The Tastiest Pizza Sauce - Mishry Reviews

The Tastiest Pizza Sauce – Mishry Reviews

Team Mishry’s cheat meal landed on a weekday. After gobbling six slices of pizzas each, our team decided on a winner for the most flavorful pizza sauce for homemade pizzas.

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Homemade pizzas on a cozy night in with the family while watching movies spells happiness. There are hardly any people we know who do not love a slice of homemade pizza customized to their liking. A good homemade pizza is defined by three major things – the quality of the pizza base, the cheese, and the pizza sauce, of course. We tried and tasted 6 brands of pizza sauces available in the Indian market to see which one results in the most flavorful pizzas. After tasting each as is, followed by a marathon pizza-making session, we found that Veeba Pasta and Pizza Sauce (Top Pick) makes the tastiest homemade pizzas. We also recommend Wingreens Farms Pizza & Pasta Sauce.

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The Tastiest Pizza Sauce Is…


Top Pick – Veeba Pasta and Pizza Sauce


Veeba Pasta & Pizza Sauce

The Veeba Pasta & Pizza Sauce was the most flavorful and herby sauce. The sweet-salt balance in the sauce was perfect, and the dried herbs add the most flavourful punch.

MRP – Rs 75/-*

Net weight – 310 grams

*Price at the time of review


Why Veeba Pasta & Pizza Sauce is our Top Pick?

The Veeba Pasta & Pizza Sauce has the most well-balanced flavor across all the brands of sauces tested. The balance of salt and sweetness levels was the best, and this resulted in the tastiest pizza slices.

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The robust sweet-sour-tarty flavor in the tomatoes is hard to miss. We liked this a lot. We felt that with such a flavourful sauce, using even the simplest, most basic toppings would result in a delicious pizza.

Another distinguishing feature was the flavor of the herbs. All pizza sauces tested used dried herbs (mainly oregano and basil), but it was Veeba Pasta & Pizza Sauce where the herby quality of the sauce was most pronounced, adding layers to the overall taste.

This makes the tomatoes feel light and re-introduces that light grassy taste that packaged tomato pastes often lose.

Appearance and more: Veeba Pasta & Pizza Sauce comes in a plastic jar. It is a darker red in appearance as compared to some of its counterparts. It has a thick consistency. The tomato paste content is 37%. We could see lots of dried herbs. It is made using soyabean oil. 100 grams of this sauce provides 215 calories and 24 grams of sugar.


Also Recommended – Wingreens Farms Pizza & Pasta Sauce



Why we also recommend Wingreens Farms Pizza & Pasta Sauce.

When it came to taste, Wingreens Farms Pizza & Pasta Sauce had the second-best balance of flavor. Pizzas made with this sauce emerged next best in our blind tasting.

Wingreens Farms Pizza & Pasta Sauce comes in a pouch packing with a nozzle for easy pouring. It is not as dark as Veeba and, was visibly the oiliest amongst the lot. We could see specs of garlic and dried herbs and spices.

It is made using sunflower oil. 100 grams of this sauce provides 219 calories and 16.16 grams of sugar. The tomato paste content is 41%.

We recommend Wingreens Farms Pizza & Pasta Sauce for its buttery flavor, balanced sweet and salty flavor, and the subtle tomato tartness.


Our Review Process

Our mid-week blues were pushed afar, thanks to the multiple pizzas we made to find for you the best and most flavorful pizza sauce available in the market. Here’s how we did it.


Who Is This Review For?

Pizzas are such a loved food around the world and have been tweaked and twisted to fit different palates. No matter where you are, a tomato-based sauce is one of the most common pizza sauces used. From a simple Margherita to a veggie pizza or a pepperoni pizza, a tomato-based pizza sauce is a must.

This review is for all the pizza lovers who make pizzas at home occasionally (or frequently) and would like to keep a jar of pizza sauce handy. This is also for people who do not have the time (or the skill) to make a pizza sauce at home from scratch. These packaged pizza and pasta sauces are very convenient and can be used as a sandwich spread as well.


How We Picked The Brands

We picked six popular brands of pizza sauces that are readily available online and in local grocery stores. Most of these brands have a combined pasta and pizza sauce, but one didn’t. We picked it up anyway due to the brands’ popularity. All these brands have onion and/or garlic.

A few brands also do a no onion, no garlic pizza and pasta sauce to suit people who avoid onion and garlic in their diets.


