Best Coffee Products (2024)
best coffee products in india

The Best Coffee Products – Tested By Mishry (2024)

Team Mishry’s compilation of the best coffee products we tried and tested exclusively at Mishry HQ.

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Coffee aficionados, here’s the list you’ve been waiting for. In the past year, the Mishry HQ saw tons of coffee-based products. Not just beverages, but spreads, snacks, and ice-creams too! While some hit the bullseye, others were a big no-no. From coffee capsules to coffee cubes, the innovation kept taking us by surprise. 

As we wrap up this year, we bring to you some of the best coffee products from the last year. The list features the 12 Best Coffee Products we tried and tested! 

Best Coffee Products

1.  Sleepy Owl French Vanilla Instant Coffee

sleepy owl french vanilla instant coffee tin packaging

We loved Sleepy Owl’s French Vanilla Premium Instant Coffee and we bet you will too . The rich and smooth taste of coffee combined with the floral. sweet notes of vanilla made this a pantry staple in our personal kitchens.


  • It is a premium instant coffee made using 100% Arabica. 
  • This coffee comes in a sturdy tin packaging. 
  • It has a mix of instant coffee (95%) and ground coffee (5%). 

Why is it recommended? 

  • The mixability is excellent. 
  • We loved the robust coffee flavor with no acidity. 
  • Heavenly aroma of vanilla.

2. Eat Better Co. Coffee & Almond Laddoos

the packaging of eat better co. coffee and almond laddoos

Looking for a clean snack that’s devoid of sugar and preservatives? We found just the snack for you. Sweetened with dates, Eat Better Co. Coffee & Almond Laddoos are non-oily and have a nice fudgy bite. It is an ideal snack to curb all your sugar cravings without any guilt. 


  • It comes in a reusable jar. 
  • The ingredients include – Dates, almonds, oats, coconut, coffee, cacao, chia, and seasalt.
  • A 165 gm jar is priced at Rs. 349. 

Why is it recommended? 

  • We loved the clean and preservative free ingredient list. 
  • It has a well balanced sweetness. 
  • The chia seeds add a nice crunch. 
  • It does not have an oily mouthfeel.

3. VS Mani & Co’s Filter Coffee Decoction

vs mani & co filter coffee decoction packing

VS Mani & Co’s Filter Coffee Decoction is easily one of the best coffee products Team Mishry has come across during the last year. If you are looking for an authentic South Indian Filter Coffee experience, this has to be your pick. It has a rich intensity and is supremely convenient to prepare. 


  • This coffee decoction comes in an easy to use pet bottle. 
  • The ingredients are – chicory (20%), coffee (80%) and purified water. 
  • Rs 145/- for a 220 ml bottle. 

Why is it recommended? 

  • Loved the complex and desirable flavor. 
  • Easy to prepare.  
  • Perfect for a South Indian Filter Coffee experience. 

4. Bevzilla Belgian Chocolate Instant Coffee Cubes

bevzilla instant coffee cubes individual pack

A definite innovative and unique product tested by Team Mishry has to be these instant coffee cubes by Bevzilla. The best part is that these are super easy to prepare and are free from refined sugar. We loved how the flavor of coffe and jaggery works really well here. 


  • It comes in a box pack where all cubes are individually packed. 
  • A 100 gm carton has a price of Rs. 349. 
  • The main ingredients include – 100% Arabica and date palm jaggery. 

Why is it recommended? 

  • Full marks for the innovation. 
  • It contains zero refined sugar. 
  • All the cubes are individually packed. 
  • Travel-Friendly. 

5. Coffeeza Ground Coffee

coffeeza ground coffee

Coffeeza Ground Coffee is available in three different variants – Intenso, Classico and Cremoso. All of these have a rich flavor profile and intensity. We highly recommend trying these if you are looking for a premium range of ground coffee.


  • All the 3 variants come in resealable pouch packs. 
  • The pricing of all the variants is Rs. 400 for a 250 gm pouch. 
  • All 3 ground coffee variants are medium roast coffee. 

Why is it recommended? 

  • None of the above variants contain preservatives. 
  • The Intenso and Cremoso ground coffee have a delicious chocolate flavor. 
  • These are medium bodied coffee with a smooth mouthfeel.

6. Coffeeza Aluminum Coffee Capsules

Aluminum Coffee Capsules are all the rage these days. We at Mishry tested all the 4 variants of Coffeeza’s aluminum coffee capsules and gave them a big thumbs up. These have a smooth mouthfeel and will appeal to different taste profiles. 

