coffee cocoa, and coffee cocoa flavored protein bars. For our The Whole Truth protein bars review, we tried six of the above variants. 

the whole truth protein bars variants
The Whole Truth protein bars are individually packed making them easy to carry on the go.

2. Packaging

The packaging is quite attractive with a play of background and font colors. All ingredients used to make the variant are mentioned right on the pack. There is also a witty one line description. 

3. Speciality

Other than the imported protein powder, everything happens in-house for the products of this brand. Whether it is making the date paste or chopping nuts, the brand does not outsource any food products. (other than whey)

4. Nutritional Information

Each mini bar has 120-130 kcal and offers 6-8 g of protein. The carbohydrate and fat content range from 9-11 g and 5-7.5 g per bar, respectively. 

5. Price Range

The assorted bag of eight bars is priced at INR 440. We purchased them at a discounted price of INR 376 from Amazon. 

The Whole Truth Protein Bars – Our Review Factors

Protein bars can only be called so when the protein content in them is more or less similar to the carbohydrate or fat content. If both (carbohydrate and fats) are higher than protein, it is simply an energy bar. 

No asterisk marks, no half truths, and no more than six ingredients go in the making of these mini protein bars. As significant as taste is, our review is also based on the quality and quantity of ingredients used. 

Are these protein bars a filling mid-meal snack? Can they be consumed by non-gym-goers?

1. Quality of Ingredients

Let’s discuss the quality of ingredients macronutrient-wise, starting with carbohydrates.

The Whole Truth uses dates as the primary carbohydrate source. Most brands offering protein bars use oats, rice, corn, or other grains (in the form of crispies or flakes). Dates are rich in fiber, iron, and vitamin C (crucial, since vitamin C promotes better iron absorption). Best of all dates are a natural, plant-based sweetener!

Fats are typically added in the form of refined oil or butter which also helps to bind the ingredients. This doesn’t just drastically affect the quality but may also influence the taste. The Whole Truth uses nuts, a variety of them, to add good-quality fats (and a crunch) to their bars. A plus? Nuts are also decent sources of protein. 

The Whole Truth Protein bars contain 80% whey protein concentrate. The whey used is raw (unflavored) which also means it has no artificial sweeteners. 

2. Macro-Composition

Based on the ingredients used, protein bars can be carbohydrate-rich or fat-rich. Typically, protein must be the second-highest macronutrient. 

These protein bars use carbohydrates as the primary source of energy. Out of the six we tried, three had protein as the second-highest macronutrient and the other three had fat as the same. 

3. Fiber Content 

If you’ve read the nutritional labels on protein/energy bars- you must have come across some hard-to-pronounce names like fructooligosac, maltodextrin, maltitol. The Whole Truth bars have no such ingredients used. 

Nuts and dates are the key fiber sources in these mini protein bars. Flavor-wise, some variants use cranberries and cocoa which adds a little more fiber. 

4. Sugar Content

The Whole Truth protein bars contain no added sugar, no low-calorie or artificial sweeteners. 

That said, these bars do contain some amount of natural sugar that comes from raw dates. No variant has more than 7.5 g of natural sugar. 

5. Flavour

Dates and raw whey are the two ingredients used in every variant of these protein bars.

Did the flavor do justice to the name tag? Or do they just taste like solidified date paste? 

6. Taste

Could we taste the nuttiness and crunch of the almonds, peanuts, cashews or had they turned too soft? 

Did the unflavored whey impact the taste? Did we miss the sweetness from added sugar or did the dates balance the sweet taste?

7. Price

The price of a protein bar depends majorly on the quality and quantity of ingredients that have been used. A 30-60 g protein bar (offering 10+ g of protein) falls in the range of Rs 60-120. 

The Whole Truth protein bars are priced appropriately. 

The Whole Truth Protein Bar Flavours Review – Detailed Review

Here are tabular details of the six variants we tried. A breakdown of the macronutrients has been provided. 

Parameters Double Cocoa Mini Peanut Cocoa Mini Coconut Cocoa Mini Cranberry Mini Peanut Butter Mini Coffee Cocoa Mini 
Price INR 55 INR 55 INR 55 INR 55 INR 55 INR 55
Protein 6.7 g 7.8 g 6.3 g 6.2 g 6.2 g 6.7 g
Carbohydrates 10.2 g 11.1 g 10.3 g 11 g 9.5 g 10.1 g
Fat 7.2 g 5.7 g 7.2 g 5.7 g 7.4 g 6.4 g
Calories 133 kcal 127.2 kcal 131.5 kcal 122 kcal 129.3 kcal 127.6 g
Shelf Life Four months Four months Four months Four months Four months Four months


The Whole Truth Mini protein bars are offered as assorted packs of 6,8,20 and in boxes of 12 (single variant). These mini bars are nutrient-dense, low-calorie snacks fit for treating a hunger pang on-the-go or between meals. 