The Brands We Picked


The contenders – Pizza and pasta sauce

The six brands that we picked were –

1. Veeba Pasta and Pizza Sauce

2. Dr Oetkar Funfoods Pasta and Pizza Sauce

3. Wingreens Farms Pizza And Pasta Sauce

4. Kissan Pizza And Pasta Sauce

5. American Garden Pizza Sauce

6. Del Monte Pizza And Pasta Sauce


The Parameters

For this review, our ONLY parameter was the taste. Yes, we did consider factors like –


  • How easy was the pizza sauce to spread?
  • The type of oil used.
  • Any herbs used. If yes, do they add any value to the sauce?
  • Color and consistency of the sauce.

All sauces are pretty much in the same price range, although different package sizes. So price did not play a role in the choice, or final review.

As all of these sauces had preservatives and acidity regulators, so that aspect was not considered as a parameter.

Our deciding factor was taste/flavor. How well does the pizza taste? Is the sweet-salty content well balanced? How is the tomato flavor making a difference to the pizza? Is it adding that tangy tomato flavor? Are the tomatoes too tart or too mild and muted? Does the flavor of the herbs and garlic shine? How was the overall pizza eating experience? We gauged everything in each brand before deciding on a winner.


How We Reviewed

We divided our review process into two major sections –


For section 1, we did a side-by-side tasting that helped us gauge the raw flavor, oil content, color, and consistency of the pizza sauces. While some were well balanced, a few were just one dimensional. We wanted to see how much the tomato flavor shines through, the color and consistency of the sauce, the onion-garlic notes, sweet-savory balance, and the addition of herbs.


Side-by-side tasting session.

For section 2, we made pizzas! Our review team made pizzas on a whole wheat base by Paushtaa. We divided two bases into three sections and used all the sauces. On each base, there were three pizza sauces (See picture). At this stage, we also noticed which sauce was able to spread easily (though this was not the deciding factor). We sprinkled cheese (Britannia Cheezza) on top and baked the pizzas in the oven till golden.

After multiple blind tastings and looking for minute details in the flavors, we landed on our Top Pick.


Why Did We Use Such A Simple Recipe? We could have been fancy and used truffles, arugula, goats cheese, baby artichokes, and what not on our homemade pizzas! Instead, we decided on the most basic pizza recipe – a simple 3-ingredient cheese pizza – because we did not want the flavor of the sauce to be suppressed by the taste of too many vegetables or meat.

We wanted to check the pizza sauce for what it brings to the pizza! Sure, you can add a whole lot of toppings, but a pizza sauce should add that signature tomato-herby flavor to the pizza, and even with the simplest of ingredients should give you a tasty and delicious slice.



Thick or thin crust – How do you like your homemade pizza and which are your favorite toppings?


Quick Comparison – Best Pizza Sauce Review



Brand Price Net Weight Oil Used Color Consistency Flavor Notes
Funfoods Rs 89/- 325 gms Sunflower Dark Thick – This pizza sauce on the sweeter note.
– Tasty, but more sweet than salty.
We found this it a bit too sweet, but this may be perfect for people who like a sweet tone in their pizza sauce
Wingreens Farms Rs 149/- 450 gms Sunflower Not as dark Oiliest – Buttery flavor.
– Balanced levels of sweet and salty.
– Tomato flavor is subtle and mild. Made tasty pizza slices.
Veeba Rs 75/- 280 gms Soyabean Darkest looking Thick – Top Pick
– Well balanced.
– Sweet and salty.
– Lots of herbs that add a punch.
American Garden Rs 260/- 397 gms Soyabean Medium Runniest – The tomato flavored mellowed down.
– Tomato flavor subtle.
Kissan Rs 55/- 200 gms Soyabean Light Runny – Tomato flavor lost during cooking.
Del Monte Rs 99/- 400 gms Soyabean Dark Thick – Strong on herbs.
– Has an acidic taste.
– Salty with very mild sweetness.


Results Of Our Review


After eating several batches of cheesy, crisp pizzas we found out that the pizzas made using our Top Pick – Veeba Pasta & Pizza Sauce was the most flavorsome and had a lovely herby-tomato taste. We also recommend Wingreens Farms Pizza And Pasta Sauce for its flavor and balanced levels of sweet and salty.

Team That Worked On This Review


If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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No part of this review is sponsored by any brand. All expenses were borne by us.



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