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  • The 55 gm pack of all variants is priced at Rs. 450. 
  • These capsules are ideal for a single use. 
  • All these capsules are compatible with Nespresso Original Machine and Coffeeza. 
  • The intensity of these coffee capsules ranges from 6 to 12. 

Why is it recommended? 

  • These pods are super convenient to use. 
  • None of the variants were acidic.

7. Ceramic Coffee Mug with Warming Pad

ceramic coffee mug with warming pad

This ceramic coffee mug with a warming pad is what every workaholic needs. With a user-friendly design, it delivers efficient results. This warming plate will ensure that your beverage stays warm for a long time.  


  • Compact design, work desk-friendly. 
  • It is economically priced. 
  • This product comes with a mug and metal spoon. 

Why is it recommended? 

  • The setup of this warming plate is easy. 
  • It effectively keeps the beverage warm. 
  • Will not take up much space on your work desk.

8. Country Bean Dalgona Coffee Spread

country bean coffee spread packaging

Addicted to caffeine? This Dalgona Coffee spread from Country Bean is something that you should add to cart right away. Filled with a bold aroma of coffee, the texture of this spread is super smooth. There is a beautiful balance maintained here between the flavor of coffee and sugar. Have it as is or with a slice of bread, the choice is yours! 


  • The price of a 250 jar is Rs. 350. 
  • It displays clean and clear labels. 
  • This is made using Country Bean coffee. 
  • It has no artificial additives. 

Why is it recommended? 

  • It is quite an innovative product. 
  • We loved the super smooth texture. 
  • The spreadability is excellent. 
  • Well balanced sweetness.

9. Coffeeza Finero Next Coffee Machine

inserting the coffee capsule in the machine

If you are on the lookout for the best coffee machine, Team Mishry recommends Coffeeza’s Finero Next Coffee Machine. Designed elegantly, this coffee machine is compact and will not take up much space. A bonus point? The quick and hassle-free maintenance.


  • The overall design of this machine is sleek and elegant. 
  • This coffee machine is compatible with Coffeeza capsules and Nespresso pods.
  • It is priced at Rs. 15,999. 
  • This comes with a one year warranty. 

Why is it recommended? 

  • It is an economically priced coffee machine. 
  • It is a user-friendly coffee machine. 
  • Ideal choice for beginners. 

10. Britannia BisCafe Biscuits

britannia biscafe outer packing

Britannia BisCafe Biscuits is a treat for all coffee lovers. These are thin cracker-like biscuits with a delectable coffee flavor that will only leave you asking for more. With tea or coffee, these will just make for a perfect companion. 


  • It comes in an excellent tray packaging. 
  • These cracker biscuits are super thin. 

Why is it recommended? 

  • We loved the prominent flavor of coffee. 
  • It has a balanced sweetness. 
  • Full marks for the crisp texture.

11. NOTO x Sleepy Owl Chocolate Coffee Fudgesicle

noto x sleepy owl chocolate coffee fudgesicle review

A coffee flavored ice-cream? Yes, NOTO and Sleepy Owl joined hands to bring this innovative chocolate coffee fudgesicle. This ice cream has a delicious amalgamation of coffee and chocolate flavor. 


  • A 70 gm fudgesicle contains 98 kcal of energy. 
  • The main ingredients used in this ice cream are milk and milk solids, fructooligosaccharide, maltitol, erythritol, polydextrose, permitted emulsifier and stabilizer, salt, and stevia. 

Why is it recommended? 

  • It has a signature and smooth flavor of coffee. 
  • We loved the fudgy bite.

12. Rage Coffee

dry inspection of all rage coffee flavors

Rage coffee claims to be the world’s first plant-based vitamins coffee. Our Team reviewed four flavors from its instant coffee range and loved them for their smooth and premium feel. 


  • All the variants of rage coffee come in a glass jar with a secure lid. 
  • The pricing of these four variants range from Rs. 299 to Rs. 349. 
  • These are available in both 50 as well as 100 gm quantities. 

Why is it recommended? 

  • It has a smooth and rich taste.
  • Delivers excellent flavor.
  • Inviting aroma.

Final Words

There you go! We have got you a list of the best coffee products we tested at Mishry HQ in the past year. Some unique, some innovative, our curated list has the best coffee products that every coffee lover must get their hands on.

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