The Tastiest Frozen Sweet Corn

The Tastiest Frozen Sweet Corn

Plump and juicy, we found the tastiest frozen sweet corn for you.

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Sweet. Juicy. Delicious! Eat them as is, or in any dish, sweet corn is not only tasty but also adds vibrant color and crunch to your meals as well. We reviewed two frozen sweet corn brands that are available online and in local grocery stores for their taste, juiciness, and sweetness. After multiple side-by-side tastings that spanned over two days, we noticed very marginal differences between both brands. Safal Frozen Sweet Corn (Top Pick) was chosen as our winner because it has a slight upper hand over the other contender. We Also Recommend Godrej Yummiez American Sweet Corn because it is nearly as tasty as our Top Pick.

The Tastiest Frozen Sweet Corn

Mishry Top Pick – Safal Frozen Sweet Corn

Safal Frozen Sweet Corn

Safal Frozen Sweet Corn is deliciously sweet and juicy. It has big corn kernels that are uniform in shape and size.

MRP – Rs 90/-*

Net weight – 500 gram

*Price at the time of review

Why Safal Frozen Sweet Corn was Our Top Pick?

We chose Safal Frozen Sweet Corn as our Top Pick because these were tasty, juicy, and sweet just like fresh sweet corn kernels should be.

Safal Frozen Sweet Corn plumped up very nicely after boiling and became a vibrant yellow in color. The size of the corn was a little bigger than the competition. A 500-gram bag of Safal corn is priced at Rs 90/- and is economical.

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After tasting this post-boiling and in our Mishry Secret Sauce (buttered corn), we felt that the overall experience of eating these kernels was better by a narrow margin.

If you check from a broad perspective, the differences aren’t much. We chose Safal over Godrej for the minute differences where it inched ahead in direct comparison. Safal had a slight upper hand in the overall taste and the fact that it is also value for money.

Also Recommended – Godrej Yummiez American Sweet Corn

Why we recommend Godrej Yummiez American Sweet Corn.

Godrej Yummiez American Sweet Corn was as juicy and sweet as our Top Pick. All the differences in taste, appearance, and texture were so slight, we had to taste it over and over again to gauge which one had an upper hand.

So why did it not win? The tip cap of the corn was very pronounced in the Godrej frozen corn. The taste of the corn tip cap mildly brought down the experience which is why it was marked a step down from Safal Sweet Corn.

Our Review Process

Corn or maize is widely used throughout the world for consumption. Think tacos, nachos, popcorn, sweet corn soup. Oh, yum! All thanks to maize. Did you know that maize is grown on every continent apart from Antartica?

Well if you love corn as much as we do, this review will help you choose the best frozen corn in the Indian market. Let’s have a look at how we reviewed.

Who Is This Review For?

In a stir fry, a crispy corn pakoda, or a cup full of buttered corn. We all have different ways in which we relish sweet corn. It is not that easy to get your hands on fresh sweet corn throughout the year and this is when the convenience of frozen corn comes into play. If you love sweet corn and often buy the frozen variety, this review would help you choose the best.

How We Picked The Brands

Even though there are many brands available throughout the country, we picked brands that we could easily get our hands on without going an extra length. This also helped us to check the ease of accessibility of the brand. We picked two popular brands of frozen corn that are easily available on a few online portals as well as local markets – Safal Frozen Corn and Godrej Yummiez Sweet Corn.

The Contenders

The brands we picked for this review are –

  • Safal Frozen Sweet Corn
  • Godrej Yummiez American Sweet Corn
Our contendors

The Parameters

While reviewing frozen corn we decided on three prime parameters –

1. Appearance – Here we wanted to see the individual look and feel of the kernels. What happens to them post boiling? Do they plump up nicely or do they shrivel and harden? What is the change in color of the corn and how vibrant they look?

2. Taste – The taste of the corn includes testing out the sweetness and juiciness of the corn kernel.

3. Texture – When we say texture, we were looking for that ‘crunch’ or juicy bite you expect out of corn.

How We Reviewed

We divided our review into three stages-

  • Stage 1 – Dry inspection
  • Stage 2 – Tasting after boiling
  • Stage 3 – Tasting them as buttered corn (Mishry Secret Sauce)

For stage 1 we checked for their physical appearance in their frozen form to see the size of the kernels.

For stage 2 we boiled both the brands of corn in mildly salted water. Both the brands of sweet corn took the exact same amount of time to cook. At this stage we noticed the color and plumpness of the kernels. We tasted them side by side to gauge the sweetness and juiciness of the corn. At this stage we also wanted to check for the corn ‘crunch’.

For our stage 3 (Mishry Secret Sauce), we chose to test out the flavor of the corn using the simplest and a widely used recipe – buttered corn! We lightly sautéed these corn kernels in butter and did not add any extra salt to them as our butter and the water we used to boil them were both salted. Once again, we put down our notes to find the juiciest, tastiest frozen sweet corn for you.

Quick Comparison – The Tastiest Sweet Corn

Brands Price Net Weight Appearance Flavor Notes
Safal Frozen Sweet Corn Rs 90/- 500 gm – The kernels are a rich yellow in color.
– Slightly bigger in comparison.
– Plumped up nicely after boiling.
– Juicy corn kernels.
– Taste nice.
– Sweetness of the corn is very consistent.
Godrej Yummiez American Sweet Corn Rs 85/- 450 gm – The kernels are a lighter shade of yellow.
– They plumped up nicely post boiling.
– The corn kernels are juicy and tasty.
– The kernels are mostly sweet.
Safal Frozen Sweet Corn Vs Godrej Yummiez American Sweet Corn

Results Of The Review

Even though we only had two brands for our review, we couldn’t really turn this into a face-off because sweet corn from both the brands was tasty. Safal Frozen Sweet Corn (Top Pick) was our winner because it was marginally better tasting and more cost-effective than Godrej Yummiez. That being said, we also recommend Godrej Yummiez American Sweet Corn because they were tasty and juicy as well.

Team That Worked On This Review


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