The assorted/sampler pack allows you to taste all the available variants before committing to one flavor. 

1. Double Cocoa Minis

A guilt-free nutty dessert- the double cocoa mini has a lovely fudgy texture. That said, the ‘fudginess’ isn’t oily or buttery.

The roasted almonds taste fresh, crunchy, and lend a rich and intense nutty flavor. A deep cocoa flavor was tasted due to the cocoa powder and cocoa butter used. This variant from the mini protein bar range is mildly sweet. 

the whole truth protein bar double cocoa mini
This Whole Truth protein bar was fudgy and loaded with almond bits.
closer look at the whole truth protein bar double cocoa mini
The roasted nuts add a crunchy texture.


  • This mini protein bar offers 133 kcal and 6.7 g of protein.
  • It does not contain any soy or gluten. 
  • No added sugars (refined or artificial) have been added.
  • It has 45% nuts (35% cashews, 10% almonds) and 17% whey.
  • The bar does not break when bitten into. 


  • This is devoid of any trans fat.
  • It does not contain any preservatives or artificial flavors/colors. 
  • They make for a great source of vegetarian protein. 
  • The roasted almonds add a crunchy texture.
  • It isn’t overly sweet. 

Best Suited For

Looking for a nutritious chocolatey bite after your workout? Or, as a quick snack between meals? This fudgy, mildly sweet nut-loaded chocolate bar hits the spot! Oh and, it makes hitting the daily protein requirement easier.

2. Peanut Cocoa Minis

The peanut cocoa is loaded with peanut bits. These crunchy roasted peanut bits add a bite to this otherwise soft protein bar. 

The peanut to cocoa ratio was adequate as no one ingredient overpowered the other. 

the whole truth protein bar peanut cocoa mini (2)
The peanut cocoa variant has balanced chocolate and peanut flavors.
closer look at the whole truth protein bar peanut cocoa mini
This was topped with a generous amount of peanut bits.


  • This variant has 6.5 g of naturally occurring sugar.
  • One 27 g bar provides 127.2 kcal and 7.8 g of protein.
  • It uses 47% peanuts.
  • It has 0 g of trans fat.


  • This mini protein bar has more protein than fats.
  • Roasted peanut bits are added generously. 
  • Cocoa powder and butter have been used for the chocolate flavor.
  • The peanut to chocolate ratio is spot-on!

Best Suited For 

A clean ingredient list with good quality fat, protein, and fiber- the peanut cocoa variant has a nutty bite, in each bite!

3. Coconut Cocoa Minis

This variant from the mini protein bars range uses three nuts- cashews, almonds, and of course, coconut. To enhance the coconut flavor, the brand has used different forms of coconut- desiccated coconut and some virgin coconut oil.

Raw whey, dates, and cocoa powder have also been added. 

Of all the variants we tried, the coconut cocoa mini left our fingertips a bit oily. 

The pack mentions the possibility of the bars tasting dry and releasing some nut oil. But we have no complaints as this indicates the bars ‘have nothing that came out of a chemistry lab.’

the whole truth protein bar coconut cocoa mini (2)
This Whole Truth protein bar may be broken as the coconuts release their natural oils.
closer look at the whole truth protein bar coconut cocoa mini
The desiccated coconut and almond bits were visible.


  • The coconut cocoa mini bar was slightly oily.
  • Crushed, roasted nuts were used. 
  • Half the coconut is in the form of virgin coconut oil.
  • The other half is dessicated coconut.
  • This bar has 131.5 kcal and over 6 g of protein.
  • Some raw whey milkiness was also tasted. 


  • 17% imported raw whey is used.
  • The balance between coconut, cocoa, and overall sweetness from the dates is yum!
  • The roasted nuts taste fresh.
  • We appreciate the mini-sized individual packs.

Best Suited For

Nuts over coconuts? Fan of coconut chutney? Can’t get enough of coconut barfi? If the answer is yes, you must try this coconut protein bar. 

And it’s got chocolate too!

4. Cranberry Minis

Cranberries are used widely for the chewy texture, the delectable play of sweet and sour flavors they offer. 

The cranberry mini by The Whole Truth is loaded with crushed bits of nuts and whole cranberries! (no, no exaggeration)

Since these bars are made with dates and cranberries, we suspected a super chewy bar. However, that wasn’t the case. 

We were delightfully surprised to taste a soft and simultaneously crunchy protein bar!

the whole truth protein bar cranberry mini
This variant of the Whole Truth protein bar had a beautiful interplay of flavors and textures.
closer look at the whole truth protein bar cranberry mini
Whole cranberries and bits of roasted nuts can be seen.


  • This bar is prepared using only six ingredients. 
  • The clean ingredient list and good-quality packaging talk about the overall quality.
  • This bar holds the shape as binding ingredients like dates and cocoa butter have been used.
  • This is a vegetarian protein bar.


  • It has only 122 kcal and 6.2 g of protein.
  • This was definitely one of the most filling variants we tried.
  • They are mildly sweet, good for those who like berry-loaded desserts. 
  • This bar is topped generously with whole cranberries and crushed cashews and almonds. 

Best Suited For

Great taste and just the right sized bar- the cranberry minis are perfect as a mid-meal sweet tooth solution and even as a pre-workout energy boost.

5. Peanut Butter Minis

With altered proportions of ingredients, the other difference between peanut cocoa minis and peanut butter minis is that the former also had some cocoa powder. 

Peanut butter minis also have some cranberries.

closer look at the whole truth protein bar peanut butter mini
A whole cranberry as the topping on this protein bar.
inverted look at the whole truth protein bar peanut butter mini
Here is The Whole Truth protein bar upside down.


  • Roasted peanuts and cranberries are the toppings. 
  • Inside, dates, raw whey, and cocoa butter are the base ingredients.
  • It has only 7.4 g of naturally occurring sugar.
  • One 27 g bar offers 129.3 kcal and a little over 6 g of protein. 
  • This is mildly sweet and slightly bitter. 


  • Almost half of the ingredients used are peanuts. Yum!
  • This bar has less than 10 g of carbohydrates. 
  • The chewiness from cranberries adds a nice texture.
  • The cranberries also bring some sweetness and tartness that combines well with the nutty peanut flavor.

Best Suited For

Low-carb and mildly sweet- if this is what you prefer, you must get your hands on this variant. It’s also got decent quantities of fats and proteins that maintain sustained levels of energy. 

6. Coffee Cocoa Minis

The coffee cocoa mini is nutty, chocolatey, and best of all has a very mild caffeine kick. Pure coffee (no chicory) is used in this protein bar. 

Like the double cocoa variant, this one uses 45% nuts (35% cashews, 10% almonds). Overall, this has a  bitter taste which is brought on by coffee, cocoa, and raw whey.

closer look at the whole truth protein bar coffee cocoa mini
The coffee cocoa protein bar is made with pure coffee, no chicory.


  • Like the other variants, this one too has 17% of raw whey protein. 
  • It is a vegetarian protein bar.
  • This had an intense bitter taste.
  • Compared to the five other variants we tried, this had the least amount of nuts.
  • It provides 127.6 kcal of energy and around six g of fat. 


  • No additional/refined/artificial/low-calorie sugar has been added.
  • 100% coffee (no chicory) has been used.
  • It has no preservatives or gluten.


  • The bitterness was overwhelming.
  • The quantity of nuts was relatively lower. 

Best Suited For

Some may find the bitterness of the coffee cocoa protein bar a bit much. The bits of cashews and almonds provided a much-needed change of flavor from the bitterness. 

You could replace your coffee biscuits with this protein bar, as milk may help balance out the bitterness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on The Whole Truth Protein Bars

1. How many variants are there in The Whole Truth protein bars?

There are eight variants in the regular size and six in the mini sized bars. 

2. Which is the best flavour in The Whole Truth protein bars?

We liked the double cocoa variant the best followed by cranberry and coconut. 

3. Which flavour has the highest protein content?

Peanut cocoa mini has the highest protein content (7.8 g)

4. Are these protein bars good for health?

Yes, these protein bars contain all natural ingredients.

However, we advise our readers to not rely solely on one food item for any nutritional requirement. 

5. Do these protein bars contain added sugars or no artificial sweeteners?

Yes, these protein bars are completely free of added/artificial sugar. They only contain natural sugar from dates. 

6. Is this peanut butter gluten & soy free?

Yes, all variants, including peanut butter, are gluten and soy-free. 

Final Words

Voila! Here is Team Mishry’s review of The Whole Truth min protein bars. A clean ingredient list, good taste, high-quality protein, and fats, these bars are a hit! Unlike a lot of protein bars available in the market, The Whole Truth protein bars do not use unhealthy or poor-quality oils and sugars. 

They taste fresh, the nuts are crunchy, and best of all these can be consumed by most individuals- from powerlifters, expecting mothers to kids and aging dads.

Coconut, peanut, cashews, almonds, and chocolate- which variant will you reach out for first? Let us know!

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

Food & Beverage is a constantly evolving segment with new products launched daily. Our endeavor here is to help shoppers buy better. If there’s a product you would like us to review tell us by clicking here.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

No part of this review is sponsored by any brand. All expenses were borne by us.

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